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  1. DillyWilly40

    CKBK: Let's start a revolution

    Hi there My name's Cletus, but my cousins call me Bubbah Lowball. I have sum experience on warships...mostly cleaning the turrets from the inside out. I got fired because I used the freshly fired turrets to warm up my hotdawgs for lunch. But I know my way around some ships... Will you give me a home?
  2. DillyWilly40

    Looking for a competitive clan

    I have been in a few clans already but left my last clan yesterday. I am fairly decent at the game (60%+ WR). I would love to play some clan battles and other competitive events. I know a lot, but also learn new thing every day. I don't have all T10 ships yet, but I will have it in time. About me: I'm 43 yrs old, from South Africa and speak fluent English. I am reasonably active in-game and love to division up. I have a mic and Discord. I have a reasonably active life outside of gaming which involves my family and other related issues, so I cant ALWAYS play CB's. for those looking to have a peek: https://wows-numbers.com/player/555288853,DillyWilly40/
  3. Dropped you a PM as well.
  4. Hey guys. Very competitive mofo over here. IGN DillyWilly40. Overall winrate touching 60% (dipped under 60% because carrying in T8's to get to T10 seem easier said than done) Overall PR of 1850 1 T10 (Hindenburg) only...for now. Close to getting Montana and Yueyang...maybe even Zao little bit less than 1000 battles, but thats purely because its a reasonably new account I created for EU servers...I'm South African and playing clan battles at 6am on NA server became a bit much. Average damage of 66k and rising rapidly due to higher tier ships in arsenal. I have a sense of humor. I can take it and dish it out. And I get along with most types. If I am what youre looking for...let me know. Up until earlier today I was in WGP2W, but decided to leave for personal reasons.
  5. DillyWilly40

    Experienced Player (7000+ battles NA) on New Account

    I have breezed to T9 Roon thus far, and are currently divisioning with players playing their T10's. So I am permanently uptiered, which is fun and great prep for my Hindenburg. And when we need a change of pace I just grab my T7 Gadja Mada (I really hope I spelt that correctly...though I doubt it)
  6. DillyWilly40

    Experienced Player (7000+ battles NA) on New Account

    Would you be terribly disappointed if I said I will keep your offer in mind? I got accepted into WGP2W for the time being. Barring a clash of personalities or them telling me to take a hike I do believe I will have fun there.
  7. DillyWilly40

    Experienced Player (7000+ battles NA) on New Account

    Sorry dude. Got into a good clan already. Offer is very much appreciated though.
  8. Sent a request on Steam. You may see it as either Pagoda36 or GertJames. Let me know when you accepted the request. I have Steam open almost all the time anyway
  9. DillyWilly40

    XTREM is looking for more skilled players

    Will you guys take a chance on someone with NO T10 ships...YET, but that WILL have a Super Unicum winrate by the time he gets there? On NA server these recent stats in 3 man division are valid (see attachment): My problem is simple... Due to time difference from where I am vs US teammates, I have played WAY too many battles out of division and no matter how hard you carry...you may still have positive winrate, but you lose too many battles to challenge for unicum status. Thats why I created an EU account...so I can start from scratch and be the guy a clan rely on.
  10. Are you guys willing to take in a guy with only 40 battles on EU server (but 7000+ battles on NA)? I am serious about getting myself switched to EU. I am very capable and WILL have unicum / super unicum winrate when I get my T10 ships.
  11. Good day guys I'm a 40+ old dude from South Africa. I started playing last year April on the NA server and was quite for the longest time. I have always fancied myself to be a gamer, but I have been slow to learn in THIS game. I have a great grasp of the game currently. So my winrate hasnt been the greatest at first. I have been averaging almost 60% winrate for the last 3 months though. My problem? I am playing on the NA server where my clanmates only get online VERY late in the evening for me. So the majority of my games are played without clanmates...which takes superhuman efforts at times to maintain a positive winrate. I love the clan, but feel I need to find another clan on the EU Server to test the waters with play during more reasonable hours. I am capable of averaging 65% to 70% winrates. My current EU tag is DillyWilly40. Pls look it up. I currently have a few T4 ships and working towards T10's. I would love for a top clan with space in their ranks to give me a break, play with me while I rank up my ships and then to have me contribute greatly during Clan Battles. I am a BB and DD main, even though my numbers on NA server suggest that I am not exactly crap at T10 CA's as well. I cant play CV's!! As in...at all!! But I am learning... On NA server I have 12 T10 ships. If this doesnt show I am serious about this, nothing will. Any takers? Pretty please?