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  1. DeviousDave02

    Are you as excited as I am about the new russian carriers

    meanwhile in the legion of doom mods corner @Excavatus (only joking Beasty O' waro)
  2. DeviousDave02

    General CV related discussions.

    All Hail Glorious Soviet Overlords!
  3. Hi @Beastofwar o/ Didn't notice in game or I would have said hi :) GG WP :D
  4. DeviousDave02

    Low tier seal clubbing recomendations.

    "Ra, Ra Rasputin Nemesis of the Potato team...." ... ...No I'm not posting the entire song again....
  5. Ahhh, WarGaming seems to be already looking into how to get P.T boats into the game along with their tender So the big question is... P.T boats when @YabbaCoe?
  6. DeviousDave02

    General CV related discussions.

    He's talking about how once the MG's start firing the squadron stops losing HP despite the AA still blazing away at them. Kinda get why WeeGee did it that way as the long delay between clicking and the rockets actually firing with the squadron locked in a slow, straight line and easily calculated heading would make it almost impossible to get any drops on a ship if any others were near by firing flak but well... ehhh... kinda silly really. That or it's a visual bug... have had it happen in Ops a few times where the icon for the squadron would not update until the attack run was over (where it would suddenly turn from green to red)
  7. DeviousDave02

    Simple solution

    Just remove spotting for allies by aircraft other than spotter planes (the consumable variety) full stop. Job done. it: A) Wouldn't make CV's less popular/played less than they already are (I guarantee no one goes "Oh man, I love to play CV so I can spot things for my allies, oh gee golly wow, it's juuuuuuussssstttt the best!!!" ) and would make surface ship players hate them a great deal less. B) Would allow for stealth based gameplay to return as a CV/Hybrid err... BV?... CB?... floating abomination spotting you doesn't then make you light up like a Christmas tree for the entire enemy team to swat at thus nullifying any plays your making. C) Would allow ships to actually ""Just dodge"" the CV's strike without eating a Yamato sized bundle of pain when they end up broadside to the enemy fleet (assuming no one else is spotting them). D) Would allow ships to disengage more easily. E) Would allow CV players to actually *cough* farm targets before insert generic allied Battleship #578549 nukes it from 30km away because you dared to scratch the paintwork and the filthy CV can't be allowed to finish it off. F) Would actually in all likely hood make CV's more popular as surface ship players would finally stop screaming in chat and pinging the map frantically for the CV to go spot things (because they can't anymore) and as CV's would have less influence due to not being flying remote cameras anymore then some of the pressure heaped onto CV players would be relieved while still allowing CV's to to damage (aka. the thing 99.9% of the player base is interested in doing) thus providing a more relaxing, lower stress game which is more in line with the current player base style (aka. one reason why BB's are so popular). Hence why despite most of the community online asking for it at some point or another Wargaming won't do it (because legend says if WarGaming ever makes a good decision the legendary tap of infinite Vodka/whatever alcohol YabbaCoe drinks as he hates Vodka that is the stuff of legend hidden deep beneath the lowest dungeons of mount doom WarGamings basement will run dry.)
  8. DeviousDave02

    ISE in da shop

    What is hilarious is seeing a pair of ISE + CV N.U.K.E an enemy Carrier off the face of the planet I'll admit it was in coop but man was it funny. -CV squadron shortens and goes in first to draw fire, hit the CV with torps and pull any fighters away. -ISE squadron follows closely behind and drop their payload. Boom
  9. DeviousDave02

