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  1. Maihon

    So whats the next step regarding CVs ?

    If there's an AA nerf coming then CV's should probably share in it, particularly where their AA guns, with 10 - 20% greater hit probability than any other suface ship and 35% stronger sector re-inforcement are concerned.
  2. Maihon

    Suggestions thread

    Dusty Rhodes, the unique commander, currently with no skills, how about +BFT for him?
  3. Maihon

    Harugumo - overpowered main battery

    Quite interested to find out what the thoughts on counter play for a ship like Moskva that maybe finds itself alone facing a Harugumo might be; generally Moskva's AP tends not to stick and just OP's, switching to HE with Moskva's reload just doesn't seem to do enough damage in the time available especially if the Captain has enhanced SE bringing its HP close to 30k and smoke is available for the Haru?
  4. Maihon

    Suggestions thread

    Would giving DD players an option in the UI to show the AA zones of friendly ships, just the outermost one, on the minimap be of any use?
  5. Maihon

    Suggestions thread

    Alternatively create a map building application that can be downloaded by the player base, players can submit their map designs to a monthly, bi monthly or quarterly competition, winner gets say a super-container and his/her map in the game.
  6. Maihon

    Suggestions thread

    New map suggestion based on the islands of Paros Naxos & Thera near Greece...
  7. Maihon

    0.8.4 - Changes to Aircraft Carriers

    OK an example: I'm in Lazo which has average AA, and the usual RU cruiser handling characteristics i.e. bit of a straight line ship, not good at turning or at decelerating unless put into a hard turn. My Captain which I borrowed from another ship has MCFAA and BFT. Rocket armed attack planes from Ryujo start an attack, I've already switched my AA sector so its on the right side for facing the attack, I pop DefAA and manoevre, this does absolutely nothing to the planes in the attack run, none of them die and the attack accuracy isn't impaired, I lose 25% health and get a fire. I don't immediately pop my DCP because I know he's coming back on the other side, so I switch my AA to the other side, while doing that, for maybe 0.5 - 1sec, my ship is un-steered because I have to mouse click and key press to change AA sector (I only have two hands and steering with my nose isn't an option), it might not sound like much but I only have maybe 6 to 8 sec before he turns and comes back for his 2nd attack run, so for some of the available manoeuvring time my ship is trying to return to going in a straight line; WG not helping and still no sign of the promised UI improvement. Anyway the attack comes in and my AA probably switches at least in time to catch some of his newly attacking 3 planes. Again nothing happens to the attacking planes in terms of reduced strike power or accuracy, I'm trying to manoeuvre which again has zero effect, the rocket attack hits I lose another 25% health and get a 2nd fire. Now I pop my DCP to kill the two fires only to have two enemy ships, which would otherwise not have seen me because they were outside my surface detection range (nothing else was inside), fire on me because the retreating Attack Aircraft have full spotting / scouting ability, resulting in another 25% health gone. If they were only able to see/scout/spot for themselves and maybe put that info only on the minimap then would it not be a bit more fair / historically accurate? I mean the rocket attack planes are basically fighters with a crew of one, where does this super-pilot get the time to identify which ships have fired what salvo, report the fall of that salvo and provide corrections for it, if he is even on the same radio net as those two ships, please, lets have a wee bit of realism?
  8. Maihon

    Improved AP Pen Angles

    OK thanks it was Witchita I was wondering about.
  9. Maihon

    Improved AP Pen Angles

    Is the list of ships with Improved AP Pen Angles on this wiki page http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Gunnery_%26_Armor_Penetration up to date?
  10. Maihon

    0.8.4 - Changes to Aircraft Carriers

    Some things need to change, aircraft immunities & replenishment rates, some sort of AA effect on drop accuracy, pre-loading of all AA guns at "Action Stations" (start of the game) not when a plane enters the AA zone, separation of the spotting/scouting function from attack aircraft squadrons and into specialist scouting squadrons, including Flight Deck Systems Fwd and Aft as damageable modules, fires that last longer than a microsecond on the CV.
  11. Maihon

    Prinz Eugen

    This ship just seems to permanently take engine hits even with Preventative Maintenance slotted, 3 games, 6 engine incapacitations :(
  12. Maihon

    0.8.4 - Changes to Aircraft Carriers

    No, I'd like to actually see an effect of AA on the recurring strength of squadrons at all Tiers, not just T10, far too often CV's arrive at the end game having apparently suffered no ill effects throughout the entire rest of the game, the ship is full health as are the squadrons and as a result their end game damage potential usually far outstrips the survivability of the remaining ships especially when they're the ones that have mediocre AA and / or manoeuvrability, you know, the ones that no one wanted to use during testing. WG, in their infinite wisdom, decided to conflate specialised spotting or scouting aircraft, that are generally slower, fly higher, with greater duration and crew, with attack aircraft that fly fast and on average have only 1-3 crew. This isn't the era of Aegis and combat data systems, attack aircraft in this era could identify the ship type and report the approximate position, course and speed but this didn't translate into sufficient info to enable a friendly ship to fire accurately and repeatedly at that target, why should it here, especially when in addition those attack aircraft have their own attack missions to get done? These functions need separating, if a CV wants to scout/spot fine let them send up a specialised squadron that does that, if that CV then wants to attack, again fine let them send up the desired attack squadron, but letting attack aircraft give / have the benefit of both aircraft types just makes them overpowered.
  13. Maihon

    0.8.4 - Changes to Aircraft Carriers

    It takes too long for sector reinforcement to switch sides and there is still no improvement in the UI for doing that, I still have to hit the [O] key and then mouse click, I mean, I only have two hands, I need to switch sectors because having hit me from one side the CV player comes back on the other side hoping to get less of my already meagre AA, I'll have been turning to try and avoid the first attack, I will still be trying to manoeuvre for the return attack but now that's coupled with trying to change sectors which means that while changing sectors my rudder is now auto-centring and my ship is un-steered and doing the opposite of taking avoiding action... it's trying to sail in a straight line... not helpful WG. I still believe there is too little risk for CV's, 9 times out of 10 they arrive at the end of the game with full ship health and full squadrons still flying around the battlefield, further there is little visual evidence that they ever struggle to send anything over but full squadrons, at the end of the game when most ships are in the 25 - 50% health range, do we ever see squadrons with 50% of their planes missing... no. Perhaps AA zone overlaps are too ineffective now, perhaps the replacement / repair rate of planes is too high. For attack aircraft with there own attack missions to perform they are allowed to reveal too much on the battlefield.
  14. Maihon

    why AA doesn't seem to be so effective!

    It needs to get posted until WG are convinced they need to do something about it.
  15. Maihon

    AA Bug

    This has to change, at the start of each the first narrated words are "General Quarters", "Action Stations", etc and as far as I remember that means all crew at their combat stations AND ALL GUNS LOADED AND READY TO FIRE ON COMMAND it shouldn't just apply to main guns and torpedoes and definitely shouldn't be a case of AA or Secondary Guns "FIRE !"... ... ... err well I just need to walk over here get some ammunition and stick it in the gun... oh wow look at that, the planes already gone out of our zone, well now we don't need to load at all !