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  1. Lockhead_108

    Please hurry up with the CV rework.

    I would like to recommend a free redistribution of commander skill points once when rework goes live so everyone would have their AA ready, or game will be full of cry babies. I guess every single or second battle will be with carriers so for many players it will be a big change. Also chosing between hydro and AA fire on cruisers is already really stupid and after rework it will be even more stupid. Would not be better to simply having them both?
  2. Lockhead_108


    I dont think that this ship is that much superior to other ships. Lately I was playing with my Zao and none of Stalingrads made me to feel that I'm in so big trouble. Just need to play with some caution like against any battleship in game. The only thing that is questionable would be how much effective is to play with Moskva ever again if someone has Stalingrad in port as the advantages in his guns can be too big for small price of worse maneuverability which good players know to exploit very well and with the same gameplay become much more effective then they ever could be on Moskva.
  3. Lockhead_108

    Tier X battles problem

    Well while you writing, it keeps going for me... xD You was calling my winrate but do you really think anyone can influence on this? And half of my played battles were very similar to this one. In most of cases It's just luck which side you get. If I ever start care about my winrate I would go play lower tiers just like the most of other players. Idk, maybe suiciding players are not guilty, I just pointig at problem, it is on wargaming and community to find the reason for it.
  4. Lockhead_108

    Tier X battles problem

    It's not like players would stop play game just because they can't play all day one same ship at which they are the worst lol they can just change to tier X ship on which they won't constantly suicide themselves. LOL I don't care if players just play bad, you understood something wrong. My post is about those who constantly enter in fight to suicide themselves without even 1 single bullet fired from ship and that is a big difference. I complained about teams being offten matched wrong with one side totally hammering other within 5-10 minutes of play. Do you understand now? It is not fun when every second or third fight 7-12 ships hunting me or you or anyone. I play for fun and I don't have to be a great player to point out that this problem destroying all fun about tier X battles.
  5. Lockhead_108

    Tier X battles problem

    There is 9 more tiers on which everyone can do what they want and players can suicide themselves how much times they like... But tier X really should be much better polished with those who actually trying to play. If you look, wargaming business model is not mainly focused on tier X battles, but on those lower tiers. You can see the most of premium ships in lower tiers. How much premium ships are at tier X ? Why tier 8 is offten matched with tier 10 even now after fixing? Because all wants to keep suicide themselves at tier X. Yesterday, for example my friend got reported for using cheat as he killed a destroyer in smoke by radaring him with cruiser in start of match. He fcked his team, we hammered whole that side, then a whole their team. And such player can cantinue to play all day on that same ship just because he likes him and fck every second team he enter. As I say, there is 9 other tiers on which everyone can do what ever they want and apply any kind of business model.
  6. Lockhead_108

    Tier X battles problem

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if this happening to others as well so offten and if it does I think it is something to start think and worry about. First I want to say that I play only tier X battles and I don't bother much with wins nor losses as long the fight is fun, but lately, out of every 10 battles I play, minimum 5-6 have to end with one side being hammered so hard without killing even any of opponent ships, or in better case killing 2-4 of them. Out of those every 10 battles, in 4-5 fights I can actually have fun without searching survived ships for 5-10 min or facing against 5-12 ships which searching me. :) I dont know if this happening to others but but in my oppinion it is something to think about because it really started to be annyoing. In almost every single tier X fight, there is a lot of ships with base experience much less then 500 which for tier X should be unacceptable and for such players wargaming should give automatically warning and red name. For other tiers I dont care, I can understand that many players are in process of learning different ships, but for tier X it should be really unacceptable.
  7. Lockhead_108

    You get to play only 1 ship in 2019! Which one it is ?

    I have to say Khabarovsk for random battles... Moskva for ranked since players there learned how to shot at Khabib xD
  8. Lockhead_108

    Desperately in need of help to get better

    In 50% occosions winner of battle is known in first 5 min, so I guess for higher win rate it is really important what you do in that time or you can forget on WR higher then 50% even if you individually do a good damage. Thing is, every ship is good and you can get a big damage and krakens on any ship even if you losing so hard but for win rate things work different. In most of tied games a great damage is nothing compared to distracting, wasting enemys bullets and luring group of ships in wrong place on map. But all that depends of matching ship role with your mentality - playing for fun or serious mode. Only by doing this it is really hard to have a lower win rate which happens only because players forcing ship that has a more serious role then just farming damage or caping but they like that ship and they are blind to see it so they blaming the team and bad luck. For example a good radar cruiser like DM, Salem even Moskva have the fastest influence on win rate. Actions of those players will mostly determine the winner in that first 5 min so for higher tier if you are not so sure in yourself or you playing for fun and you want higher win rate it is better to not play these ships or force cap as destroyer because in more then 50% battles you will simply face off against more skilled radar cruisers or destroyers who playing game for serious. There are many ships in game who are suitable for those who playing just for fun and on which you will do their role even just by being detected. Great example is destroyer Khabarovsk with full cruiser build on which even if you are the most unserious player in the world you will do a great job by distracting and making everyone to waste bullets on you for few minutes while those more serious players in your team will get more freedom which is great + for high win rate over 55% but often is risky for your individual score. In other hand playing Khabarovks safe and serious will simply lead to a lower win rate while you will maybe do a great damage and often blame the team for loss. It is nothing different with other ships as well. Different modules, upgrades and commander skills can completely transform ship too so for someone new in game i guess it is normal to offten play on stock ships with lower win rate. I'm not the biggest fan of destroyers but in my opinion for random fights just spoting is far more greater + for higher win rate then forcing all 3 caps for more exp like greedy maniacs. Lost caps offten can push campers to engage more. I mean, it simply does not work to try hard if rest of team simply watching and farming damage for those emblems or whatever. Personally, as battleship and cruiser fan there is nothing worse for the team then a one or two dead destroyers in first 3-4 min of play. I tryed already few tier 10 ships and you simply can't blame the bad luck or teams if you clearly see that one same person has 10% or more difference in win rate on two different ships and their avarage damage and exp is almost the same. So it is for sure, if win rate on some ship is under 48-49% then you clearly doing something wrong and you have to discover the right ship for you. Ironically, usually it happens to be that one which you hate the most xD
  9. #WorldOfWarships #PolishNavy100 In-game nickname: Lockhead_108 Server: EU
  10. Lockhead_108

