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  1. Maihon

    Suggestions thread

    Instead of confining a ship for example to using just 4 Hydro consumables or 4 Def AA consumables. Why not make it possible for the Captain to choose his mix of consumables so that if he can use 4 in a slot position why should he not take 2 Hydro + 2 Def AA consumables to make up the 4 he can mount in that position. This would get rid of the will I or won't I face an aircraft carrier lottery and more closely approximate true ship abilities.
  2. I really like Moskva as is, ok her manoeuvrability isn't the best and the AA nerf certainly hasn't helped, but still I like the build I have and the gun arcs are way better than the US parachute flares.
  3. I think Premiums should be sold on the understanding that they will undergo to the same balancing process as all non-premium ships. Voted option 3 in the hopes that other ships currently out of game might make a come-back by the same route.
  4. Maihon

    Suggestions thread

    Change the way Basics of Survivability works, as it is it accelerates repairs and therefore it only delivers it's points value if whatever damage type it is repairing is allowed to run to full time, mostly this is not the case. Please change it so that the damage types it affects actually do 15% less damage if this skill is taken, then the skill will actually be worth the three points that we have to spend on it.
  5. Maihon

    Suggestions thread

    Use steel to purchase an additional, permanent, universal upgrade slot on any ship.
  6. Maihon

    Suggestions thread

    If you're determined to keep this patch then two suggestions... 1) Allow players to tie sector switching to the square bracket buttons, port side = left, starboard side = right. 2) On the AA escort side add a function that allows a player to select the ship being escorted and automatically match course and speed with it i.e. a follow function.
  7. Maihon

    [new AA mechanics] about the non-overlapping auras

    Very unclear about what happens during an air attack re gun auras; so a squadron of planes comes in to attack, the ones that are actually making the attack say 2 from 6 may get fire from the medium then short range guns as they come in, but, when the long range stop firing at the two planes making the attack run because they are inside their minimum range do the long range guns then resume fire on the remainder of the squadron?
  8. Maihon

    General feedback

    Any cruiser with poorer manoeuvrability would seem to be more adversely affected by these across the board AA and concealment nerfs. My Moskva, a drop of 15 from AA rating 84 to 69, an increase of detection distance from 13.7km to 14.1km and as AA Mod 3 vanishes it's now only allowed to mount 2 AA mods neither of which are able to increase the overall AA rating.
  9. Maihon

    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    I still wonder how ships with average (or less) in the way of AA abilities and/or manoeuvrability are going to fair with these changes. Also, is there likely to be a special upgrade coming to the game that extends the action time of the catapult fighter, or maybe the spotter plane upgrade will be modified to extend the action time of both ?
  10. Maihon

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    Was actually responding to a reply on a previous page of this thread that did quote Kii hence the reference.
  11. Maihon

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    Not claiming any great wisdom but I find the Kii infinitely more comfortable to play than the PEF, I agree the reload is OK, but a buff to turret rotation speed might well make her a bit more comfortable to use, along with a tweak to her main gun ammunition.
  12. Maihon

    "Mighty Prinz" Campaign

    The ship is utter torture, even though I bought it I'm seriously thinking of just selling it, then hopefully all the associated mission cack will go with it.
  13. Maihon

    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    Not on PTS, but interested to find out how ships with less manoeuvrability and less powerful AA options available fair under these changes, are they still viable or are they too easily sunk?
  14. Maihon

    Damage Log?

    ok thx.
  15. Maihon

    Damage Log?

    Is there a damage log in WoWs, without resorting to the use of mods? If so how do I access it?