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  1. Full pen - but no damage?

    And it will be asked again and again, at least until the search function of this forum is rendered functional. As long as it remains useless - sorry, not sorry.
  2. Full pen - but no damage?

    So why don't I see the yellow Incapacitation ribbon? According to the Wiki, "One ribbon is awarded when a module (Engine, Rudder, etc.) is destroyed on an enemy ship. Modules will regain hit points over time and return to full functionality." So this is only for some modules but not others?
  3. Standard and use of the English language

    You're so right. We should switch to German, most players are from Germany anyways.
  4. Suggestions thread

    Fire chance should generally be reduced in the rain.
  5. Suicide of a Teamkiller?!

    Save it. Don't work; I take it they haven't been working for some time now.
  6. Suicide of a Teamkiller?!

    O Oh darn I'm gonna forget my head next. https://replayswows.com/replay/23721#stats
  7. Suicide of a Teamkiller?!

    It's in the replay anyway. I just did that so forum members knew which ship to look for, so they dan't have to watch it twice because it really isn't that interesting. Since there are not really any proper camera controls in replays, I gather. So you didn't watch it?
  8. Suicide of a Teamkiller?!

    What happened here? About two minutes into the game, player EDIT in the Friant on the east flank apparently killed himself. There was none of the usual automatic announcements in the text chat about him hurting players on his team or him receiving further disciplinary action, which I'd expect if he had once again teamkilled. Also there was nobody teamkilled. How can you kill yourself in a Tier III cruiser?
  9. Cruiser split official position

    Hi, after that somewhat confusing Flamu video of today, where can I read up on Wargaming's complete, official "compensation policies" (or whatever you want to call it) regarding the upcoming cruiser split? I find these things are much easier to take in if you see them "black on white" if you know what I mean.
  10. Your smugness is offputting and doesn't help anybody.
  11. Hi, the other day I was extremely frustrated. I had gotten free 250 gold doubloons, I think from the Science of Victory campaign. That made me feel very fortunate because I now could get small niceties without pay, like recruiting up to ten 3-point captains for new ships. A short while later though, they were all gone and I didn't even know where. Turns out, by default, this here check box to re-supply signals with in-game currency is checked. On ALL ships. So I unintentionally blew it all on some signals that are found in containers and easily available through challenges etc. It made me really angry. Now where else could this happen? Camos of course. And the premium consumables. But where else? Is there more?