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  1. KpnFarqinMAgick

    January Combat Missions - Discussion Thread

    Warships premium and Wargaming premium accounts Can someone please explain to me whats the difference between the benefits? (I'm sorry that I can't find a more relevant thread to post this enquiry)
  2. KpnFarqinMAgick

    0.7.12 PTS - Others

    No reward yet received for testing PTS 07.12.0 or 07.12.1 and its been 2 weeks now Sod that for a game of soldiers Im not bothering with this PTS lark again Uninstalled Some people might be glad to know that Im sure
  3. KpnFarqinMAgick

    0.7.12 PTS - Others

    That didnt even give me a vague idea - thanks for nothing! xP
  4. KpnFarqinMAgick

    0.7.12 PTS - Snowflakes

    Which did not happen so for me I got a pop up telling me to look at some article which at the time I could not access I'll get a screenshot of that in session/part 2
  5. KpnFarqinMAgick

    0.7.12 PTS - Map changes to Okinawa

    How many versions of the various maps you have altered, have you got now [no question mark its rhetorical]. A bewildering collection with yet more on the way - I'm sure. There is a question arising from this (imho screwball) activity of where to stop changing or get out of control - keep changing it around I bet you will burn your map artists out - poor buggers
  6. KpnFarqinMAgick

    0.7.12 PTS - Snowflakes

    The info given about this snowflakes feature of this pts session is something like a whore in church - its best not investigated and it smells a bit off I mean to say It just refers us to some article not accessible from within the PTS session WTF kind of communication dye call that? Well I call it very insufficient not to mention rude Sloppy!!!
  7. KpnFarqinMAgick

    0.7.12 PTS - Others

    I just would like to know when the next session part 2 of 0.7.12 (which just finished today Monday) might be up for testing? Also it would be very handy to know whether it would be better to reinstall PTS when the next part is up for testing (pts 0.7.12.part 2 ) happens rather than keeping it installed and hoping this time the launcher will properly update -which It didnt for this session just over today - I had to uninstall - reinstall to get it to play properly Ofc I eventually tracked down my PTS server password
  8. KpnFarqinMAgick

    Twilight Battle

    and now its all gone -hardly worth my time mentioning it
  9. KpnFarqinMAgick

    Twilight Battle

    After Re-installing and running PTS 0.7.11 and then on selecting Twilight battle mode there are NO ships selectable ! I cannot select a t7 ship So I Cannot start Twilight - Why What am I missing OR What am I to do?? As with any playable nation, such as above is the availability of tier 7 ships! Its a complete non-starter for all those middle tiers!! Why is this so? Why have you made it like pulling teeth to get a decent go at this public testing??
  10. KpnFarqinMAgick

    Season 4 of Clan Battles

    About that PTS desert you're referring to - you're so right mate! I've given up installing pts (so restore my faith already) because of the last two efforts were largely joyless - I'm thoroughly sick of sitting there waiting for someone to play with, at any time of the night (circa 2 am) or day.
  11. KpnFarqinMAgick

    chat ban

    thx for this you be atch spamming p o s
  12. KpnFarqinMAgick

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    or less freakin' underwhelming boring threads... with stone cold boring content ahl roooot?
  13. KpnFarqinMAgick

    Economic flags....and BB box collections... thats all folks!

    I know about shouting with Caps and wasn't my intention to shout I take your point but... using caps I was going for a kind of telegraph look to the whole thing as if the Lusitania had gone down again to convey a greater sense of urgency - dye get me? If not you can all keep scolding me for my lack of etiquette and use of freedom of expression go ahead - I'm really too old to give a good god dannng
  14. KpnFarqinMAgick

    Economic flags....and BB box collections... thats all folks!

    No it was not I wanted my message to be clear & urgent and so I left it on
  15. KpnFarqinMAgick

    Meet the World of Warships Team