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  1. DeviousDave02

    Ram rasputin, Ram that guy, Ram...R-A-M... Ram

    Improbable challenge accepted..... (stares at crappy headset mic and shudders at how many hours of learning autotune this is going to take) I might have it done by Halloween 2020 Edit: (Sweet holy %&*$! music editing software is expensive and they don't give you very long on the trials )
  2. DeviousDave02

    Poll: Which ship are you most looking forward to?

    MORE CV'S FOR THE CV GOD! DD TEARS FOR THEIR SWIMMING POOL! Also why no love for HMS Unicorn? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Unicorn_(I72) The first aircraft repair and maintenance CV capable of fixing any RN aircraft in use at the time (would make a great support CV)
  3. DeviousDave02

    Ram rasputin, Ram that guy, Ram...R-A-M... Ram

    "Their lived a certain ship, in operations long ago." "He was big and stronk, from his guns a flaming glow" "Most potatoes looked at him, with terror and with fear" "But to Nikolai owners he was such a tempting skin" "He could KO you from 15k away, halting Transylvania just for fun" "But he also was the type of ship skin, collectors would desire" "Ra Ra Rasputin, Nemesis of the potato team" "There was a road block really that strong" "Ra Ra Rasputin, WarGamings greatest troll machine" "It was a shame how he stole our stars" "He ruled the Haloween Ops and never mind the Gorgon" "But in Saving Transylvania, he was really overpowered" "In every single OP, he was the ship to sink" "But he was real tough, when versing a potato team" "In Sunray he was no easy target, even with CV's to save the day" "HE could throw down even with the best of them, in Ships 6 tiers above" "Ra Ra Rasputin, Nemesis of the potato team" "There was a road block really that strong" "Ra Ra Rasputin, WarGamings greatest troll machine" "It was a shame how he stole our stars" "But when the Nikolai's damage, Armour and accuracy became known to more and more people , the demands to nerf this outrageous ship became louder and louder." "Hey hey hey" x 30 (ish) "This ship has got to go, declared WarGaming" "But the player base begged, don't you try to nerf him please" "No doubt this Rasputin, had lots of cool charm" "Though he was a pain he made Halloween quiet fun" "Then one night some Dev's of questionable standing, set a trap - there all to blame" "They would use Rasputin as a punching bag, to test Submarines!" "Ra Ra Rasputin, Nemesis of the potato team" "They made an OP is his very home" "Ra Ra Rasputin, WarGamings greatest troll machine" "He fortified it and said 'I'll be fine" "Ra Ra Rasputin, Nemesis of the potato team" "WarGaming didn't quit they wanted his ship horn" "Ra Ra Rasputin, WarGamings greatest troll machine" "And so they sent in Subs until he was dead" This should so start playing when the Rasputin turns up. might kill the spooky Halloween vibe though Soooo WG, can I has Nikolai with Rasputin skin please, I wrote you a nice song about him
  4. DeviousDave02

    Is a bit of Mikasa love possible?

    This. Also WeeGee can we please have the zombie Halloween Mikasa skin that is used on the ships chasing the Transylvania?, You know, now that it's impossible to get Rasputin skin and the ship it goes on.
  5. DeviousDave02

    Halloween: Nightmare Operations

    I kinda get the feeling that is what WG intended.....
  6. DeviousDave02

    Sunray in the Darkness - harder modes

    Me thinks it was a slap dash affair while they focus on WeeGees new submersible Waifu alongside the new game mode where we can get yet another post apocalyptic DD skin (because their isn't enough of those already) Apparently copying and pasting the... already... working.. Lexington... Halloween... skin onto the Nobilium and just removing the Halloween only ship skills or having them applied by the planes similar to how the fighter mechanic works instead is beyond WG... (not bitter at all CV's got shafted with no skins or even being able to take part in yet another event - so much for year of the CV eh.) So no, they didn't think it through.
  7. DeviousDave02

    CVs and operations

    Playing CV in operations is pretty much turning on easy mode (with the exception of Newport) Seriously, it's like having your own personal money printing device once you get a good path from one target to the next worked out. The only thing that F**ks it up is the other waterborne potatoes you call team mates. I've seen more DD/CA launched torpedoes hit islands than I have ships in Aegis... it's kinda depressing considering the AI doesn't really react to ship launched torps to well. And BB's seem to get this red rag over their eyes when they spot a CV attacking a low health ship over 15k away that makes them... must... fire.. ALL THE GUNS to 'secure' that kill before the flying pigeons torpedoes reach it... even if it means ignoring that their hostile DD only 3k away peppering their deck with HE and is lining up to give them a nice torpedo surprise. (yes this actually happened, complete with 'Haha' in chat 2 seconds before he ate said torpedo surprise)
  8. They removed it (completely from the game, if my port mod is anything to go by )
  9. DeviousDave02

    Halloween: Nightmare Operations

    But considering that this was meant to be 'the year of the CV' it still feels a tad cheap that you just simply cut out the Nobilium and didn't include it. I mean the Lexington Nobilium skin works perfectly from what I have seen so even if you had removed the abilities tied to the Nobilium and just let us use the ship as an attack Carrier (maybe buffed the damage output to compensate for the loss of support powers) that could have worked. But instead you just simply tossed it out. Which has pretty much killed my enthusiasm for this Halloween event and any intention of spending money I might have had. Especially since (once again) Carriers are excluded from a new game mode you added this year. I'm beginning to get the distinct impression WG doesn't like us
  10. DeviousDave02

    Halloween: Nightmare Operations

    Aww dammit WG, you removed the Nobillium from Sun ray in the Darkness... Whyyyyyyyyyyy! I was looking forward to using it ever since the rework went live.
  11. DeviousDave02

    RTS vs Rework - Saipan

  12. DeviousDave02

    New CV lines.....

