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  1. the gold text annoys the hell out of me. Def makes me not want to buy it if i would even wanted to.
  2. leeuwbart

    British Cruisers: Early Access

    Let's see if I get to see the random loot boxes then, if I do not, then I will not even be able to get the ships early on. If I do they would be breaching the mighty Dutch ban which is designed to force people to only gamble at our superior state owned casinos.
  3. leeuwbart

    puerto rico for FREE grinders. yours progress?

    i have only seen one player complete it litterally for free on twitch, no camoes bought with money, no flags, no doubloons, no ships bought for tasks specially. did it look healthy at the end? Def not. this was an average player.
  4. leeuwbart

    Future of the Dockyard

    So if the player base were to discuss several different mechanics on the how it would work would this be used as feedback for the next planned dockyard?
  5. leeuwbart

    Future of the Dockyard

    @CptMinia I like your idea a lot aswell, nice touch to the campaigns =)
  6. leeuwbart

    Future of the Dockyard

    Hello fellow commanders, Before starting about the Dockyard feature i'd like to make clear this is not to include the current PR grind in it. This is about the Dockyard mechanics itself. The current dockyard is looking amazing seeing the being build up. The concept of building your own ship gives a great feeling of accomplishment. That said i would like to start discussing it's future with new sustainable mechanics for the long term. My own proposal for this would be the following things: The dockyard would only be able to produce 2 ships per year at the maximum (perhaps 3 if there were to be an paid option added) this should give enough time for the devs to have a few shipbuilds in the dockyard created while not having an excessive amount of ships coming in the game too easily. the way to build the ships should be completely different then the current directives. thus i thought of the following: each achievement will grant x amounts of supplies. these supplies can be placed in the ship which should increase the building progress. on top of that there should be a base building rate which is rather slow but still noticeable. (one could use doubloons to boost the progress thus giving wg a way of making money of it still while keeping it obtainable for average joe without health issues too) The starting ships could be lower tier ships to see if the idea works. I'd like to hear the thoughts about possible futures for the dockyard feature.
  7. the end is pretty sad, the guy is very friendly.
  8. Been watching a streamer fr4g.... On twitch, he is attempting the Puerto Rico grind. Def does not seem like a healthy grind at all. This event seems like it goes against any health measurements in order to be completed for free. This guy deserves credits and a medal for even attempting this lunacy.
  9. leeuwbart

    Even CCs complain about Puerto Rico grind

    I have not been grinding full time, as I have things to do on the day so tops 4 hours a day, but when I did get on I did try to look at the missions a bit and see which ships I am alright in to play. Won't go for the PR or attempt that either, gorizia is prob where it ends for me xD
  10. leeuwbart

    Even CCs complain about Puerto Rico grind

    I managed to complete it the day before directive 3 unlocked. However I had to play big amounts of cv once again to get most missions ticked off even tho I try to play other classes more. So far this event caused me to grind the last bit to the harkuryu. (for me it seems that the shokaku is pretty effective this event if not the mighty big E due to easy cit hits and torp hits)
  11. i remember mrconway on the forums mention something else, might be handy to dig that up and show that in the ticket.
  12. not sure but this bug or whatever it is showed for me from today onwards, perhaps others have it too? seems to be a miscommunication with the webservers or something.
  13. They wiped my dockyard progress clean, had the first "free" booster after the starting booster. also note that it says 0 shipbuilding tokens and doubloons. not sure what is happening as i can't even click on the free starter booster. the main port still states my normal progress as i remember it but due to all the technical issues this patch anything could happen.
  14. leeuwbart

    Is anybody else having server issues this morning?

    Am having the same issue aswell, very annoying. (even tried to restart 5 times to get in before giving it up to restart)
  15. leeuwbart

    Suggestions for the Support CV's

    Hello everyone, Today i went to the WOWS event in Den Helder to celebrate the launch of the Friesland destroyer. While i was there i had some interesting talks with fellow players about the role of the carrier and the plans for the Support CV's. (Also discussed it with @Crysantos which was an amazing discussion) After the discussion i decided to open up this topic for everyone to give their ideas about the role and use of Support CV's and their main function in the game. For example i'd love to see it do much less damage overall to surface ships but instead provide the following things: 1. Drop a smoke screen to cover battleships of your own team. 2. Have a flyable fighter squadron which for example could consist out of 10 planes using up 2 planes each attack (just an example). 3. Have a squadron which can take out fires. I'd like to hear all your suggestions about the Support carriers and have a polite discussion about them. May the odd tiers return from their slumber =)