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  1. leeuwbart

    General Submarines related discussions

    let's ensure to give the russian subs nukes to make them comperable on the spreadsheets to this creation. Sarcasm.
  2. leeuwbart

    General Submarines related discussions

    another update on submarines. i had so much fun in the games including submarines that i would recommend to put them in a box, send them to hell, soak them in with oil and let them burn for infinity while a thousand dogs take a crap on it. the experience is terrible. the counterplay is barely exsisting, which just multiplies the frustration to record levels.
  3. leeuwbart

    General Submarines related discussions

    i sadly have to disagree with your statement as the asw plane distance was denieing the option to damage the submarine as it remained to close to my ship, thus i couldn't do anything about it, yet the torps of said submarine kept coming up while it was encircling me.
  4. leeuwbart

    General Submarines related discussions

    so today i had the honor of having subs in the match again. it was an absolute ()%^$R^%$# show, i have to hold myself back to not straight up deinstall the game as it was completely &*^(*^&^&*. the sub kept circling underwater at about 4km distance for about 5-6 minutes firing torps the entire time without getting spotted by me nor the destroyer sailing literally above him as the pings kept showing up very close moving around me. NOTHING could be done about this. if this is going to be released the way it is then chances are high i'd just straight up quit. i want to play a game to destress, not to stress yelling at my pc where the *&(^(*&^ the *(&)(*&*()& is dieing to it without doing anything meaningfull nor fun. Current iteration of submarine: Please no.
  5. leeuwbart

    General Submarines related discussions

    had a few games this week. all matches without subs were alright, ALL of the matches with subs were terrible. if i wanted non stop dancing i'd take dance classes. 10/10 will stop playing if subs are released.
  6. leeuwbart

    General Submarines related discussions

    tried a few games again today, literally ALL battles with submarines were terrible, having 5!!!!!! ships hunt a sub which is hiding literally in the middle of the group for 5!!!!!!! minutes is completely ridiculous, needless to say, the sub actually escaped without losing more than 1k health. adding subs to the game would mean the end of the game as non of these battles were enjoyable.
  7. leeuwbart

    General Submarines related discussions

    so far i have not enjoyed a single game with subs, they completely ruined my experience being spammed with torps for about 5 minutes while they remained under water not being able to see them nor do anything about them, glorious game design, 10/10 would Not recommend this game if subs remain in the game
  8. leeuwbart

    Unable to play battles

    same issue, this is very annoying.
  9. leeuwbart

    Prime Loot Announced

    perhaps i have done so many times accross the past days???
  10. leeuwbart

    Prime Loot Announced

    claimed it, didn't get anything, or atleast did not get notified ingame about it, nor has it been visibly possible to check if i got anything of the lower rewards due to the big amount of camos we got the past month, or anytime really.
  11. leeuwbart

    Never Enough Gifts!

    do i need to send in a report for spamming on your own game? please stop this begging.
  12. absolutely (*&)$#%^ Do you guys want everyone to quit the game? every time a sub is in a match, the enjoyment of the game goes down the drain.
  13. leeuwbart

    Twitch Drops in Update 0.10.9 — KotS Edition

    I had relinked my account before this year however and have received other rewards throughout the year without any issue (things like community tokens etc) so this change must have taken affect just a month ago to my account
  14. leeuwbart

    Twitch Drops in Update 0.10.9 — KotS Edition

    so i watched several streams on the list for the kots container this weekend for over 4 hours, i did not get the mission for the container nor could i find any progress to getting the container. i don't understand the whole set up anymore. Weekend 1 (October 9–10): Until October 18, earn 555 ribbons over any number of battles playing Tier VIII–X ships in Random, Ranked, or Co-op Battles, or Twilight Hunt, to get 1x KotS container.
  15. leeuwbart

    Waterline: Superships

    the moment the french super battleship is more in line with the french battleship line than the actual current tier 10 french battleship. the bourgogne would have been a much better fit 100%