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  1. Tempest_V_

    Ship you love. That everyone else hates

    Duca degli Abruzzi, once you have a 14p Captain with IF and CE it becomes a kiting beast. 12km torpedos with very wide launch angles, 2x3 tubes fired in an [edited]-shake 12cm armor iirc Heal+defensive AA Stealth Speed 35kn
  2. Tempest_V_

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    got the Perth in that Secret Santa Container from Daily Shipments. That airplane instead of Repair Party (on the original Leander) is not so cool. Anyway, thanks WG!
  3. Tempest_V_

    Inbound weaboo.

    I made the same error starting the game with Battleships (not long ago). They move, turn and reload very slow, so you will waste precious gameplay time (I don't have time, personally) without learning or doing much. You'll also get some salty remarks if you happen to be on the wrong side of the map when things go nasty, but you're too slow to correct that. You should play cruisers first, their polyvalence and fast moving/turning/reload will rapidly teach you the basics: aiming guns and torpédos and avoiding deadly broadside shots and torpedos. Their speed allows you to switch sides or save the base (and the game), you rarely have this chance in a slow BB. Choose wisely your cruiser line (nationality): seems to me that the hardest thing to do is training a skilled captain. Captain skill points are hard to get and captains are nation-specific, you can't use them on other's nation's cruisers. Toxicity comes from others' expectations from you: your team mates expect a lot from carriers, battleships, destroyers, cruisers (in that order, IMHO); in a cruiser you can go wrong, but chances are that no one will notice The cruisers don't excell in armor, nor firepower , range or stealth (they are just a compromise), so others will expect less from you And most of all: they are fun and there's always something to do in a cruiser (detecting and killing DDs, harassing or stealth-torping BBs, AA defense, CV hunt, running for base defense/capture), you'll never get bored !
  4. Tempest_V_

    Realistic Mode

    Good ideas. Here's a cheaper one : removing those ridiculous smoke trails behind the flying shells, they look like katiushas'
  5. Tempest_V_

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    first Kraken with Abruzzi (taken out 4 DDs out of 5, one with a very lucky torpedo)... ...and an older one with Fiji (7 kills)
  6. I'll answer you soon in private or we can discuss it further on a dedicated topic. This discussion already derailed a few times off topic.
  7. OK, I didn't knew that; sometimes I play at those odd hours.
  8. Tempest_V_

    Dreadnought Era Appreciation Thread

    Of course, thank you!
  9. Link please? And stop insulting me.
  10. Yes, strong adjectives have a high "fire chance" in a discussion, as @HMS_Kilinowski also noticed They're like the RN BBs HEs in this game :) They are risky in real-world and catastrophic on-line, where you can't perceive mimics, intonation, others' background etc. So please (everybody), don't overuse them, don't dramatize and exagerate things, don't assume things one haven't said (better ask "by saying this, do you mean that...?"), don't assume that X has "all wrong" , nor that he didn't/can't understand Nothing about this game when he doesn't know ONE thing or two. You loose credibility and the discussion goes OT and flaming. Read only what's written, stop "assuming". Grow thicker e-skin, learn to take a break and cool down. I've never ment that good stats are only a result of "sealclubbing" (I've just learnt the meaning yesterday, after reading this) I'm still to be fully convinced about WR vs maths, I took a good look at mine (found them off-game, finally) and it seems I did better in my last ships the other week (KGV, Svietlana); I'll think about it. I also had some great games where I was top of the list, that ended in glorious defeat (I can provide printscreens if needed) At least, I accept that this WR criteria is something positive and generous for a gaming community, might make some players less egocentric in-game, even if (mathematically) is hard to prove. I see your pain, it's annoying to try to learn others and not getting that positive feedback. But you must admit that sometimes your arguments my not be logically strong enough (or so clearly explained), like @Joehmie did. Or that two opinions may be equally correct. On-line, I can only see what's written, even if in the writer's head everything is crystal clear, so take time to clearly express your thoughts. Re-read the last pages, at least I made efforts to keep things cool and nice, when a whole bunch was raining fire on me, some of them not even really reading what I wrote. I must also apologize, maybe my first posts were too affirmative, I was probably expressing my opinion in a stronger manner. Nobody's perfect. So let's think a little before writing and assuming things, even the teamplay might get better.
  11. Tempest_V_

