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    Space battles

    That moment you misread Cobi ship battles as Corgi ship battles. Damn it... now I want Corgi ship battles.
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    WarGaming to the player base regarding Ops
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    August Von Parseval dealing no damages...

    From what i can tell, The A V Parsevel does indeed have the faster planes, in most cases by a good 10 knots or more and in the case of the attack planes (rocket fighters) the Parsevel actually has tougher sircraft than the Shokaku. Torpedo bombers are weaker per torpedo dropped (4067 damage vs Shokaku 7233 with a 3166 damage difference per torpedo )and have about 100 hp less per plane although again are faster with faster torpedoes (60 knots vs Shokaku 58 knots) with more fish in the water (3 vs 2) although A V Parsevel does have smaller squadrons with flights of nine planes in a 3 x 3 drop pattern vs Shokaku's 10 strong squadron in 2 x 5 drop pattern. In DB's the A V Parsevel has 300+ hp less than the Shokaku with a 9 knot speed advantage. both have the same squadron sizes of 9 planes in a 3 x 3 drop pattern with the A V Parsevel dealing 7800 damage per bomb vs Shokaku 6200 per bomb (1,600 damage difference per bomb) Parsevel rocket planes launch 8 AP rockets at 2350 damage per rocket with Citadel damage while the Shokaku launches 6 HE rockets at 2200 damage per rocket. Both launch 9 planes in a 3 x 3 drop pattern. The issue with the Parsevel rocket planes being the difficulty of scoring Citadel hits on Cruisers with decent armor or a low sitting Citadel that really limits your target options (although saying that you will annihilate Cruisers with a high Citadel and/or poor armor - eg. Neptune) The A V Parsevel is a decent enough Tier 8 CV and functions better than the Implacable (IMO) which makes me question why they decided the Weser should be so utterly naff in comparison to the Ryujo (or any other tier VI CV for that matter) Don't know if the T10 German CV will become the new competitive go to CV. I guess it will depend on how much punch the DB's have in comparison to how fragile they are as tier 10 AA can do a real number on the Parsevel's DB's even if you don't eat any flak on the way in.
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    What is your reason for potatoing?

    Double post (grrrrrr =( )
  5. DeviousDave02

    What is your reason for potatoing?

  6. DeviousDave02

    XP nerf in operations (or a bug?)

    Your not missing anything by not having her, I have a sneaking suspicion WarGaming made her naff on purpose so the Premium German CV is a waaayy more tempting offer. Not joking when I say you lose about 50% of your DB's to the Fuso's AoE AA even if you dodge ALL her flak and her rocket planes can't Citadel reliably any of the convoy ships which sucks as her DB's aren't accurate enough to score more than one Citadel (if that) per drop and her torps are hilariously under powered. Cue cut down version of the rant from another thread ................................................................................................................................................................................................................... WARNING ANGRY RANT INCOMING. THOU HAS'T BEEN WARNED! Open at your own risk (completely IMO, other peoples opinions are also valid and may vary) TLDR: GG WarGaming... well played.
  7. DeviousDave02

    XP nerf in operations (or a bug?)

    Yeah, funny that it suddenly changed.... Really need to take another CV other that Weser (because it's awful) into Aegis to try this out.
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    What is your reason for potatoing?

    This is one of those posts where I reeaallllllly wish I could cool and laugh emote at the same time
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    What is your reason for potatoing?

    I need a reason? No seriously, everyday is.. Nah, in all honesty getting greedy is my potato causing curse. It tends to go something like this: Me - just... one... more... torpedo run... on fat stationary BB (ignores DD creeping closer) DD - "HA HA, Torpedo Surprise Criminal CV scum" Me " Oh noes" DD - "You violated the law by bringing that foul CV in here" Me - Glub, glub, glub (sad sound of CV rolling over and activating emergency Submarine mode)
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    General CV related discussions.

    They also also clip through the ship model (Good job Wargaming) Quality control at it finest. Got and played all of them, you might end up disappointed. T4 is almost OP (time will tell), T8 is decent enough but the planes are stupidly fragile with one wrong move costing you the majority of the squadron and T10 BB AA shreds the dive bombers if you don't have the healing running. (at least in my experience, need more games to be honest, could be a better approach I haven't found yet, I have no doubt either you or El2aZeR will probably come up with something) AP rockets also struggle against CA's and heavier Cruisers in general to get more than 1 - 2 Citadel hits (if that) with most just being normal pens which doesn't do spectacular damage (IJN torps are better and more reliable) They do however absolutely annihilate CL's (poor Neptune eats Citadels like no ones business) T6 is Godawful (IMO - sadly, had high hopes for that one ) I hope the T10 is good but atm. I don't see it replacing the IJN CV's as king though, the IJN torpedoes are just too good in comparison to the German AP bombs.
  11. DeviousDave02

    August Von Parseval dealing no damages...

    WARNING ANGRY RANT INCOMING. THOU HAS'T BEEN WARNED! Open at your own risk (completely IMO, other peoples opinions are also valid and may vary) TLDR: GG WarGaming... well played. To end the rant:
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    August Von Parseval dealing no damages...

