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  1. leeuwbart

    CV Rework Discussion

    I am sorry to ask but you are saying that the midway outperforms the bbs in your list. Your list however shows that the win rate and average damage are below the g kurfurst which shows as lowest average damage and the Yamato with the lowest win rate. How does your evidence match up with your conclusion if your evidence shows the opposite? As far as i can see averagely the bbs in the list, which is longer than the cv list, are doing better than the CVS on your cv list
  2. leeuwbart

    Cv rework suggestions

    Suggestion: Manual secondary skill being unlocked for the Cv. Reasons: -CV has no guns on itself to control only the planes which at secondary range can be a bit of a pain considering they need a distance to ascend to battle altitude first. -would give limited control over the ships functions which would allow a saver feeling for the Cv causing the CV to take more risk to get closer to a battle.
  3. leeuwbart

    Cv rework suggestions

    I would like to suggest the fighter consumables to fly in a 8 pattern instead of a full circle. The top and bottom should be the same distance approximately as the current circle. Reason: currently you can risk it to fly in while the fighter plane is at x degrees of the circle, being mostly ineffective at most times. Making it go in an 8 pattern would focus the fighter more on the ship it is from giving it quicker protection. This would give more of a challenge for the cv to determine the right moment to attack and the right angle.
  4. leeuwbart

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    Could you please explain how and where you would want the CV to position itself without getting sunk within 3 minutes? Would be interesting to hear the ideas on how to achieve such a thing. perhaps changing the armour layout to make up for being inside of the battle, better secondaries perhaps?
  5. leeuwbart

    CV Rework Discussion

    sadly there is not, too many types of problems smashed into one massive topic. it would have been better if it were split up in sections indicating the problems: general, spotting, damage done by planes, AA system. i believe discussions would go a lot smoother that way.
  6. leeuwbart

    CV Rework Discussion

    Your method of attacking people using overgeneralization is astonishing. At the same time it is extremely annoying as it is not based on anything and you wrongfully assume that someone did something. so please base your arguments on something actually usefull instead of overgeneralizing people. (because you do so i tend to skip your extremely long walls of texts in which the layout is already discouraging to read ontop of all the personal attacks you launch on anyone with a different opinion than your own)
  7. leeuwbart

    CV Rework Discussion

    Except the difference being that the planes are manually controlled and thus can make mistakes while the Continuous AA is ai controlled with no calculated mistakes, just a steady stream of damage.
  8. leeuwbart

    CV Rework Discussion

    just using the same arguments the cv haters kept spouting
  9. leeuwbart

    CV Rework Discussion

    Your answer does not answer the question as even tho you can choose your targets in a manner of of recieving less damage that way based on the AA of the target being weaker, the values of the damage are locked for the ship as it is automated and non counterable on it's own. So to simplify if the ship does 2 damage per second it will keep doing 2 damage per seconds with no counter. Thus there is no way to reduce the damage taken as 2 damage remains 2 damage on it's own other then slingshotting.
  10. leeuwbart

    CV Rework Discussion

    Right, so please explain how to counter the Continuous AA damange which can't be dodged unless you use slingshot or become a overglorified private spottingplane for someone? the CV-Haters whined about not being able to counter the planes while the planes are manually controlled. the Continuous damage is ai controlled and is a set amount of damage over time which is now locked to the last plane of the attack wing and can't be dodged.
  11. leeuwbart

    ST, changes to Graf Zeppelin

    Imo the biggest issue of the GZ ap bombs is that they are useless due to only dropping two which drop as inaccurate as can be and in turn if both would hit a citadel at the same time would only do a total of 14k damage. This compared to say an 18k+fire chance of a Lexington makes it a joke to use. Even the enterprise throws off more bombs with a higher bomb damage potential.
  12. leeuwbart

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    the current t8 MM is actually making me want to quit the game, it is terrible as cv you get placed in TX battles for over 70% of the time which is def not fun in a t8.
  13. leeuwbart

    PSA: Invisible flak

    Happens many times to me aswell, happily flying dodging flak I can see and suddenly everything dies out of nothingness while the health bars were fully green.
  14. leeuwbart

    Playing with a CV on your team In ranked

    Please provide mathematical proof the CVS have unlimited planes. Please come back after you have done the calculations AND comparison with the amount of planes on the rts CVs before asking for that system of plane stocks back. (as cv player I would love the joy of that as it means more planes)
  15. leeuwbart

    Playing with a CV on your team In ranked

    Honestly the only thing i would add is the part of communication at the start so the friendly cv could pop a fighter on the right spot near a cap making use of the islands to cover its area of effect against the enemy cv till it is too late.