    Dreadnought Era Appreciation Thread

    Thank you guys for this beautiful topic, I'm also interested in that era.
  12. No, I tagged your post as such because of HOW I am being told I'm wrong. For example: -"understand the most fundamental basics of the game" ... I would have said: "understand matchmaking mechanism" -"patently false "arguments"" ... false arguments is enough -"stop being so defensive"? ok, so try to be less offensive. I just came to notice your avatar ... an "A" , it's from Aotheras, isn't it? I don't follow too many forums, but usually the people who use their username's initials as avatars seem to be the first to get on my ignore list, because of HOW they behave. I still hope it won't be your case. I didn't attack you, just opted for a -1, then posting again in defence. But, as you insisted.... Yes, I was partially wrong (happy now?), but not because of my (beginner) stats or HOW I was treated by you and some others, but because someone (@Johmie) gave me a better argument here I already thanked him here I asked for a clear definition because people might disagree for pages even if in their heads they think roughly alike. It's called misunderstanding. What I called a "lemmings train" is not a lemmings train for some others. So... why do you keep flaming along? (-1) Bad day? Need 6000 posts? :)) (I was joking, OK?) Relaaax, it's just a game!
  13. Finally! A solid argument. I seriously and officialy say: Thank you, Sir! Agree with AB or BC, for mutual support; I knew this from the "operational art" doctrine, that I mentioned in my first post, and I applied it from the first games whenever possible, even without thinking. OK, thanks again, I go back to game/life.
  14. Then DON'T assume that! I was talking about me and myself, I didn't insulted anyone. The fact that I'm leaving spaces between lines (mea culpa, I have my reasons) is not an invitation to "read between the lines" :) "Assumption is the mother of all .... problems"
  15. You don't have to be sorry, I don't have any problem with learning or different opinions, as long as they're expressed in a civilized manner. I just noticed that in this game (like in the real world) most ships' side armor is thickest (of course it thickens even more with angling) and the turrets' field of fire.... etc, I won't restart it. At least you had the good-will to read what I wrote for understanding, not just for replying. Without false assumptions and exagerating. But I have a problem with bullying and the "stfu noob" attitude (guess I'm too old for that). Some people who happen to play an online game, in real-life "drive" airplanes or MRI-machines (btw, thanks to the one who lectured me on driving and vaccines, it brings me back sweet memories). It's just a game, it's not rocket science, after 50 games some can figure out the basics, they've already heard about angling armor, target aspect and such. Others find here a new amazing world, they take more time to "internalize" basics from zero. So some should stop treating others like they were 3 yr old kids, just because they came here later, don't have the time to play or have bad stats. One guy from this topic even insulted me in a game, called others to report me etc Unfortunately, games won't teach him honesty, manners or adult behaviour. Even if you know the game and have good stats, stop insulting others in-game and stop thinking they are brainless scared sheep. Scared of... what!? You don't see the action like he does, you don't know what happened before you see him on the wrong side of the map. Maybe he was helping another who already sunk. This attitude might partially explain chaotic teamplay in Randoms. People won't accept your leadership just because you insult them . Have they ever led a team in real life? Read out loud your posts before submitting; strong words like "utterly dismiss", "glaringly obvious"... c'mon, you talk to real people, step out of "Tudors" :) Winrate? Yes, one can influence a game in better or worse. However, maths are mercyless. If I'll ever have the time and the need to amaze others with my stats in an online game (I hope NOT!), I'll work two lines to tier X to get better, then form a divison with some friends and go back to lower tiers; not because at lower tiers you can nuke herds of noobs, but because teams are smaller - so I (and my division) might have a larger influence on team play ( and win rate). Statistics... Maths... There may be other means too, didn't thought it over, because getting stats it's not my objective. Yes, I play lots of ships at the moment. I play to have a good time, but I never let my team down (if possible). I am still amazed that some players accuse others of being scared and not wanting to scratch their shiny ships. It's like : "you know, noob, if your ship sinks in this game, you don't even get wet, it's not for real" Aww.... really? Thanks, good info, mate, I didn't knew that! And yes, I already know, on the forums sometimes two normal adults can disagree for months about the colour of plain water. This topic still has a problem: what exactly is a "lemming train"? I see lemming trains winning; but for me, a lemming train is 2/3 of a team wisely pushing at the right moment, 3-4 BBs assisted by DDs and CLs, making good use of their side armor (angling NOT excluded) and full (side) firepower, without loosing time with turrets turning from side to side. Anyway, it's not my problem anymore. I don't have an eternity of spare time to split, so I'll stick on playing. It's a good game, but some players need to improve their behaviour and social skills before even thinking of improving play skills.