    Advice for a noob

    I recently was a new player as well. And in my opinion if you want good statistic then franch battleships are the most effective for someone who is new, for example tier VII Lyon would be your main aim, 16 shells per shot doing a lot of devastating kills to anyone who shows broadside and it happens very offten on low tier battles. Battleships starts to be hard once when you start play with a lot of experienced players, they know tricks, good angles and to hide better, all till then franch battleships will be the most effective for someone new because there will be much players new like you who won't know to use flaws of your ship and all what you have to do is punish mistakes and shot 16 shells (with Lyon) in someone and watch. On bigger tier, Richeliu would teach you how to bow tank and protect your broadside and citadel, Alsace will prepare you for tier X battles since this battleship is good like any tier X ship. On end you will get Republique with very fast reload and great damage but bad armor which will prepare you for reaserching some cruiser line. So I would not recommend cruisers for start especially russian ones, since you will be tasty cookie for any battleship while with franch batteship line you will experience the most what game offers. On tough cruiser opponents you will learn how to play that cruiser line same like tough destroyer opponent will show you how to play destroyers line then you can chose what you like the most.
  11. Lockhead_108

    Moskva (X) - fore + aft armor 50mm (!)

    I didn't listen you so I bought Salem today. Second battle and easy 180k damage :P It is great ship, it is only little harder to aim at dds but overall aiming is easy since there is fast reload and it is easy to get a feal for aiming even if I miss few shots in start. So with help of Salem I can now clearly see some flaws of Moskva. Thing is, Moskva is simply more dependant of my team and with who I play. For example if I get those really bad teams in random fights which happens often, Moskva is doomed since it is hard (but still possible) to get undetected or turn around on failed flank, while Salem and probably all other cruisers are simply more versatile and even if team sucks so hard, they can individually do a good game since they have better ability to hide and turn many bad and unexpected things in their favour. But if team is just normal with one stabile flank there is nothing to stop Moskva players from playing very well with only protecting her citadel. But I agree that Salem might be more fun to play since it is more annoying for enemy while Moskva is tasty cookie for bbs. For example I recently started play bbs and when I see Moskva on other side it is just free exp for me and that what some players doing with her it looks just horrible so there is no wonder why so many players whining. So I repeat, only critical moment for Moskva is when it is time to move from failed flank. But if Moskva going all time on that stabile flank from start where will be a lot of team ships, there might be harder to get high damage since bbs will clean flank really fast. And probably what happens is that players simply get bored of Moskva and this gameplay before they put proper upgrades/commander skills and gain that feal when and how to move when things don't go so good on their flank.
  12. Lockhead_108

    Moskva (X) - fore + aft armor 50mm (!)

    Got it. But ShinGetsu, It's not like I didn't play with american cruisers at all. I did some battles on Indianapolis and all was fine so idk. I have time to think.
  13. Lockhead_108

    Moskva (X) - fore + aft armor 50mm (!)

    That's ok but what to do with coal then? xD
  14. Lockhead_108

    Moskva (X) - fore + aft armor 50mm (!)

    Hmm, I don't see anything better on what I could spend my coal. I'm not intersted in lower tier ships and everything other is meh so correct me if I'm wrong. I think it would be cool to have it, at least for 1-2 battles in day just for fun and bad idea to buy Salem would be only if I could know that in future there will be more tier 10 ships available for purchase with coal. But I still have long way and 100k coal missing so there is time to think good about it. Musashi is tempting too but tier IX
  15. Lockhead_108

    Moskva (X) - fore + aft armor 50mm (!)

    Well as ''newer'' player (already few months in game) I didn't play with so much ships so I'm not right person that can give good opinion. Currently I'm collecting coal to buy Salem since I'm really lazy to research another cruiser line. I know he is very similar to DMoines so maybe then I could use word ''worse'' but for now it is different for me xD. All ships have good and bad side, maybe Moskva on first look seems like she has more bad sides but on end I think it is all about matter of taste, with who you play in division (never go with friend DD) and about question, does good sides of ship can provide you fun in game. I had many bad moments with Moskva as well but somehow I forget on all that when something epic happens which could happen only with this ship, cruiser. So what to say, I like Moskva and even if I know that I would do better on some other cruiser I would still play with Moskva. I guess weird ships suits good only to weirdos like me xD Personaly if Moskva does not exist I would probably now be in some battleship that is for sure, Republique or Yamato and I would not even think about playing with cruisers. But as you said, I have to agree, Zao and Hindenburgh are probably the most universal cruisers that would suit good to any player (I don't say better because I can't know that without trying). Still, I encourage all weirdos to try out Moskva and together do some really weird stuffs. :D Khabarovsk is next on my weirdo-wish list that is for sure xD