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  1. Good day. I have been playing competitively for a while now, and am considering moving on from CHEFT to a more active clan that is on a similar level. Stats aren't the greatest, but I am able to perform well and feel that my stats aren't an accurate description of my skill level. (But we all say that xD ) https://wows-numbers.com/player/555222638,StrAaT_1/
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    [CHEFT] YEP CHEFT is recruiting

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    [CHEFT] YEP CHEFT is recruiting

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    [CHEFT] YEP CHEFT is recruiting

    Yep CHEFT
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    [CHEFT] YEP CHEFT is recruiting

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    [CHEFT] YEP CHEFT is recruiting

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    [CHEFT] YEP CHEFT is recruiting

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    [CHEFT] YEP CHEFT is recruiting

    Bump also WGPlsNerfElboink
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    [CHEFT] YEP CHEFT is recruiting

    [CHEFT] YEP CHEFT is recruiting YEP CHEFT is a relatively young clan that was established in the last 2 weeks of CB season 12, where we managed to reach Typhoon! Nowadays we are looking to establish ourselves as a low Hurricane/High Typhoon clan, as well as regular participation in tournaments such as Kings Of The Sea Benefits: - becoming a part of a clan community absolutely loved by Twitch chat (https://i.imgur.com/Qpg2lcw.png) - opportunity to participate in competitive games on the highest level - constructive criticism and resources for improvement - A boosted discord server and community that is quite active! Requirements: - Some prior experience in competitive is a plus - Above 57% solo WR, 1750 PR, blue or higher in T10 ships - Being communicative (we communicate in English) - Dedication to improving yourself - We like to meme and have fun, some humor is definitively important If you are up for the challenge, join our Discord server (https://discord.gg/2SqsnzQs) and PM Floof#9897 or message me in game on AfricanFloof
  10. I have made the tough decision to move on from OOF, in search of a different competitive environment. My stats are sub-par, but anyone who has played competitively (or even randoms in the past couple months) will tell you that they are not a reflection of my skill level. https://wows-numbers.com/player/555222638,FloofOfOOF/ Looking for Hurricane or high Typhoon only at the moment. Look forward to hearing from you.
  11. Hi all. Looking to join a competitive clan with a decent amount of active players, solo randoms are boring. I have a significant amount of competitive experience. I have been in the main lineaup for two seasons, and reached mid Typhoon both times, and was also part of the main lineaup where we made it to the Group Stage in KOTS XII. My stats are lacking, but I don't take randoms too seriously and one can clearly see my stats in the past few weeks where I have really been trying. I am humourous, very active on discord, and play daily. https://wows-numbers.com/player/555222638,StrAaT_1/