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  1. Thanks_for_all_the_fish

    New Year event (collection, snowflakes, directives)

    I honestly don't get this businessmodel, but I guess that's because I lack a degree in economics. In my layman's oppinion, I'd rather get 1000 people pay a small amount, and have good reputation among them...than have 10 people pay loads, and be hated by those who can't afford. ESPECIALLY as a gamescompany, where reputation is surely worth ALOT in terms of gamer retention and word-of-mouth (after all, if you have a great rep players will actually recruit other players FOR YOU). Or do WG really have so many whales who're willing to pay up all the doubloons for Puerto Rico and/or Gorizia that they can safely ignore a backlash like this? Another thing I REALLY can't understand is the public relations situation of all of this. I'd think a Company that cared about it's reputation would come out FAST on the player's side and go "Oh crap, we've messed up. Sorry, we'll try to remedy the sitiuation ASAP". But no, apparently the prestige of never having to back down is more important. Which I just can't understand. In fact, at this point I'd even accept a "Yeah, we messed up the info for this event. It was intended to be a hard grind and/or expensive all along, and we messed up by not saying so. Sorry, we'll try to be more clear in the future."
  2. Thanks_for_all_the_fish

    New Year event (collection, snowflakes, directives)

    Hello WG (and everyone else reading) I am a Whale. I admit it. Since last year's Black Friday I've poured money into WoWS. Not a single event has passed where I didn't buy atleast 10 boxes in the premium shop. In many cases more. In some cases ALOT more. And I was actually prepped to spend more. I'd watched dockyard previews from the PTS made by some CCs and thought the concept looked good. And at 1000 doubloons for every such boost, it was affordable. I'd have happily payed those 3k and done the rest by just playing the game. And I'd had bought a couple of boxes as well, for a chance at some of the ships I don't have or just for the other contents in them. But then I saw that the Puerto Rico now costs 24000 doubloons just to get the boosts. And THEN I saw the directives. And no...just NO! If reduced to 1/10 of what they are now, then I'd do them. Probably even focus them. But as it is, I refuse to even look at them. THIS event I'll do the snowflakes I feel are worth it and not one thing more. And as for spending money? Yeah, that's not going to happen either. WG gets 0 from me without a MAJOR reduction in the directives and in the Puerto Rico dockyard.
  3. Thanks_for_all_the_fish

    Submarine testing: preparing for the third beta test session

    Remove the concept. Place effort on balancing the CURRENT game.
  4. Thanks_for_all_the_fish

    Suggestions thread

    Ok, this comes from me being in a horrible mood after having done 3 attempts at Sunray in the Darkness...with 1 loss, 1 2-star and 1 1-star. And why? Because out of those 21 other people I had the "pleasure" to do it with…only 4...FOUR!!...had leveled any tier beyond T6. TEN of them had never gotten past T3 for crying out loud. And it showed. Now, if asked questions while in coop I'll happily take the time to answer. But when doing scenario, a LITTLE experience would be nice from players. So my suggestion: Make players unable to enter ANY scenario (yes, including event ones) if they don't have an equal lvl exped ship. To be clear, if you haven't researched your way up to T8, you should not be able to enter a T8 scenario. Not even an event one.
  5. Thanks_for_all_the_fish

    Is the Genova bad ?

    And where you'll get blapped from ANY angle by ANY BB firing AP at you. Fun...
  6. Thanks_for_all_the_fish

    Is the Genova bad ?

    Is the Genova bad? No, it's complete and utter garbage. Reload is a joke. Armor is a joke. Detection range is a joke. SAP is a BAD joke. The torps are SLOW...and so, a joke. It's only redeeming quality is...missing.
  7. Thanks_for_all_the_fish

    Suggestions thread

    Since there's so much controversy about Russian ships...here's my suggestion how to "fix" them. Remove their HE ammo...give them SAP. But, ofcourse...this game being what it is...then SAP would probably be remade into "Soviet Armor Piercing" and have 10m pen and thermonuclear warheads.
  8. Thanks_for_all_the_fish

    Suggestions thread

    More content for PvE. Specifically, more scenarios. I'd like to see the weekly scenario system reinforced and augmented. For example, say you want to play a t7 ship, there should be a weekly scenario for it. With maybe 3-4 different t7 scenarios rotating weekly. Same for t6...and t8...and t9...and t10. This would require ALOT of new scenarios obviously, but it would be a HUGE thing for those of us who like the game and want to play it PvE more than PvP.
  9. Thanks_for_all_the_fish

    Wishlist WoWs 2020

    I don't know. I'd say that perhaps the community already HAS payed for it and that it's not an outlandish request. After all, how much money do WG get each month from us thanks to sales of ships, boxes, flags and all the other stuff in the premium market? And to clarify one thing...new content like new maps and new scenarios should NOT be behind a pay-wall. They should be added to everyone, so everyone could enjoy them.
  10. Thanks_for_all_the_fish