    Player interest in Operations

    To be honest it would be nice if the current Ops at least got updated for Subs when they come out (or at least some of them - don't know if Raptor would really work with Subs as they might struggle to keep up) as well as adding some Sub based Ops (imagine Aegis but your objective is to break through a DD screening force to take out the transports rather than rescue them.) There is so much potential in Ops that is squandered by WarGaming. I'd love an Op where we were supporting an invasion force by protecting a bunch of cargo ships/transports/AI BB's sitting off a coast line from enemy air and sea attacks but at the same time got periodic calls for fire support from the ground troops on the shore that would spawn a target area with an HP bar (to represent the enemy force there pinning allied troops) marked by a flare hanging over it that we had to put rounds on (or drop bombs if in a CV) to destroy. You could even have the battle progress in land over the course of the Op. Starting on the beaches as landing craft go in and shore based pill boxes fire on them (with players knocking out the beach defences) before moving back towards a village and supplies cash area (maybe even have an airfield that can be knocked out to reduce the number of hostile DB's that spawn) before the final objective to be captured is a bridge. Hell you could have a light Cruiser/DD only area near the bridge and mouth of the river allowing those ships to push up providing close range fire support while BB's, CA's and CV's have to stay on the coast. Have radio calls coming in from the ground troops throughout the battle of where they are and what the next objective they are pushing is and where the random fire support missions spawn, It would be awesome. (also 88.19% of players who voted want more Ops seems like WarGaming's narrative doesn't hold up )
  10. DeviousDave02

    Any scenario/operation players around?

    Drop a message if you ever need assistance in a Op and I'm online in game (usually lurking most days so just prod me in in-game/port chat) Happy to help out in any Op's (I'm best in a CV so preferably any that you can take those in to, but still happy to act as ablative armour in Narai for better players )
  11. Killing DD's earns you more bxp (if you hit) (also go kill/damage the transports - nets a ton of xp per one) Also for comparison (from Feb) Seems ok - top result was with all the econ flags running while the Feb one just had the standard ones (not special) but did have 1st win 200% bonus I think... maybe... it's fixed. But @YabbaCoe could you double check please? Just to make sure. Thanks :)
  12. DeviousDave02

    French Carriers

    I like how this went from French CV's to a far more noble topic of Tea. Carry on chaps
  13. DeviousDave02

    Player interest in Operations

    That and Newport is designed poorly (IMO) Your reward for halting all three waves AND killing them before they enter the bay? A new objective to protect an easily killable (and thus easily losable star) Cruiser AND TWO MORE ENEMY CRUISERS. No other Op does this, no other Op PUNISHES you for doing well. And losing Romero (the Cruiser) and the fifth star because the Romero decided to Yolo the Izuma is just soul crushing. That and the timer to defeat all three waves is about 10 seconds too short (IMO), have had sooo many teams where the final ship was on 150hp and had two to three salvos in flight at it when the timer ticks over to spawn the main assault. In general it's just a frustrating Op (but for some reason I still love it ) ....................................................................................................................................................................... As for the main point. One of the reasons i rarely bothered with being excited about new releases/camos/events for TVIII - TX is because they don't have Ops for that tiers. Once I realised that all there was to do after TVII was Coop and Randoms (with the occasional ranked thrown in) my urge to complete lines and buy high tier premiums vanished for the most part. Now if we had high tier ops... well.. then I would have something to do with those ships and I would be far more willing to part with my cash for interesting sounding vessels.
  14. DeviousDave02

    Player interest in Operations

    Love Ops, love playing them, wish there was more. The main holdback I think for a lot of players is that nearly ALL the mission chains that come out with the new sparkly events contain 90% missions that DENY Ops. Meaning you want to chase [INSERT SHINY THING HERE] then you can't play Ops until you unlock it.
  15. DeviousDave02

    General CV related discussions.

    Because she is the final epitome of the British CV line that magnifies all the flaws in the design of British CV's and really only faces TX vessels of which she is less well equipped to handle. That and the Midway, MVR and Hakuryu are just plain better. Namely she suffers from: Weaker torpedoes (at least you get three per drop with Audacious) Inconsistent bombs with low pen and huge dispersion. Small squadron sizes Poor restore rates Massive reliance on RNG for DoT and bomb strikes LB's and TB's get worse restore times when upgraded unlike most other CV's with no improvement to damage output, deck parking, squadron size or amount of munitions dropped (without a drawback unlike other nations CV's which leads to...) Decreased bomb accuracy for upgraded planes (more bombs dropped but the drop is over a larger area that is both longer and due to the oval bombing shape WIDER than the stock planes giving more room for the bombs to wander) She's still a CV (so OP) so will do well but she is ironically more difficult to do well in despite being angled at being the top dog of the "potatoes first CV line" (FYI, I find that the stock DB's and TB's for UK CV's to be more consistent with their performance... maybe try those for a few games and see if you like her more Oh and using the air brakes to slow down results in a somewhat shorter bombing run which can help with landing hits )