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  1. Senaika

    This game is so cool

    Yeah, this game is so cool. Boom! Bam! Torps, airplanes falling in the ocean, fire smoke, beautifull night sky with auroras, boom bam bong I love the sound of the shiki big guns, so cool, juliet charlie echo 5, roger that, I need assistance, cross-fire tactics, trafalgar sneaky battle, surprise dd appear, f*** f*** incoming torps, but hydro ping ping boom bam bing I send him back to the port. So cool. thank you for this great game. 3 years been playing it, never thought I would get so addicted to it. just a small positive post before the subs arrive. Boom bam bim, roger that, echo 5 I take the point.
  2. Senaika

    British Cruisers, are they worth it?

    The fun part of the Mino is that it has multiple game style. You can go radar and hunt dd, or you can go smoke and hunt BB. If you can find a good position and take a BB broadside, you would be surprised by how much damage you can do, actually even more than if you had a BB. Thus, smoke is also a viable way.
  3. Senaika

    Thank you Anna, whomever you are!

    I immediately felt in love with her ❤️ Anna likes adventures, physical activities and she enjoy eating steak 🙃🥳🤩
  4. Senaika

    Ugh, Neptune

    I wish I play against you in MM ;) You should consider the skill Priority Target for any British cruiser. That way you will know when you can fire at will with all your guns, or show your nose to the only ship that is targeting you, or if they are more, find a way to disengage without giving to much broadside to the enemies targeting you. RPF as you said is also a must, as you will be able to easily dodge any dd's torpedoes as you now know from where they can come from. And for end games, that skill is a must. You may also want to consider the skill survivability expert, you will survive way more battles. Here you may want to consider Andrew Cunningham captain instead if you can afford it. It's very easy to activate both his specials skills (2 frags, 2 flood hits). Also note that since the captain rework, those 2 captains paired with Mino have been strongly nerfed. Before rework, you only had 20 secs in between 2 fogs. Now, since consumable enhancements doesn't decrease the time in between 2 fogs, you will have 40 secs in between 2 fogs instead of 20! That''s a lot, allowing BB to shoot at you at least 2 times!
  5. Senaika

    Auction Possibilities

    What about an auction to play the game rather than a free to play ? Seriously, I want to play a game of warships, not to participate in an auction system!
  6. In one of my recent games, Im the only survivor facing 2 remaining BB's. Im in a BB also, 40-50% HP, while 2 others BB's had around 20-30% HP. We are facing each other, nose to nose at 15 km (they were both following each other, no cross-fire). One player in the chat said " You both have 60% WR while Senaika only has 47% WR, this should be an easy win". Right after that, both BB's decided it was okay to shoot with all their guns, and thus gave me their broadside. I've send them both back to the harbor :)))
  7. Senaika

    WOWS is it a game or a hobby?

    Thanks for that post. Made me realize WoW is a hobby for me :) Even thought I don't invest any money in it, just my free time.
  8. Zero. And I dont like this auction feature. What will happen if 6000 players bet the maximum? How are they going to select the 5000 winners "randomly"? I mean, we all know how expert WG is when it comes to random. No transparency, no trust, Bye. 100k coal, Im not in a rush, in 3 months I will have them. A captain with 14 points without any indication of special skills? Nop. A commemorative flag ? Lol. I think WG is just trying to push old players to spent their in-game money. Then in autumn, they will release something that you can only acquire with huge in-game money, thus pushing old players to spend real money to buy in game credits and makes them regrets their auction bid. Also, I dont see how a new player would participate in this auction without spending real money. Well done WG ! Keep adding new unwanted features and keep accumulating your technical debt, you are doing exactly what is needed to hit the wall.
  9. Why not Akatsuki in the dd's list ?
  10. Senaika

    Ship Suggestion: Minas Geraes

    +1 This ship is also present in oder games likes Civ 5 and Hearts of Iron 4. How can it not be in WoW !
  11. Senaika

    Importance of sample-size and WR

    What I was trying to say is that he is mainly playing battles with/against new or unexperienced players, allowing him to take easier decisions. With the soccer example, what I wanted to highlight is that when a team wins it is more due to the cohesion of the team rather than the performance of a single individual. Sometimes you want to brawl and rush, but your teammates want to stay in the back and you need to adapt your play style. Sometimes you are hoping for your dd's teammates to spot, but for some mysterious reasons they choose to stay in the back of the map. Even if the MM is random, it will never be "we all have the same chances". Some are more lucky and get more coherent teams, while some others have to struggle with very hard teams to manage, thus making the WR a difficult value to evaluate.
  12. Senaika

    Importance of sample-size and WR

    Clan also. I also agree here. But the same stats on a captain in T8-10 feels like a different level. As far as I remember, my first T5 games I had no idea what detection range was and was only firing HE shells as I had no idea how to shoot AP.
  13. Senaika

    Importance of sample-size and WR

    I don't ignore it ;) But let me bring it back to you xD. You seems to ignore there is also draw in WoW? Im not sure I understand you. Are you saying that win rate in soccer is not a good metric to evaluate a player, but it is a good one for WoW ? No. Ronaldinho never played with the same players. A soccer team has a minimum of 23 players, and only 11 will play. Best soccer coaches today never align two time in a row the same team, and often ask their players to play in different roles/position with different instructions (defend/press etc..). So, somehow, there is a "little" bit of MM inside a soccer team. And by the way, he was actually playing in Paris with a bunch of "sundays drunken dads" ;).
  14. Senaika

    Importance of sample-size and WR

    I got a question for those who strongly believe Win Rate is a strong indicator of how good a player is: what would be the Win Rate value to be considered a "skilled player" ? 51%? 60%? 70%? We will assume 1000 battles in a single T10 ship here. Some reflections: Let's take a player with 10'000 battles and 70% win rate. Here I would agree to say we are dealing with a super unicorn player by just looking at this stat. Now, you get the information that this player has played 9'900 battles with T5-6 ships for 100 battles in T8-10. Would you judge him the same? Now lets take a player with 70% WR in T8-10 for 10'000 games. Not only he is a super skilled player, but those stats are also telling us something else. This player is highly focused in almost every single game he plays. Sometimes you may be just looking for fun while enjoying the amazing graphics, the crasy colors of the sky and the reflection of the sunlight on the water before you realize how useless you are to your teammates. We should probably start by defining what a "good player" is? Shall we consider the focus level he puts in every game ? And that's probably what WR really means, your focus level in every single game. In my opinion, overall WR can give you some hints on the level of a player, but it will never be enough without other statistics.
  15. Senaika

    Importance of sample-size and WR

    I think none. Win rate is a biased metric. As an example, take the genius soccer player Ronaldinho. When he was playing in Paris, his team had 35% win rate (2001-2003) while he won the world cup with Brasil in 2002. The win rate only tells you how well a team perform, but it can't tell you how well a single individual is performing. Each individual will contribute to the overall winrate of the team through other values like average hit ratio/damage/spotting/etc. Those are some of the metrics you should look to evaluate the skill of a player. Win Rate metric should be looked as the contribution of a player to the overall WR of the team. For example, Ronaldinho is the type of player that can add +10% to the WR of a team due to his skills.