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  1. Thanks_for_all_the_fish

    Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

    As some have already said, ditch the whole "reset the tree" thing. I for one don't want to play several of those ships ever again, because they didn't suit me. I didn't have FUN in them. So instead: once a ship becomes elite that ship is in NTC and you can start earning NTC-exp (or whatever the equivalent is) for it. This way you give the choice to us players which ships to "level up". And since you seem to be looking for exp-sinks you can even make this fairly steep...like 400000 exp/fxp for lvl 1, 600000 for lvl 2 and 1 million for 3...or whatever players will accept. As for rewards, I'd say something like a permanent +50% to captain exp, special flags (not signals) or the ability to mix and match colours for your premium camos. NOTHING that gives a bonus DURING fights.
  2. You know, it's funny in a way...there's nothing like a really bad idea by devs to bring the playerbase together... Still, it's also incredibly sad. When will gaming companies learn? ANYTHING that even HINTS at pay to win will get hated. It doesn't matter how small (unless they're infinitesimal...like a 0.0001% increase) any boost like this will be. ANYthing that makes one player's ship stronger in combat than someone elses otherwise same ship is a BAD thing. And WG thinks that making the old premium consumables free will offset it? Hardly...and why? Because the very players who'll grind this will most likely be the players who already used the premiums anyway. WG already claims that making this about cosmetic things won't work...why not? I found the 2-sentense long explanation rather lacking. I personally would gladly have farmed to gain and upgrade premium camos for my ships. So that maybe my fully trained T10 ship would have a permanent camo that gave +100 to exp AND captain AND free. Or better yet, a camo with stats of my choosing (within the gain/spend less credits and 3 types of exp brackets). Still, I feel I have some questions I'd like clarified about the proposed system as is: When we "forget" a whole ship line...what happens to the upgrades? Also sold back for credits? And what of any legendary upgrades we've already grinded for? Gone, so we have to grind for them again? It would be FAR more acceptable to me to know they end up in my inventory to be used when I want... What of captains? I assume they'll go to the reserve? Will they still be "bound" to the ship they used to be on, or unlocked? Or worse, bound to a T1 ship? If this is only for t6+...why force us to play t1-5?
  3. Thanks_for_all_the_fish

    Was renting out ships in ranked that good of an idea?

    No, as ideas goes...this one is a horrible one. I detest the whole concept of "rented shits" (misspell intended). Hell, if it was up to me...you wouldn't be able to buy or otherwise get any tier ship above where you are in your exp tree.
  4. Thanks_for_all_the_fish

    Don't try "Bismarck in Action" with Tirpitz B

    It doesn't work. Only Bismarck and regular Tirpitz. Just FYI.
  5. Thanks_for_all_the_fish

    Servers Unstable Today ?

    Unable to access clan and the game shows me as not in a clan. Tried several logins and no change. Also, to anyone who says the servers are undergoing maintenance...where do you get that info from? Can't seem to find ANY post from WG ANYWHERE about it.
  6. Thanks_for_all_the_fish

    Killer Whale Scenario has a "always fail" flaw.

    @SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue I'm happy for you. MY experience the last couple of days (don't have screenshot proof) is 7 battles fought, 6 losses. And the losses were ALL because people didn't go for the exit. Is the op hard? No. Nor have I said so. If everyone plays for the objectives it's quite a nice op. Is the WIN criteria idiotic? Oh hell yes! For all the reasons listen in this thread already. Which brings me back to the original post that they should change or remove the last mission. 1/2 of all surviving members in the team are too many. Especially since it rounds up (if there are 5 surviving you still need 3). One possible sollution could be to make a version of it be "if all secondary objectives done, 1 ship in the exit = win"
  7. Thanks_for_all_the_fish

    Suggestions thread

    Suggestion regarding scenario as seen in this thread.
  8. Thanks_for_all_the_fish

    Killer Whale Scenario has a "always fail" flaw.

