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  1. Der_Ultrahonk

    Gamecrash.. danach Pink

    Bei mir hat sich das Problem erledigt, nachdem ich mal die Modstation habe durchlaufen lassen. Da gab es irgendwo einen mini patch. Seitdem geht es wieder ohne Probleme.
  2. Der_Ultrahonk

    Super Ships = Super Slap in the face

    I tested all of these lovely "superships" during rental period. And yes. Some i liked. Some don't match my playstyle. And I did buy the Satsuma, because you're not invincible, but you could REALLY freak out CV players who stayed at their spawn point and the occasional killer salvo into an Annapolis one shotting them. And I don't mind going up against a T XI with my T IX or X ship. They are NOT invincible. My only real problem ist, that they overdid the economics a bit and that they are not consistent. One match you end up with 100k dmg on the lossing side and make 30k+ silver. Next match you win with 150k dmg and you result with -250k silver. That simply does not make any sense.
  3. Good evening. I checked it twice. I did not choose the captain skill that costs you 5% detection range. I got the stealth enhancer in slot 5 and stealth skill mastered on captain. And yet the detection range of my Z-52 increased from 5.8km to 6.1km. Was there a change anounced regarding this matter and I missed it?
  4. Der_Ultrahonk

    The Key Battle: Even More Rewards!

    The Filth was fun to play. You could play together with your friends. Rewards were quite good. This year's event.... Is boring to play. Rewards are mediocre at best. Dear WG, We'll pass on this one. Looking forward to a better event next year.
  5. Der_Ultrahonk

    General Submarines related discussions

    This test actually feels quite polished and matured compared to the first one. I didn't get the subs yet, but DD vs SS is a load of fun. I even managed to kill one by ramming. The anti-sub planes feel a little bit odd. I would love to set their attack in two steps. First, set distance. Second, rotate attack corridor. Damage dealt by airplane depth charges feels to little, but I guess this is for the live server, where all of a sudden one SS may be attacked consecutively by three or more surface combatants with their planes. edit: WG, you got the times wrong. Yesterday the TST started at 1800 German time, which is 1600 UTC. Not 1300 UTC.
  6. Der_Ultrahonk

    Chieftain Talks: the Hunt for Tirpitz Trailer

    I am curious. As far as I know the "Chieftain Talks" this will be the first time that I can actually judge his expertise, as he will cover a topic where I did some research myself way back when I was a young Lieutenant in the German Navy :)
  7. Der_Ultrahonk


    @Sehales Als Neuling in diesem Spiel sage ich mal Dankeschön. Auf bestimmte Entschädigungen und einzigartige Belohnungen für Beta Tester warte ich bei MyCom seit drei Jahren vergeblich ;)
  8. Der_Ultrahonk

    Skill-related matchmaking for more balanced games

    Skill Based MM? Oh Yeah! Please go for it! The blatantly stupid skill based MM system almost killed Armored Warfare. That game went down the drain so far, that they had to merge all three servers (NA, EU and RUS) into one. Just to have a chance of keeping our 60%+ WR in GLOPS we were forced to play in platoons (that's what they call divisions there) of three. That meant we sometimes had to wait 15 minutes for a match. In PRIME Playtime that is. 1900-2100 hours. That's the amount of players the game lost due to that nonsense. Oh! And most important of all: Which players do you believe were among the first to leave and don't come back until today? CORRECT! The self-declared unicums who were among the loudest to shout for skill based MM. I started playing WOWS only very recently compared to Beta let alone Alpha test players. But the day they introduce skill based MM to WOWS, I'm sure I'll take my leave. I don't want to see another game go down like that.
  9. Der_Ultrahonk


    Okay. Das erklärt einiges. Nichts weswegen man sich aufregen muß. Ich persönlich bedaure nur, daß ich erst Gestern Abend realisiert habe, daß mein gesamter Fortschritt (seit Freitag Nachmittag) in Bezug auf die letzte Stufe der PE Mission verloren gegangen ist. Für einen Wenig-Spieler wie mich ist das... unschön. Aber das fällt unter die Kategorie Individuelles Marine Einzelschicksal ;) In diesem Sinne Frohes Spiel Heute :)