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  1. Krasnyi Kavkaz

    Krasnyi Kavkaz - Possibly a more interesting candidate than the current Russian T5 premium cruiser, Krasny Krym... 29 Knots 9000 tons full load 160m x 15.7m x 6.6m (L/B/D) 4 x 1 - 180mm 60cal 4 x 2 - 100mm 47cal (AA) 2 x 1 - 76mm AA 4 x 1 - 45mm AA 4 x 1 - 12.7mm AA 4 x 3 - 533mm TT Upper & Lower armoured decks 20mm each Turrets 76mm Lower armoured belt 76mm Upper armoured belt 25mm Conning Tower 76mm 2 x KOR-1 Seaplanes & 1 catapult If only we could have this in game... :) Other links... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_cruiser_Krasnyi_Kavkaz http://www.naval-encyclopedia.com/ww2/Soviet/light-cruiser-krasny-kavkaz-1916/ (translation not great) http://www.thefullwiki.org/Krasny_Kavkaz
  2. Mikhail Kutuzov

    Thanks I'll try to keep an eye out for that.
  3. Mikhail Kutuzov

    Yes I can see that the SC's etc. are still a loss but maybe one of the plus sides of that sort of compensation is that it's not all up front i.e. they wouldn't have to pay it all on the day the rebalance came out, it would spread out over the period of those players spending less. Arguably MK is one the least of these overpowered ships and so probably the easiest to "fix", at least if they tried it WG might have a model of how to achieve it for the others. As it is, out of the game, it's effectively unused inventory and therefore still a loss, personally I'd still rather have these "lost" ships back in the game than out of it. Anyway it'd be good to hear a WG p.o.v. on this, if such a thing were possible... ... ...
  4. Been looking for info on ships of the PLA Navy from the end of WW2 to the early 1950's, but so far without much luck. Just wondering if anyone here could point me at a publication or a link for that information? Many thanks in advance for any info.
  5. Mikhail Kutuzov

    Surely they could also offer something like super-containers, etc. as an alternative form of compensation? ... and would it really be a loss, yes you have all those players who've already bought the ship, but then on the other hand surely you also have a whole load of newer players buying it for the first time to offset that "loss"? Maybe it would also be better for the game, in the long run, if it was understood that premium ships were subject to the same balancing process as all other ships?
  6. Mikhail Kutuzov

    So why not just rebalance, there's always the chance that a premium ship would get buffed, alternatively either offer compensation, or just fix it and bring it back it back as one of the other class names, there are others to use of the same vintage i.e. Admiral Ushakov, Admiral Suvarov, Dmitry Pozharsky, Aleksandr Nevsky, even Ordzhonikidze if a name was wanted with a bit of history i.e. the Lionel Crabbe frogmen incident, 1956, Portsmouth Harbour?
  7. Mikhail Kutuzov

    As a newer player I'd really like to have the opportunity to buy Mikhail Kutuzov for my Russian cruiser line, but... I don't really understand why she still remains in the permanently unavailable pool? Is she ever likely to become available again?
  8. Fire Mechanics

    Many Thanks :)
  9. Hms Habakkuk(a.k.a. iceberg-carrier)

    He should have asked "...how cool would it be..." answer just around 0 degrees :)
  10. Fire Mechanics

    Thanks for the response and sorry to be a pain but that doesn't seem to be what the wiki (http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Fire) says... "These are not specific to individual ships and are dictated solely based on ship tier and the currently equipped hull (premium ships always use the Top Hull coefficient for their tier)." ...or really answer the question, for a T10 ship (other than a CV) which fire coefficient gets used, stock or top?
  11. Fire Mechanics

    In the "Fire" section of the wiki it says that each ship has a fire coefficient that is based on whether the hull is a "stock hull" or a "top hull"... At T10 there is a coefficient for "stock hull" and "top hull" despite the fact that no T10 ship currently gets a hull upgrade. So for T10 ships, or any ship which only gets one hull type, which fire coefficient is used, stock or top?
  12. DD Torpedo Re-loads

    One of the ships that did suffer from an in launcher torpedo explosion was the Polish ORP Grom, sister ship to ORP Blyskawica; she was attacked by an HE 111 during the Narvik campaign and one of the bombs struck the loaded launcher causing a torpedo warhead to explode, breaking the hull in two as a result.
  13. Seatle downgrade...

    Have the feeling that Seattle doesn't fire shells, she just fires parachute flares of different colours :)
  14. Suggestions thread

    When you buy a new Captain from the Premium Shop or the recruiter please can they just go into the reserve pool of their particular nation without adopting that pesky T1 specialisation so that they are ready to use on that first ship without yet another round of expense or delay for re-training.