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  1. Maihon


    Be great if they allowed conversion of unwanted Guineas into Sovereigns...
  2. Maihon


    40+ new maps. A community map creation application. HMS Agincourt 1913. Krasnyi Kavkaz. A 6" armed Mogami premium that has Atago's torpedo arcs but doesn't have the turret traverse time of a wounded snail.
  3. Maihon

    When is the Pasta being served?

    Also needed 10 and 6 point Italian Captains, as other nations have. Btw I really, really like the Abruzzi, haven't had the opportunity to get the Cesare yet tho.
  4. Got the Moskva legendary upgrade (goes in slot 6 btw) and used it for a while but... 1) I was uncomfortable with the loss of turret rotation, even with an improved EM Captain, attempting to counteract the loss. 2) I always found Moskva's dispersion to be quite good anyway and the gain from making it slightly better seemed negligible. 3) Found I preferred the longer +16% range over the LU's +8%. Overall the LU seemed to take more than it gave; DM's LU might be more useful for my Moskva.
  5. Maihon

    Suggestions thread

    1) Could there please be 6 and 10 point Italian Captains made available in either the Arsenal, Premium Shop, and/or via mission. 2) Could 10 and 6 point Azur Lane Captains please be made available for those nationalities which are currently without them. 3) Could special Captains please be provided for those nationalities currently without them. Thanks
  6. Maihon

    Rate of Fire

    We are talking about technology that is basically 1950's era, but yep, sure thing go for, sub 2 second reload, sub 1 second, pretty soon you'll have a BB shortage or they'll be playing off the back lines.
  7. Maihon

    Rate of Fire

    With the advent of the latest DD's we seem to be seeing rates of fire which are heading for 2 sec per round perhaps even sub 2 sec by the time upgrades and Captain skills have been accounted for. Even now modern loading systems for 4.5" and 5" guns still only achieve around 25 rpm, 2.4 sec per round, this figure should surely represent the fully / maximum upgraded status of the system, not it's starting point. Ships underway move and flex, ships in combat even more so, even having the sun beating down on one side of the ship all day can affect how these systems perform. These ships are not just one gigantic floating magazine. There has to be a limit, 2.5 sec per round should be it ?
  8. Maihon

    Aircraft Visibility

    OK thx, the 8km plane detectability hadn't registered.
  9. Maihon

    Aircraft Visibility

    Not sure if it's some vague spotting mechanic or a bug but I'll be watching a flight of planes from the enemy CV at about 6-9 km over open water, sometimes I'll have control-clicked them so that they become priority targets, when for no apparent reason i.e. intervening terrain they will disappear from view only to re-appear a few seconds later usually now un-prioritised. It's almost as if there are invisible artefacts in the map blocking the line of sight, just wondered if anyone could offer an explanation as to what was happening?
  10. Maihon

    Seatle downgrade...

    It might be "balanced" but it's very, very badly balanced, just imagine if free XP didn't exist, it'd be enough to put you off WoWs, maybe they'll take note and do something about the ship. Anyway free XP permitting, as soon as I can :)
  11. Maihon

    Seatle downgrade...

    I'm really struggling with this ship, shooting at anything other than BB's seems so awkward mainly because of that parachute flare effect. Cleveland I loved, but this, everything about it is... well, so slow and unresponsive by comparison, it's a real downgrade, maybe they should switch Cleveland for Seattle?
  12. Maihon

    Moskva & Angling

    Thanks :)
  13. Maihon

    Moskva & Angling

    My original question actually wasn't about the external bow / stern plating, although that was very helpful, but about about the vertical athwartship bulkheads that form the very open "V" shape of the fore and aft ends of the citadel as shown below... ... so if there was any specific advice on how to make the best use of these features (or at least avoid mis-using them) that would also be very much appreciated. Thanks
  14. Maihon

    Krasnyi Kavkaz

    Krasnyi Kavkaz - Possibly a more interesting candidate than the current Russian T5 premium cruiser, Krasny Krym... 29 Knots 9000 tons full load 160m x 15.7m x 6.6m (L/B/D) 4 x 1 - 180mm 60cal (57cal also quoted in other sources) 4 x 2 - 100mm 47cal (AA) 2 x 1 - 76mm AA 4 x 1 - 45mm AA 4 x 1 - 12.7mm AA 4 x 3 - 533mm TT Upper & Lower armoured decks 20mm each Turrets 76mm Lower armoured belt 76mm Upper armoured belt 25mm Conning Tower 76mm 2 x KOR-1 Seaplanes & 1 catapult If only we could have this in game... :) Other links... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_cruiser_Krasnyi_Kavkaz http://www.naval-encyclopedia.com/ww2/Soviet/light-cruiser-krasny-kavkaz-1916/ (translation not great) http://www.thefullwiki.org/Krasny_Kavkaz
  15. Maihon

    Mikhail Kutuzov

    Thanks I'll try to keep an eye out for that.