    IJN Tosa class Battle Carrier, seems to be made up.
  13. DeviousDave02

    CV Rework Discussion

    Another fighter change idea (as the current set up against anything but the AI is bloody useless), that will be promptly ignored by WeeGee in favor of doing sweet F**k all and polishing their new shiny toy in the form of Submarines. A) Remove fighters as a consumable on CV's and instead have them act like a standard squadron (replenishes over time with ready plane count etc.) B) When a strike squadron takes off, the CV also launches a fighter squadron equipped with drop tanks (the external fuel tanks used to increase range) who 'shadow' the strike squadron flying higher up outside AA gun range, at this altitude they are immune but also do nothing. C) Upon pressing (T) the fighter squadron releases their drop tanks and descends into active guarding mode, following the strike squadron closely. At this stage they can be targeted by AA but also provide protection from enemy fighters/catapult fighters who attempt to intercept the strike squadron. D) The player can press (T) again when targeting (palace aiming pointer over) an enemy strike squadron/planes to have the fighters stop guard duty for their strike squadron and instead switch to intercept mode, following that targeted aircraft and attempting to shoot them down. D.2) Possibly have it so that targeting a friendly squadron or ship and pressing (T) has your fighters move to guard that instead. D.3) If the target is shot down the fighters go back to guard mode. E) Tapping (T) again will call the fighters back to guard mode, holding (T) dismisses the fighters and sends them home. F) Due to having dropped their external fuel tanks, fighters only have a limited window in which they can operate before having to return home to refuel. G) Once they have returned home (or been wiped out), another squadron is scrambled from the available reserves and sent to shadow the attack squadron again. H) Once the attack squadron has completed their mission (or been blown out of the sky), the fighters break off and return home. The Carriers 'auto guard' squadron that launches when detected is also pulled from this fighter reserve pool, which means if your not careful you could end up with no/few fighters left to defend yourself from Carrier sniping. Additional - Return Fighter damage to the RTS era system by which fighters follow the enemy squadron slowly chipping away at it and causing a panic effect disrupting accurate aiming rather than the current system by which they nuke one plane for each fighter in the group. Bonus points if you make the tail gunner DO HIS JOB and actually SHOOT SOMETHING!
  14. DeviousDave02

    Well... it appears that the "Hosho" will be nerfed soon...

    And by balance you mean, blow the socks of every other nation with 110% accurate 'clearly had during WW2' Soviet carriers armed with: Torpedo bombers capable a comfy cruising speed of 120 knots without boosting and yet armored with enough Stronk soviet steel allowing for the shrugging off of direct hits from anything up to and including 46cm main batteries and possibly a K-T class extinction event. Torpedoes with semi active tracking allowing for ease of use against peski fun destroying yankee DD's, each torpedo comes with a completelynotmadeupandtotallyverifiedWW2 Soviet 10 megaton nuclear fission warhead that ignore such little inconvenient things as torpedo bulges and the laws of physics (in Soviet Russia Physics obey YOU) And lets not forget that Soviet CV's will have a close in defense that pretty much equates to Yamato strapped to each side of your Carrier with an Atlanta bolted on top for good measure. You know, for when your tired of LOL ganking every other ship from the sky and really feel the need to roll up next to a Montana and just slap it across the face at point blank range.
  15. DeviousDave02

    Ark royal review?

    Gotta say I'm loving my Ark Royal at the moment, she's an Operation Monster easily capable of pulling 180k - 230k scores I'd rate her up there with the Ryuju in effectiveness and fun factor, her TB Swordfish as almost broken in the amount of damage they can pull per torpedo attack and excellent aiming system allowing hilarious trick shots (although nicely balanced by their sllllllooooooowwwww speed) LB Swordfish were a tad underwhelming at first until I realized that, while almost useless in anything but setting fires against BB's and more heavily armored CL's, they are pretty much the ultimate anti DD weapon capable of nuking large sections of smoke clouds and obliterating multiple modules per attack run (assuming you don't just outright 2 shot the DD) RF are kinda 'meh' as they feel like poor mans versions of the Furious RF (they would be much better if they used unique rockets or even just launched 6 per plane rather than 4) The Ark Royal herself tends to be a tad more squishy than the Furious I have noticed, much harder to bow tank thanks to the secondary placements and thinner flight deck armor, although her AA is significantly better than the Furious. Overall I find her to be pretty well balanced and rather fun to use, well done WG