    This. The German CV's after trying them for a while seem to be great at tier 4 where the AA values are so weak the low HP pool doesn't really matter (questionable if this is a good thing or not, No one really wants us having a Hosho 2.0 on our hands) - good at tier 8 thanks to the heals that offset incoming AA damage... as long as you aren't in a match with a lot of tier 10's and/or Armored Cruisers who can 'lol nope' your squadrons via either AA power or just outright ignoring your attacks in the case of CA's who are almost impossible to reliably Citadel with more that 1 - 2 rockets. Oh and the Weiser is mind bendingly awful at tier 6. Now I might be a tad bias here due to most of my Weiser experience coming from Aegis but holy cow that CV is bad. The rocket planes struggle to get more than 1 - 2 Citadel hits against broadsiding Cruisers. The torpedo bombers might as well not exist for all the damage they do ( 5-7 torps to kill a Tier-VI DD... assuming you can land them considering the torp spread conveniently is the width of a DD at arming distance) and how fragile they are (start your attack run early to get max accuracy and you risk losing the entire squadron to one RNG flak burst while waiting until your in the no flak zone of the targets AA defense gives you almost no time to aim) The high altitude bombers are really cool but don't hit hard enough or aren't tough enough considering a lone Fuso will maul the squadron with it's AA to the point you lose about 3 planes from your 8 plane squadron during the first drop (dropping only 2 bombs) leaving you with 3 remaining planes and then lose another plane as you come around and probably at least one more as you start the second bombing dive leaving one beaten up plane to drop a single bomb before it gets shot down too. It feels like WarGaming was going for the glass cannon approach with the German line, got the glass part down correct and then forgot the cannon part. IMO, the plane heals need to be extended to Tier VI or the alpha damage increased to offset the fact that your probably going to lose a decent chunk of the squadron against any ship with mediocre AA or who groups up with another ship. And the torpedo planes need to go back to the drawing board as they just don't work very well. On idea I had was to possibly make it so they have very high damage torpedoes that use the current iterations high speed but couple it with a longer arming distance and a short maximum travel distance. The idea being that you have powerful torpedoes similar to the IJN (maybe not as powerful per torp but drop more torps per attack so overall damage is higher?) but a small effective area that allows ships under attack to try to either try to turn into the torpedoes to prevent them arming or away from the torpedo attack to easily outrun the maximum travel distance.
  13. DeviousDave02

    August Von Parseval dealing no damages...

    Figured it out. So some Cruisers are virtually immune to AP rockets no matter what angle you hit them at, TALLINN for example and HIPPER both have stupidly hard to hit Citadels. Tested in the training room and at a perfect broadside... 7 pens 1 Citadel 2 Torp protection hits After trying a few times it seems the only way to Cit strike ships with a very low citadel is to launch at the water right next to them... problem is that the rockets then hit the torpedo bulge or are slowed by the water to a point they don't punch through the ships armor. That said some other ships are hilariously easy to Citadel, the poor Neptune eats rockets like no ones business - 12 citadels from one attack wave So anything with a low citadel is a nightmare for German CV's while anything with a high Citadel and not too thick armor is an XP pinata.
  14. DeviousDave02

    August Von Parseval dealing no damages...

    Yeah, the new CV's are... interesting... I'm enjoying playing them but for how much work you put in to get Citadels it just doesn't feel like it pays off. -The planes are made out of wet, shredded, tissue paper. A fat man on the China server farts and your Tier 8 German CV rocket planes evaporate -The rockets damage numbers are mediocre for the effort required and struggle to Cit pen higher tier ships or CA's (from my observations). -The torpedo bombers are embarrassingly bad and i'm gob smacked they made it through testing, what in god's name are the testers doing to allow those through? The damage is anemic to the point of barely registering on damn 2 tier lower Cruisers and good luck hitting a DD that isn't brain dead with them, hell the AI can dodge them in OPs quiet well when it wants to. - The level bombers are great (besides being made of tissue paper) and the lack of bombs released on the tier 6. I took the Weser for a spin on Aegis and after a few practice runs I tried to see what I could pull with my best efforts this was what I managed. Considering I can pull 180+ in the Furious with minimal input... well... yeah... I mean It took two full rocket plane squadron attacks to kill off one escort ship from the transport convoy... you know... the Cruisers they are supposed to be good against. WeeGee if you read this, please buff the German CV's torp damage across the board and extend the arming distance to balance it out, hell make it about 5000 - 5200 at tier 6 (same as Furious) because at 4067 like they are atm they just don't work.
  15. DeviousDave02

    XP nerf in operations (or a bug?)

    ((Shudders)) Picture several ships hanging around at the starting area "Why don't you kill the target?" "No no, I insist, you kill it" "Oh I couldn't possibly deny you that kill" "Oh no, it's fine really, you should be the one to kill it... in fact I'll let you do all the damage too" "Oh, no, no, noooooo.... I couldn't do that... I mean what type of player would I be considering you haven't even shot anything yet" Meanwhile on the transports "err... Captain... do you think their going to come for us" (Captain looks sadly at locket picture of his wife) "Soon number one, soon... they only have five minutes left before we leave the operation zone... I'm sure they will be here before then"