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  1. Communist_Loli

    200% Coupon Question

    I told my brother to get on today just to check if he got one, but there was nothing. He hasn't played and bought anything ever since he made his account over a year ago. But maybe the fact that he's only played 88 battles has something to do with it. This begs the question, are there any other boxes that needed to be checked other than not buying anything.
  2. Communist_Loli

    200% Coupon Question

    Me neither, that's why I want to know if there's an official answer on the matter lol My previous theory was that you had to not spend any money on the game for a while. But then I saw a forum post on the Asian server about a guy who got it on his second day of playing, so that debunked it.
  3. Communist_Loli

    200% Coupon Question

    Another question I have that's related to this. What interaction does the coupon have if a shipmate of yours who's used your referral code, uses the coupon? Cus I know that recruiters get 10% of total doubloon worth of purchase per month. Do the extra doubloons get counted, or only the amount that's originally purchased?
  4. Communist_Loli

    200% Coupon Question

    Let's say I bought 10,000 doubloons. With the coupon, I'd be getting 30,000. That's what the coupon does.
  5. Communist_Loli

    Did you know Arnold S. is a weeb?

  6. Communist_Loli

    200% Coupon Question

    Does anyone know what the pre-requisites are needed to get this coupon? I know that you need to not purchase anything for a certain amount of time but that can't be it as I've seen forum posts of somebody who played over 100 games in 2 days (probably a bot) suddenly get it.
  7. Communist_Loli

    Dockyard - De Zeven Provincien - Will you take part?

    Is it named after this mad lad?
  8. Communist_Loli

    Dockyard - De Zeven Provincien - Will you take part?

    Idk where you're looking but I can see he has over a hundred games on the Hizen and 15 on ZF-6.
  9. Communist_Loli

    Austro-Hungarian Cruiser Line proposal

    Sounds like basically every empire that ever existed lol
  10. Shhhhhh don't expose me to Papa Stalin like that
  11. Communist_Loli

    What is the best Steel ship?

    No, I was wrong. @gopher31 corrected me on it^
  12. Communist_Loli

    What is the best Steel ship?

    I think they nerfed her penetration by quite abit during testing cus she was just overpenning way too much. She still does alot nowadays but from what I heard it used to be worse.
  13. Communist_Loli

    Stop Nerf CV's

    That's a very accurate reaction of some CV mains I know who used that argument in the past. Well done sir
  14. Same! Sadly my mind was on the heated chat so I didn't notice the team lineup :C
  15. Communist_Loli

    10.5, Asashio?

    Wouldn't the ship still be available as Asashio B during Black Friday? Or will they stop selling there as well?