    Wishlist WoWs 2020

    Hello everyone here, and hello WG (if you're here). Those here for actual feedback, can ignore this bit. First abit of background. I found this game thanks to Youtube, and mainly CCs like Jingles. It looked awesome. A game about WW1 and WW2 ship-to-ship combat? The history-buff in me cried "yes" and the 6-year old in me shouted "PLAY IT NOW!". As I started playing (this was in april 2018) this was all just reinforced. This game was AWESOME! Well...for a while. Thanks to having watched alot on Youtube about it, I knew about angling and ammo-choice and so on and that gave me an edge. Up until about Tier 5. Then I found out I was a noob HARD and had to "git good" as they say. This was also my first experience with the dark side of the game. (you know...the "u suck" comments and so on). Still, I continued to enjoy the game and gameplay and even found help among other players here. Check my history here on the forum to see what I mean. And I continue to enjoy the game to this day...mostly. Now, as I'm sure has happened, alot of those reading this has checked my stats (and after reading this I'm sure MOST have). As you can see I've played mostly co-op. This is mainly because I'm VERY competitive and want to be the best help I can be to my team. And sadly, random doesn't let me do that. I had a serious scare one random game when my heart really started racing...so I'm not sure random or ranked is the best choice for my health. Ok, on topic finally. SO: I'm a PvE player who likes the game. Well damn, time for some feedback and/or suggestions...or rather a wishlist for the future, as it were. First off: we don't need more ships. Really. Since I started we've been SWAMPED with new ships. Having said that; I want more CONTENT. More scenarios ranging from tier 5 atleast all the way to tier 10. And change the scenario of the week thing. Maybe if we have 4-5 scenarios per tier it'd make sense. I.E you want to play a t6 ship, the t6 scenario of the week is XXXXXXX. But if you want to play t7 the scenario of the week is YYYYYYY. And so on. This would require 3-6 scenarios PER TIER. Which would be great! If nothing else, atleast focus bringing the scenarios you HAD back in. Since WG is hell-bent on bringing subs into the game, maybe a scenario/week just about sub-warfare or ASW. I want to continue to enjoy the game, and want...NEED...more choices than co-op to do so. So I wish WG'd make 2020 about content rather than ships. Balance what is already in. Fix bugs. New maps. New and/or brought back scenarios. Achievements for PvE players (yes, even in co-op) I'm sure I have more ideas but...can't think of them right now. So, thanks for reading, it's going to be interesting to see what the response is...and keep trying to have fun, So long and...
  11. Thanks_for_all_the_fish

    Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

    As some have already said, ditch the whole "reset the tree" thing. I for one don't want to play several of those ships ever again, because they didn't suit me. I didn't have FUN in them. So instead: once a ship becomes elite that ship is in NTC and you can start earning NTC-exp (or whatever the equivalent is) for it. This way you give the choice to us players which ships to "level up". And since you seem to be looking for exp-sinks you can even make this fairly steep...like 400000 exp/fxp for lvl 1, 600000 for lvl 2 and 1 million for 3...or whatever players will accept. As for rewards, I'd say something like a permanent +50% to captain exp, special flags (not signals) or the ability to mix and match colours for your premium camos. NOTHING that gives a bonus DURING fights.
  12. You know, it's funny in a way...there's nothing like a really bad idea by devs to bring the playerbase together... Still, it's also incredibly sad. When will gaming companies learn? ANYTHING that even HINTS at pay to win will get hated. It doesn't matter how small (unless they're infinitesimal...like a 0.0001% increase) any boost like this will be. ANYthing that makes one player's ship stronger in combat than someone elses otherwise same ship is a BAD thing. And WG thinks that making the old premium consumables free will offset it? Hardly...and why? Because the very players who'll grind this will most likely be the players who already used the premiums anyway. WG already claims that making this about cosmetic things won't work...why not? I found the 2-sentense long explanation rather lacking. I personally would gladly have farmed to gain and upgrade premium camos for my ships. So that maybe my fully trained T10 ship would have a permanent camo that gave +100 to exp AND captain AND free. Or better yet, a camo with stats of my choosing (within the gain/spend less credits and 3 types of exp brackets). Still, I feel I have some questions I'd like clarified about the proposed system as is: When we "forget" a whole ship line...what happens to the upgrades? Also sold back for credits? And what of any legendary upgrades we've already grinded for? Gone, so we have to grind for them again? It would be FAR more acceptable to me to know they end up in my inventory to be used when I want... What of captains? I assume they'll go to the reserve? Will they still be "bound" to the ship they used to be on, or unlocked? Or worse, bound to a T1 ship? If this is only for t6+...why force us to play t1-5?