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  1. DangerousDave2k

    Republique secondary build now best?

    I do have a suspicion that I'll end up thinking "this build sucks" - but I'm not really using Republique at the moment for anything else. I find Montana does similar things to the standard Republique build but better (at least in randoms), and I have vague recollections of hilarious Alsace games spamming secondaries from 12km.
  2. DangerousDave2k

    Republique secondary build now best?

    Not convinced by IFHE or CE over AFT. If you take CE and not AFT, you're basically committing to fighting well beyond the range of your secondaries, which would seem to devalue all the other secondary buffs you've committed to. I can see the value of IFHE, but it seems like you could do just as well with the 3 point DE skill and looking to do more damage with fire rather than pen, considering how high Republique's secondary fire chance is.
  3. DangerousDave2k

    Republique secondary build now best?

    I was under the impression that a survivability build was best for Republique, but having seen some gaudy numbers put up on multiple occasions on Panzerknacker's channel (one quite recently), I'm starting to wonder if a secondary build isn't actually the best for Rep (at least for randoms). I'm going to do one because I don't have any other ship for that style of gameplay. The question is which skills and modules to pick? For modules I'm thinking Legendary module or Secondary battery mod 2 in slot 6 and secondary battery mod 1 in slot 3. All the usuals apart from that. If I'm going for 11-15km partial brawling strategy, I'm thinking I need FP, but CE is probably a waste of time. So: Expert Loader Adrenaline Rush Superintendent Fire Prevention; AFT Not sure what to do with the other 5 points. Could go manual secondaries + priority target. Other possibilities are BFT and DE (for the extra fire chance on the secondaries). Any suggestions?
  4. DangerousDave2k

    Torpedo warning noise glitched?

    I'm not sure if this applies to more than just the noise (maybe the visual indicator too), but on several occasions now (and it seems like since the patch), I have situations where I get the low pitched warning noise, then it goes silent for a while, then suddenly it's the loud high pitched noise and the torpedo is already right next to me. Has anyone else seen this?
  5. So how does this work? Is it worth buying some low tier ships prior to the update going live?
  6. DangerousDave2k

    10 guineas for a dollar eh?

    By the way, Cossack seems to be well worth the money, in case anyone else is deliberating. Quite enjoying playing it. Apologies for two posts in quick succession but I thought JuanX would appreciate the extra content.
  7. DangerousDave2k

    10 guineas for a dollar eh?

    I'd possibly be more aggravated by this post if I wasn't quite sure you have autism.
  8. DangerousDave2k

    10 guineas for a dollar eh?

    Yep they twisted my arm. After the hoops I jumped through to get Indianapolis, I decided it was worth 76p with free 700k credits when they convert.
  9. DangerousDave2k

    10 guineas for a dollar eh?

    To be honest I thought this whole guineas/cossack thing was supposed to be over by now. Anyway, apparently I have 47 guineas and WG have just poked me with a message saying I can get another 10 guineas for 76p. I'm thinking it's probably worth it but could I just hold out and try to get the remainder with missions? When is this thing finishing anyway?
  10. I've been playing a lot so I'm sort of wondering why I haven't got any of these containers. Are there particular ships you need to use?
  11. DangerousDave2k

    Gearing or Harugumo first?

    I'm leaning towards Gearing at the moment - I've tended to avoid one-dimensional and/or campy ships in the past (e.g. the US CL line) because I don't really enjoy that play style. Also Harugumo just effectively caught a nerf by not receiving the 1/10 full pen to BB rounds, which is going to make any kind of cap contesting even more problematic.
  12. DangerousDave2k

    Gearing or Harugumo first?

    I've finally scrimped and saved enough for another T10 ship, and my options are Gearing and Harugumo. I prefer Fletcher to Kitakaze but my numbers in the latter are slightly better - not that either T10 is a clone of the T9s of course. I was under the impression that Harugumo was overall a better ship (as much as you can abstract from different play-styles), but after the initial rush of Harugmos, I don't actually see that many of them any more - we seem to be back to the Z52/Shima metta. So does this mean Haru isn't actually that good? Which would anyone recommend to get first?
  13. DangerousDave2k

    Last 3 points on Musashi/Yamato captain

    I went for BOS in the end. Seems to be working well so all's good.
  14. DangerousDave2k

    How come it seems i always get the rubbish team?

    It did seem extra potatoey today. Almost every CV who I was teamed with spent at least part of the battle AFK.
  15. DangerousDave2k

    Last 3 points on Musashi/Yamato captain

    I'm looking to spend the last 3 points on Yamamoto, who I have in Musashi and (shortly) Yamato. So far I have 1) DCCA 2) EM, AR 3) SI 4) FP, CE I'm thinking it has to be either BOS or some 1 pointer + 2 pointer combo. Any suggestions?