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  1. HentaiVeteran

    HMS Sheffield, the tier 8 Town Class we deserve

    That's precisely what I was thinking while googling if there was an HMS Sheffy in wows
  2. HentaiVeteran

    Rate the Captain rework update - Poll

    To me, the update of captain skill rework felt like a new way of WG of nickel and dime players. As you can see if you don't whale money on dismissing your captains you're losing 75% worth of experience and the cost increases the higher the captain skills. A great job whoever pushed this update without testing or feedback from the community this was the reason that World of Warcraft: Battle of Azeroth died out. I will be spending more time on Genshin Impact and other games until this mess is sorted out I'm not a genuine pig to test WG for them without compensation
  3. HentaiVeteran

    Share your Santa Loot Here!

    Free chests Paid containers I bought 11-15 containers from regular, big and Mega containers
  4. HentaiVeteran

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    Happy holidays everyone! I would like to participate in the raffle.
  5. HentaiVeteran

    Santa containers "rigged": WG Chooses Your Santa Gift Ship

    This year for Christmas Wargaming is the Grinch instead of giving everybody a 1 free Christmas container that contains a free premium ship. They have decided to nickel-and-dime people during these hard times this is the reason why I support loot box ban and showing the odds of winning.
  6. HentaiVeteran

    Black Friday Combat Mission

    it's an identical ship why do I need to purchase the same ship twice
  7. HentaiVeteran

    Georgia or Jean Bart B

    Both ships are great, but if you can only afford 1 ship buy Georgia Because Georgia has the same guns as Ohio but lacks armor.
  8. HentaiVeteran

    Black Friday Combat Mission

    I had a question when will it be possible to do these Black Friday Mission on the black versions. Earlier today people asked Mr__Gibbins on stream and he mentioned last year that Wargaming was fixing it or looking into it.
  9. HentaiVeteran

    Zao needs some love

    I hope Zao gets a buff I'm now at Ibuki
  10. HentaiVeteran

    Hayate vs. Smalland?

    I'm not an expert but I would go for Småland
  11. HentaiVeteran

    New Ships Announced

    I think 2 million like Småland
  12. HentaiVeteran

    No CV mode?

    How much I like the idea of a no CV mode but unfortunately it will enrage the CV player base. And you know how based Wargaming is when it comes to carriers.
  13. HentaiVeteran

    New Ships Announced

    I think Austin might be a replacement for Alaska
  14. HentaiVeteran

    Black friday let's you buy 40k coal for doubloons

    I think I will buy an rng chest I don't enough money to get JB
  15. HentaiVeteran

    Prime twitch reward november

    Here's mine but the bonus mission only works non-black version it doesn't count as black