    Just had a game in Killer Whale where we crushed the bots. I mean utterly crushed them. We had all 7 alive as we left the Harbor (we got the west exit) and we slaughtered the enemies out there too. We had a five star game ready with 6 mins to spare. And only me and one more went to the exit. We begged. We used the ingame messages and pinged the map. And not ONE even tried. So...loss. 295 base exp. Should have Been a 1800ish easy. This was it. I'm done with this *insert curse of choice* scenario. The end mission is the worst, most stupidly designed piece of crap ever put into a game. And yes, I'm including the rings race in Superman 64 in the Count.
  9. Thanks_for_all_the_fish

    Killer Whale Scenario has a "always fail" flaw.

    And what if they can't understand what it says? I feel quite sure this is part of the problem on the EU servers. I know the client is translated to several languages, but I'm absolutely sure many just don't have a clue what the game's trying to tell them because they can't understand the language used.
  10. Thanks_for_all_the_fish

    Killer Whale Scenario has a "always fail" flaw.

    Dear WG, can you PLEASE change the Killer Whale Scenario to no longer include the "half the team must reach the exit". Either remove it completely or change it so only 1/3 of the team (or hell, even 1/7) has to make it. I've lost track of how many fails I get in this because people just won't go for the exit. They're too busy farming useless damage to bolster the win-score that will never come. This very evening I've done 6 tries in there, where 5 have failed because of this. And while I'm on the subject of scenario-wishes: Please return the ones you've removed. Put some effort into fixing the airplane issues they have and let us have them back. Oh, and add MORE scenarios at Tier 8-10. Thanks for your attention and time.
  11. Thanks_for_all_the_fish

    Exeter easiest to aim for achievements ?

    I hate this mission and everything it stands for. This is WG telling a portion of their players that "you don't matter". First, we're forced to play UK ships. Second, only T6-8. And third...and this is by far the most damning...only random (or ranked, but as there IS no ranked now that's a moot point). It's such a naked cash-grab that it's downright EA-style evil. Because those of us who prefer to play co-op and/or scenarios...how are we to get Exeter if we want her? Pay up (buy the ship), that's how. Or be forced to play random for a goal that should be doable in ANY mode. If and when I play random I want to do it in whatever ship I want/like and WHEN I like to. Not because it's the only way to get something. That makes it a chore and a pain and frankly makes me want to say "[edited]this I have better things to do than play this". Common WG, be better than this. NEVER restrict players to do something they might not want, just to get a reward. Add achievements to co-op and make them count. Make achievements in scenario count. PLEASE!!!
  12. Thanks_for_all_the_fish

    Suggestions thread

    Please add achievements to co-op. Doesn't have to be many, but just so that we CAN complete missions like the Exeter one there too. Suggested ones: Kill 3 enemy ships: Botkiller Cause dmg by fire equal to 20% of enemy team Health: Fried circuits Cause dmg equal to 30% of enemy team Health: Accuracy training pays off Numbers and names may need to be tweeked. But PLEASE add something like it.
  13. Thanks_for_all_the_fish

    What I wish "Blacklist" did...

    It's amazing how polarising something like this is. This'll be my last post on the subject. I still wish what I wish, and that'll never change. It'll never happen, I know that much. But I posted this after meeting a couple of "players" who did nothing except spew negativism in chat and/or CLEARLY tried to throw the game, (More of the former, only 1 of the latter, but still). Let's just say I find it sad how easy it is to hide behind an online persona without any consequenses.
  14. Thanks_for_all_the_fish

    What I wish "Blacklist" did...

    It doesn't. No, really. But that has very little to do with what I'm saying or wishing. But asked right back: would YOU want to ever again play with some random person who's clearly showed in chat or by deed that he/she is a detriment to the community? If so, you're a better person than I am.
  15. Thanks_for_all_the_fish

    What I wish "Blacklist" did...

    I couldn't care less about "winrate". It's a pointless stat, as it's almost entirely dependant on your team. You could be a skilled player and have really bad luck with who you're teamed with and therefore loose every fight. And no, Before anyone cares to say it, I'm NOT a "skilled player"...I'm an "average player" at best. And I've hidden my stats just because I find the focus on it seriously misguided...or even offensive. I´m sure blacklist like I would want it WOULD be misused. Sadly. But I'd still want it like I suggested, even knowing that. I for one only use blacklist for really toxic people or anyone I see...actually SEE, try to throw the game.