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  1. FearsomeFlotsam

    Impossible play with DD after this CV rework

    If you want them to play this role, then all DDs are going to need heals, because even if you're fairly near friendly ships (presumably still at the front), CVs will still target you and take 20-30% of your health per visit.
  2. FearsomeFlotsam

    Impossible play with DD after this CV rework

    Game is unplayable at the moment for high tier DDs, especially cap contesting ones. Just dusted off Gearing for a couple of games and I'll be dusting it back on again now.
  3. FearsomeFlotsam

    <50% Win Rate Randoms?

    Less than 1% of my games are in a division. By the way, can you or someone else explain to me why so many people (including yourself) seem to have taken this thread as a personal criticism rather than a way for players to get more satisfaction out of the matchmaking? Is something getting lost in translation here?
  4. FearsomeFlotsam

    <50% Win Rate Randoms?

    This would be fine if WG wasn't selling brand new players high tier ships so they can be completely out of their depth in tier 10 games. It's fine to be on your 'L plates' but not if you go and enter the 24 hours of Le Mans with them.
  5. FearsomeFlotsam

    <50% Win Rate Randoms?

    I am not suggesting it as a means of protecting my stats (which aren't anything special), but as a means of protecting my sanity. People talk about trying to have fun in this game, but there's nothing fun about being unable to play your ship because so many others on your team are doing completely inexplicable things. That's just frustrating. I did also consider the point that win rates would not be preserved if the field was split in this way. As someone else has mentioned, possibly the solution is to treat these matches as a separate category and not count it towards the general random battle win rate. Maybe there are other solutions too.
  6. FearsomeFlotsam

    <50% Win Rate Randoms?

    There's nothing 'not nice' about it. If anything, it would save the poorer players from being victimised by the better ones.
  7. FearsomeFlotsam

    <50% Win Rate Randoms?

    It's late so here's another barmy idea: once you become a half decent player, playing with potatoes even in randoms becomes an increasingly frustrating experience. If I see another Tirpitz captain in a T10 game with <200 games played and <40% win rate, I think I might scream. So how about an optional toggle, if you have a win rate over 50%, to enter lobbies only with other players with >50% win rate? It will be up to the player to decide, so if you're not feeling competitive, or if you're waiting too long in a queue, you can disable the toggle and go into the general pool (but of course you will have to put up with potato team mates). However, players with <50% win rate will not have the option to enter the 50%+ games.
  8. FearsomeFlotsam

    Azuma only £103!! (Reduced from already bargain £128!!)

    Ah ok - just 1x the price of a finished AAA game then.
  9. I don't normally post about this sort of thing but..... seriously, what is up with the pricing? What has it come to when they are charging twice the price of complete a finished AAA game for one playable item from a game that isn't finished?
  10. FearsomeFlotsam

    German secondaries suggestions

    Except that the French do not have the armour scheme to get in close and use that DPM while the Germans do. Also the French secondaries are a lot more fragile than the Germans.
  11. FearsomeFlotsam

    German secondaries suggestions

    I agree that 1/4 calibre HE penetration should be a broader feature of secondaries. Secondary builds are basically non-viable at higher tiers (not sure about lower) with the possible exception of the top German BBs - because they have 1/4 penetration. I doubt even with 1/4 pen you will see secondary builds proliferating much, but you might at least see some on the French BBs and a few others.
  12. FearsomeFlotsam

    Republique secondary build now best?

    To update, as was widely predicted, I didn't really find the secondary build effective on Republique (but was willing to try it as the ship wasn't being used otherwise). I tend to agree secondaries in general need a buff, since even the very best secondaries seem to amount to something of a firework display. The Republique supposedly has the most potent secondaries in the game (even better than Kurfurst's - it just doesn't have the armour to back it up), but I found most high tier ships, especially BBs, were almost completely immune to them. I'd quite like to see the secondaries at tier 10 get 1/4 calibre penetration so the 5" guns can pen 30mm and the 6" guns can pen 32mm.
  13. FearsomeFlotsam

    Reduced spotting range as planes are lost?

    Should we really be supporting a system where that kind of tactic is effective? I know real life doesn't count for much in WOWS, but that tactic is the opposite of realistic deployment. Many of the CV nerfs seem to have been misdirected (or rather undirected): CVs are particularly punishing on DDs, but to try and compensate, we've seen a lot of nerfs that reduce their effectiveness across the board. The end result is CVs that are still somewhat OP vs DDs and arguably UP vs other types of ships. It would be better to have a system that directly addresses their relationship with DDs.
  14. Just to float an idea, what if the spotting range of CV squadrons was reduced by, say, 10% for each plane lost from the squadron (some sense to this as more eyes in the sky should imply better spotting)? The effect would be to make it quite difficult to do sustained attacks on DDs, or keep them spotted for any prolonged length of time, since after the first few planes are lost, you'd be down to a very low spotting range (<2km). Well concealed cruisers would also benefit to some degree, but the less well concealed cruisers and all battleships would see very little benefit, as their reduced spotting range would still be within the normal flight pattern of attacking squadrons. Might help the problem of CVs going after DDs so mercilessly, and there is the possibility of compensating the nerf elsewhere (e.g. on damage) if it's seen as too punitive.
  15. General opinion seems to be that the legendary module for Henri should normally be fitted. I tried it out myself a while back but really did not get on with it. My issue is that, even for a mid-long range kiter/spammer like Henri, ideally you want to avoid being shot at if you can. A 10% hit rate on 200 incoming shells is going to be more damaging than a 10% hit rate on 100 incoming shells after all. Players tend to fixate on the first target that they see, and with the legendary module, I find that I am often seen before other battleships, never mind other cruisers. So I find I get shot at far more with it fitted. Additionally, it is basically impossible with the legendary module to manoeuvre into position about 13-14km from a battleship and then open up with the reload booster whilst sailing away from them. Any such run has to start from ~16km with the module fitted, which makes for a significant reduction in shells landed. I'm wondering if I'm missing something here, and what other peoples' experiences with the legendary module for Henri are.