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  1. Communist_Loli

    Any mid tier premiums forthcoming?

    Personally, I'm looking forward to a T6 Saipan. But it being German and all, I can see why people might be skeptical about how good (bad) it'll actually be.
  2. Communist_Loli

    Shikishima Secondaries Question

    That awesome! If only the French secondaries received such love, it would make for some fun builds lol.
  3. Communist_Loli

    Shikishima Secondaries Question

    At first glance, Shikishima's secondaries looked inferior to Yamato's mainly due to being mostly comprised of 100 mm guns. But then I remembered that Harugumo's 100 mm guns got special penetration values. Does this apply to Shikishima's secondaries?
  4. Communist_Loli

    New line to be announced this week

    Well, the event lasts for 2 months, so at the same time, it's not really surprising considering they usually roll out big patches every month. And the patch is coming in 8 days if my source is correct.
  5. Communist_Loli

    How to win ranked games 101

    Except Asashio dishonors herself by not having the ability to commit Seppuku as a true Nippon would
  6. Communist_Loli

    Champagne Seconday build

    Except instead of a hammer, the Champagne might as well be a pillow in that analogy with how badly equipped it is for brawling. And yes, he might make it work, but I doubt it'll be because of his secondaries carrying the day. But yeah, it's his boat so he can do whatever he wants with it.
  7. Communist_Loli

    Champagne Seconday build

    Question is, why pay all that money to do this in a Champagne when it could be done waaaay better in almost any BB at its tier?....
  8. Communist_Loli

    Champagne Seconday build

    It won't end well for you I'm afraid... Not only is the Champagne insanely squishy, but her secondaries are also pretty trash as well. They're easy to take out with steady HE fire and don't do any dmg themselves apart from setting fires. Without IFHE, her 100 mm secondaries can't even pen destroyers let alone BB superstructures.
  9. Communist_Loli

    Ranked Stars

    So I'm fairly new to the Rank scene and I have a question about how earning stars work. Sometimes after a win, I'd get 2 stars, and other times it's just 1. Is there a certain condition that needs to be met to earn more stars? What am I missing?
  10. Communist_Loli


    I wasn't sure until I saw your name just now and thought it looked familiar. Then I checked my blacklist and found that it is indeed you. I only have 2 people in my blacklist, both of which are similar in the sense that: they got angry in-game for w/e I did and start harassing after the match. So it's not something I'd just forget^ But hey, we all get emotional after a bad game so I don't blame you
  11. Communist_Loli


    That's kind of ironic, considering you took the time to spit out profanities at me after a match some months ago just cus I blapped your Donskoi with my Hakuryu... But hey, I'm already going to hell just cus I touched a carrier so I probably deserved all of it
  12. Communist_Loli

    German CV Buffs

    I find that it's probably the only German Tech Tree CV that could properly utilize the secondaries. The other CV's don't have the armor nor the secondary armaments to make it worth investing.
  13. Communist_Loli

    Ludendorff NERF

    I personally think that 12.3 seconds is plenty of time to react, it's shorter than most other BB's sure, but still plenty. You honestly only need a few seconds to WASD hack your way out of there. And I thought they already have something similar to that in the commander skills, Incoming Fire Alert if I recall. It might finally be useful for once lol.
  14. Communist_Loli

    Ludendorff NERF

    That's why Priority Target is a thing
  15. Communist_Loli

    Ludendorff NERF

    I wouldn't blame my lack of situational awareness on a ship... If you get hit by a salvo 25 km away, you fully deserved it, unless you're stationary. A volley from 25 KM can EASILY be dodged in a cruiser just by altering your course, no excuses. If you mess something like that up, then you fully deserve to get punished.