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    Co-op turns into random?


    Co-op turns into random?

    Thank you all for replying. Now I know it is a bug, if we just played a Co-op battle, when we hit the button to play again, we are expecting to play another Co-op not a random battle.

    Co-op turns into random?

    I don't know if this is a bug, but I selected Co-op, started playing, and after I and all the other DDs in my team got sunk, I looked at the chat and there was a comment made by a player from the enemy team!? I thought to myself, so bots also use the chat now with this new update?, But it wasn't a bot, looking at the names I realized they weren't bots, but real players, and if the enemies are real player that means this wasn't a co-op battle, it was a random battle! Is there a mechanism of the game that changes the type of game from co-op to random battle for some reason?

    System for Prevention of Unsporting Conduct

    It also happened to me, the game crashed and the server didn't let me login, today the game crashed again, but luckily I was able to login again just in time to hit one enemy and avoid getting a penalty, I'm starting to lose interest in the game, if they don't fix this issues I'll eventually quit playing, and from what I've heard, I won't be the only one.

    New Unsporting conduct system needs to be fixed

    It has happened to me also, I was starting a battle, then the game crashes, server doesn't let me login again, and now I have an afk penalty for leaving a battle early, why don't you fix your servers or the game so it doesn't kick the players out? and why do we have that afk penalty if it was your fault? in this age of technological advancements, your system should be able to "know" if it was a technical issue that made the player quit, or if it was the player who decided to quit. Anyway it doesn't make sense to apply afk penalties to a player that leaves the game or doesn't help or gets disconnected by a server or game problem, afk should be a serious penalty to those who (even if unwillingly) cause damage to their teammates, if you give afk penalties to players who don't want to help (I don't like those, but it's their choice) or who get kicked by your game/server, you not only stress your players, and make some of them quit the game, but you will also lose potential premium account/premium items buyers, like me because I was considering buying a premium account but now there's no way I'll spend my money with a game that's faulty and punishes his players for something that wasn't their fault! gg Wargaming.net.