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    For one - I'm up all night & morning at Wo.Ws

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  1. KpnFarqinMAgick

    General feedback

    I couldnt agree more - this problem has got to be fixed asap please!
  2. KpnFarqinMAgick

    0.8.5 PTS - Bugs

    It BUGS me that there isnt enough NOTICE of the dates of PT and that said dates arent POSTED on the GAME CENTRE for PTS
  3. KpnFarqinMAgick

    0.8.5 PTS - General Feedback

    When are you going to put the goddamn dates of the current and forthcoming test round on the Game Centre screen where any body who has it installed can plainly see and know when to try and login and play 4 Faaaachs saaaaake ?!?
  4. its seems more difficult than french kissing a cobra - to convey feedback to the developers of Wo.Ws. The only way I saw on the my client program in the game center to give feedback led to a webpage where I had to submit a ticket and that was not what I wanted - was just to convey an idea for a youtube tutorial  the various artillery ballistic arcs are different from different nations ships

    And some other less expensive way to buy Silver from the shop that might exist in the Buy Doubloons area where I can spend 5 to 10 euro  for a decent amount of silver for modules

    That whole War games shop seems to exist for rich folk who can afford to buy whole ships at a time ffs !

    thats all!