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  1. I've been playing a lot so I'm sort of wondering why I haven't got any of these containers. Are there particular ships you need to use?
  2. DangerousDave2k

    Gearing or Harugumo first?

    I'm leaning towards Gearing at the moment - I've tended to avoid one-dimensional and/or campy ships in the past (e.g. the US CL line) because I don't really enjoy that play style. Also Harugumo just effectively caught a nerf by not receiving the 1/10 full pen to BB rounds, which is going to make any kind of cap contesting even more problematic.
  3. DangerousDave2k

    Gearing or Harugumo first?

    I've finally scrimped and saved enough for another T10 ship, and my options are Gearing and Harugumo. I prefer Fletcher to Kitakaze but my numbers in the latter are slightly better - not that either T10 is a clone of the T9s of course. I was under the impression that Harugumo was overall a better ship (as much as you can abstract from different play-styles), but after the initial rush of Harugmos, I don't actually see that many of them any more - we seem to be back to the Z52/Shima metta. So does this mean Haru isn't actually that good? Which would anyone recommend to get first?
  4. DangerousDave2k

    Last 3 points on Musashi/Yamato captain

    I went for BOS in the end. Seems to be working well so all's good.
  5. DangerousDave2k

    How come it seems i always get the rubbish team?

    It did seem extra potatoey today. Almost every CV who I was teamed with spent at least part of the battle AFK.
  6. DangerousDave2k

    Last 3 points on Musashi/Yamato captain

    I'm looking to spend the last 3 points on Yamamoto, who I have in Musashi and (shortly) Yamato. So far I have 1) DCCA 2) EM, AR 3) SI 4) FP, CE I'm thinking it has to be either BOS or some 1 pointer + 2 pointer combo. Any suggestions?
  7. DangerousDave2k

    750k Free Xp Ship Question

    I'm going to go against the grain and say don't get Scharnhorst. It's a T8 hull with T5 guns on it. I've found Musashi to be decent value for the ~130k coal I paid for it. Tier 8 is always going to be a shock when you first start playing there because that's your first exposure to T10s - which brings the double whammy of far more powerful ships and far more experienced captains.
  8. DangerousDave2k

    Low FPS and almost unplayable after last update. Anyone else?

    I would urge anyone struggling with FPS issues to check their power settings and make sure they are set to 'high performance' or similar. I had dismissed this as a possibility with my PC because I assumed Windows would never use crippling settings for a desktop system to save power - but I was wrong. Maybe a Windows update has changed your power settings?
  9. DangerousDave2k

    Suggestion: Allow divisions in future ranked seasons

    No thanks.
  10. DangerousDave2k

    Rename "Four Goal Haul" to "Squid Released"

    Tell Veronica Roth you can't call something a 'Four'.
  11. DangerousDave2k


    I enjoyed the random editing on this thread - more for what it apparently deemed fine than what it took out.
  12. DangerousDave2k

    Mechanism to stop accidental use of doubloons

    You do realise this is a forum, right? I don't know what you're doing here if you don't like the concept of people having problems or not knowing the answers to things. Well actually I do (see above).
  13. DangerousDave2k

    Mechanism to stop accidental use of doubloons

    No, your post totally fails to engage with the point (which is that WG could improve this genuine issue by making some simple changes), and is also insulting since you imply that I lack the capacity to think of using my eyes to check things (?????????). But if we're going into the truth, perhaps you can tell me the truth about what mental condition leads some people to make a hobby out of going onto forums to tell people that their issues aren't really issues? It's always the same old people saying the same old things: "HAW maybe you wouldn't have this problem if you stopped being a dumbass! Did you think of that?" *smug face*
  14. DangerousDave2k

    Mechanism to stop accidental use of doubloons

    How about you find some other thread to troll.
  15. DangerousDave2k

    Mechanism to stop accidental use of doubloons

    Agreed. This is poor customer relations IMO. Fair enough enticing people to fritter away their cash on questionable things by choice, but not fixing a mechanic that is regularly ACCIDENTALLY fleecing people is not really acceptable.