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  1. Moskva (X) - fore + aft armor 50mm (!)

    Moskva's guns are too powerfull and because of that ship has some problems with overpenetration. For example in my experience it was always a bad idea to shot other cruisers with AP from very close range (up to 10km) even if they are perfectly broadsided. Like you said, shells will just pass trough cruisers with maybe one lucky citadel. In this situation it is maybe better to use HE shells because each bullet will penetrate for sure and do some nice damage that can be equivalent to one citadel or little more. But above 10km it is much easyer to do citadels on cruisers and it is better option to use AP shells. And for battleships you should just do opposite, above 10km use HE shells and for all broadsided battleships in range less then 10km AP is best and there is pretty high chance to hit citadel on some battleships which is amazing and I dont know if some other cruiser can do it. I had many situations where Iowa or Yamato tryed to be brave and they gave perfect broadside to my Moskva ending up being rekt so hard. I still remember one duel 1v1 vs full hp Yamato when he ate 6-7 citadels in 3-4 reloads, but some guy steal my kill on end in last second. So as much those powerfull guns on Moskva are nice, overpenetration can be much frustrating as well. You need always change shells and adjust them to the range and to the type of targets that you hit. Expert loader on comander skills is must to have in my opinion. Also I'm new player and I never played Moskva with 25 mm armor but with so called ''bow tanking'' tactic bbs won't shot in that armor, they will shot in Moskva's guns for example and sometimes permanently disabling them or upper part of armor that is still 25 mm or they will just change to HE shells. Only benefit from 50 mm armor I can see is when cruisers rush on Moskva to use torpedos, only then Moskva will get hit in that part of armor. So idea that better armor is ment for bow tank tactic is kinda wrong. And to those who saying Moskva does not need that 50 mm armor I would say it doesn't make much difference since citadel can be punished so so hard and for ''bow tanking'' it may help her only to stay alive for maybe 1-2 minutes longer if someone other from team does not come to help. In my opinion, as long someone know to protect his citadel and move on flanks around cap, he will do a good game. Also I encourage players to use or try out Propulsion modification 2 upgrade, you can actually doge a lot of bb bullets just by moving back and forward with this thing. The most bad what can happen to Moskva is if your team let enemy pass trough other flank and you push too much your flank ending up with Moskva being forced to expose her citadel to one side. This was only reason for the most of my bad games. Definitely there is nothing more worse then enemy from both of your side, so good positioning on different maps is also key thing. If you are new player on Moskva and you don't know what to do, my advice for start is to not come close to caps for supporting dds till you don't get enough experience that could help you in such risky decision. If they start cry for radars copy-paste them this on chat: ''Moskva is a unique ship to end the Russian cruiser line, acting more like a battleship than a cruiser'' (C) WOWS.
  2. Moskva After Update

    This thing is good, up to 15 km basically all bullets that you fire can hit the target. Above 15km they start to miss little. Firing range is reduced to 21 km but that is nothing, can't even notice it as I barely shot anyone at that range, mostly btw 12-19 km. Also a traverse speed is reduced but for me always was easyer to move ship together with traverse and speed it up like that so I don't notice much any difference. Anyway, it is nice upgrade worth of farm if someone had any doubts.
  3. Russian Cruiser Line

    Hmm idk, but you can pretty much spit fire like crazy on Moskva as well. That high accuracy guns are really nice. If you shot at battleships most of time all bullets will hit the target, if you increase fire chance with commander and signals you can get even better results then on Donskoi. For example my accuracy on Moskva was close to 40% at some point while on Donskoi was always around 29-30%. I think those few % means a lot for fire throwing and idk about Kronstadt but i doubt he have same accuracy like Moskva does. In my oppinion, increasing chance of setting on fire and deffending against fire is best thing for commander of Moskva, or at least for me + that new ''Legendary'' upgrade for Moskva will also contribute a lot for better fire chance. Even with really bad team, you can get decent amount of exp easy.
  4. Russian destroyer line ships.

    I didn't play much with dds, I only started with Russian tech tree and end up with Gnevny on tier VI. Best thing about this dds is that they can come in cap before other dds and that's it. I know everyone call those dds gunboats, maybe they have more chance to set fire or something idk but I felt like it is not enought to get high exp, 4km torpedos are like nothing. Also I went to compare tier X Shimikaze and tier X Grozovoi and after seeing torpedo range 20km vs 8km and everything other almost identical I sold Gnevny and went back to play cruisers, that are far more better gunboats if someone like to play gunboats. :D
  5. Russian Cruiser Line

    Yeah, so true... I have decided too for that camo. It was first and last time that I spend some money for game, so that tells you how much I'm happy with her :D
  6. Russian Cruiser Line

    I sold all my ships and got Moskva 2 days ago, I like it so much and got used on her fast. So I don't really need or have desire to play other ships when I have her. I'am really happy that all hard work and farm was worth of her. Today got my first kraken unleashed with Moskva wuhuu! It is really amazing ship.
  7. Russian Cruiser Line

    I started play this game 2 months ago and I have decided to go for russian cruisers in order to get moskva as I felt attracted to it the most, but... from kirov tier V to shchors tier VII I was like in phaze of learning and I played on stock ships since I wanted just jump in higher tier battles fast as possible. Then I came on Chapayev tier VIII and in first I didn't like it much but because rank battles i decided to upgrade it. Commander skills and upgrades transformed this ship in something amazing. It became so flexible with detection range of 10km and doing multiple tasks such as support destroyers in middle of caps from close range with radars and then easy go back in ''dark'' with receiving a minimal or no damage at all. I could play good against tier X ships too as well, placing almost always in first 5 exp. players. Chapayev rised up my statistic so much and then I bought Dmitri Donskoi tier IX!!! In first I was thrilled with buying Dm.Donskoi since it is a really beauty ship, good design and it reminds me a lot on moskva, but... playing well on stock ship was almost impossible mission. I thought that ship just need upgrade same like chapayev. So I went to earn credits for upgrades with chapayev and I finaly did full upgrade for donskoi. I got fire range around 21km and I reduced little detection area so I felt some improvements but this ship requires one and I think unique style of gameplay... and most players in my team call it ''retarded'' and I can not disagree with that at all. Basically the most usefull what I can do on this ship in first 5 min is to be afk or find some nice big island till number of opponent ships reduce. Then after 5-10 min moving forward and searching for first victim if my team did good or decent, and if not, a lot of frustrated kids report me for afk no-support or something else. All my good karma points that I got on Chapayev is gone now. I still want get and try out moskva but for it I need play a lot of bad battles on donskoi. And I started to be scared that all that will be a waste. I doubt moskva can be much better from info that I heard and saw. In my opinion Chapayev is one of the best cruisers in game and offten can be a key ship that can decide a wining side. Dm. Donskoi can be good in 1v1 and end of battle but in current state I clearly don't see a way how he can be a key ship and provide a constantly good game since one little mistake and one bullet can cost you a life.