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  1. 10Brucelees

    Huge DD nerf might be coming for patch 0.9.1

    I bought the Asashio black as my first and only premium in the Black Friday event as it looked like something a bit different and interesting. So yeah, thanks for the 1.8 nerf WG. I wont be making any more purchases. cheers.
  2. 10Brucelees

    CV Rework Discussion

    Wargaming, you are killing your own game. absurd
  3. 10Brucelees

    Rn CV's did i make a big mistake?

    yes. stop playing CVs.
  4. 10Brucelees

    Server down?

    gulag 4 u hamster
  5. 10Brucelees


    Jesus. LTP. That's all you have. you cant engage in discussion? Ps. I asked you what I should do to get better and as far as I can tell, you said, get close to AA ships. WHICH DOESN'T WORK.
  6. 10Brucelees


    He's a re-roll? Of course he is.
  7. 10Brucelees


    Im pleased you are having fun and also know how to screen snip. However, my point stands, CVs are a totally unbalanced class with zero counterplay. Your suggestion about staying close to AA ships is hilarious.
  8. 10Brucelees


    Id love to know your rationale for digging up someone's stats like you have done. To try and shame them perhaps?
  9. 10Brucelees


    Look, I know WG wont take this stupid type of ship out of the game. But every other class has something you can do about their various attacks. Apart from CVs. From a nation which reveres chess so much which is so beautifully balanced , I find it strange that this is being so royally fucked up.
  10. 10Brucelees


    so thats 1/4 of the classes out of the game. Good answer.
  11. 10Brucelees


    So educate me. What do I need to do to avoid the strike when a CV is lining up a rocket strike and Im in a DD? (answer, they will hit every time, unless its their first game)
  12. 10Brucelees


    1) delete CVs if not 2) some way of countering CV play. Im open to hear about what you should do right now. Please educate me. And no, not just dodge doesn't cut it.