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  1. DeviousDave02

    What keeps you playing WoWS (as of June 2022)?

    Operations. (Despite WeeGee's best efforts to kill them off)
  2. Welcome to the Killer Whale club, complementary Tea and Biscuits all around! Best one is when they are in a CV and just sit riiiiiiggghhhhttt outside the exit circle, not far, just enough not to count as in it... I mean they don't even need to be close to the target... they are a CV... they have these things... called planes... ... ...That can fly... ...far away from the ship hull
  3. DeviousDave02

    Looking for Coaching

    Free advice for Hornet Assuming you are starting out as a CV. For more explanations of the basics or intermediate level CV play feel free to PM what you want to know (about CV gameplay) and I'll answer if I can (and I don't charge for tips either) Same goes for anyone actually, more than happy to help out where I can (when available obviously)
  4. DeviousDave02

    unsporting cv

    Have a glance at this CV aiming guide I wrote a while back. For the torpedo, it sounds like it didn't arm in time resulting in it not detonating. The AP bombs dropped by Japanese CV's don't really work against DD's and can overpen Cruisers if dropped from too high a height resulting in low damage. Still bomb hits should have counted as damage so not 100% sure what has happened there.
  5. DeviousDave02

    unsporting cv

    What tier CV are you playing? (and which one?) The only way this could be happening (as far as I know) is if you happened to be missing the enemy ships consistently and thus doing no/little damage. Are you causing damage during these matches where you get penalized? The other question here is are you accidentally hitting allied ships? If you hit allied ships too much you get penalized too, even if it now does no actual damage to their hulls. So wayward torpedoes that miss their mark and go sailing off and hit an allied ship might be cause of it. Other than that if you're moving your CV hull (by setting waypoints on the map), launching aircraft, hitting enemy ships, dropping fighters (from tier VI onward) and contributing to the battle then you should not be getting penalized. A replay from one of these matches where you got penalized (or screenshots of the scoreboard at the end of the match) would help identify what is happening.
  6. DeviousDave02

    unsporting cv

    Basically you shouldn't be receiving penalties if you are actually causing damage to the enemy during a match by using your aircraft. And as someone who plays a lot of Coop/Operations in a CV I can say I have rarely gotten reported so it doesn't happen all that often assuming you aren't doing something stupid or arguing in chat. As for positioning the Carrier hull you tend to want to move up with your fleet in a Coop match more aggressively than in Randoms. This is mainly to reduce turn around times to allow for faster farming of damage (as Coop is a damage race due to how short the matches are) but also because the AI are fairly dumb and will happily plonk away at a bow in CV hull they have zero chance of causing damage too while ignoring your allies allowing them to move in for a kill or you to rapidly, repeatedly get multiple strikes of your own in. But that said don't "YOLO" into the entire enemy fleet in a death or glory charge. Read the minimap and if everyone is abandoning the flank you are on then follow them because you can't hold a cap point on your own if multiple AI ships are charging it (well... you can but it requires kiting away from them and knowing how to play CV well) Best way, however, to play CV in a way that doesn't get you screamed at in a frothing fit of rage is to simply play Ops (and be decent at them) where CV's tend to be appreciated/tolerated for the ability of a good CV player to pull everyone's asses out of the fire when things go wrong.
  7. DeviousDave02

    General CV related discussions.

    Love the enthusiasm however I think others may disagree... Oh noes, show me on this ship image where the nasty DD's torpedoed you. But in all fairness, Radar, Cruisers, gun boat DD's and not sailing in a straight line/sitting stationary for two minutes all counter DD's CV's are just the nuclear powered, galaxy smashing Warhammer that comes in to flatten them completely. Not really, it could be argued CV's started the camping meta when a large portion of the veteran player base stopped playing due to the reeeeework. That and CV's kill stealth gameplay for ships that rely on it to survive (WeeGee remove plane spotting! Come on, it's not hard!) Agree. I too enjoy playing them. However I still recognise that they are heavily over performing and have far too much influence via spotting along with very little in the way of counter play from surface ships as AA in this game is... well... meh at best and a pretty firework display at worst. This leaves ships with just W'A'S'D to counter aircraft which when combined with spotting from the aircraft and BB players on the CV's team who aren't all asleep results in a common situation of: A) Try to dodge the incoming airstrike and eat 15inch shells from multiple BB's B) Stay angled and eat the CV's airstrike. So while they are fun to play (for those of us who do like them) they do have issues that others have a damn good reason for pointing out and WarGaming really needs to fix. They have been. I think this is the first or second time they were disallowed? (I'm sure one of the other forumites can say) I imagine they will be back for the next season, by which time they hopefully will have had spotting sorted out so they are not so oppressive. Would be awesome... ...IF CV's were balanced first. That's the whole reason you can't Div 2 CV as it would break the match maker and result in a hilariously one sided stomp. CV's need toning down in the match influence department before anything like this can happen. Nope. Well... some of them could do with a minor buff to make them a tad more competitive, *cough* Implacable *cough*, that and the whole British CV thing of having the upgraded level bombers drop more bombs but drop them over a bigger area negating the fact your dropping more bombs should be changed (IMO) Sadly not going to happen. I'm hoping we may get a 'Enterprise 41' at some point as a tier VI premium but I'm not holding my breath.
  8. DeviousDave02

    WG really? 7 hours is a very long time???

    Both :P
  9. DeviousDave02

    WG really? 7 hours is a very long time???

    Ignore I'm an idiot (and probably had way too much to drink)
  10. DeviousDave02

    Waterline: Roadmap Update – Spring 2022

    @The_EURL_Guy Not that it's going to happen but could WarGaming pretty please, maybe, possibly look at getting Nobilium back into Sunray in the Darkness? Were coming up to four years now since the CV rework killed it.
  11. DeviousDave02

    try Carrier for first time get a unsportman

    CV aiming advice from 2020 (still holds true) https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/140363-how-to-aim-cv-bomber-and-corps-accordingly/?do=findComment&comment=3618162 Generally run some Coop matches (or training room) until you can reliably hit moving ships before going into Randoms. With TVI Cv's Ops are also a decent training ground (as the AI in Ops actually dodges... sometimes) As for avoiding going pink, press the 'M' key to open the map up and set some waypoints so your carrier hull moves around rather than just sitting still.
  12. DeviousDave02

    Return back to CV glitch.

    Did the planes return to the carrier? If not it's possible you hit a lag spike that resulted in your planes (on the server side) flying into flak and being shot down but due to the lag it didn't display this on screen. Thus the sudden yeeting back to the Carrier hull.
  13. DeviousDave02

    WG please show CV players some love!

    Read the topic title, knew I had to get both my popcorn AND a hazmat suit for this one. Was not disappointed.
  14. DeviousDave02

    Graphics Improvements in Update 0.11.3

    This. Or make it so the Ship and Plane camo can be selected separately allowing for more personalisation. eg. Type 16 Ryujo camo on the ships hull (with bonuses applied) and Triumphant camo on the planes (no bonuses, only cosmetic, doesn't consume the camo)
  15. DeviousDave02

    Update 0.11.3: Italian Destroyers. Part 2

    ". The camouflage mounted on the ship will also be displayed on aircraft that belong to that ship. This effect applies to all aircraft types in the game, including aircraft carrier squadrons and fighters, spotting aircraft, and airstrike flights." Can we have the option to turn this off on a ship by ship basis please? Some ships, eg. the Royal Navy line, it looks really good on... others... well... not so much...