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  1. thisismalacoda

    Kurze Frage, kurze Antwort - Der Erste Hilfe Thread

    Wenn ich Gorizia erst kaufe (im Minimalpaket), dann erspiele - gibt es dann Dublonen und wenn ja, wie viele? Danke.
  2. thisismalacoda

    Have £25 to spend in game

    Does buying, then acquiring Gorizia via directives reimburse Doubloons? If yes, how many? I found the info on the US website, but not on the UK or German one - might just be me being blind.
  3. thisismalacoda

    server interruptions, 19h

    Game keeps disconnecting and lost at least two snowflakes. The (somewhat) fun part, wows-numbers remembers those games.
  4. thisismalacoda

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    Many many more. According to their recently published numbers more than 37000 people completed the filth grind for the ugly TX camos. I'd be shocked if not at least 10 or 15% of those will grind this ship as well and many more 'buying' it outright or to a large extent. Your guess is as good as mine, but I'd wager, WGs monetization department has a reasonably good grasp of their customers' willingness to commit time and money.
  5. thisismalacoda

    CV: Always blamed for the loss of a game

    'use the Force Luke' For context: this helpful advice brought to you by someone who uses CVs more than half of his ranked matches and plays them terribly.
  6. thisismalacoda

    Finally, got a 19 point captain....

    Have you tried leaving out 'manual secondaries'? Playing Georgia with and without it, it's neat but I'm not convinced it's worth four captain points.
  7. thisismalacoda

    CV Rework Discussion

    His numbers for the video were 142K direct damage, 23K fire, 26K flooding. 61K spotting. I'm aware spotting is team dependent, but feels really low. Input?
  8. thisismalacoda

    CV Rework Discussion

    Don't know who that is and what his WR is - he's meh. Positioning is insane, he could have been blapped by Yamato and Ohio two minutes into the game. He wastes his first fighter in a position, where they possibly can't do any good. No squad shortening, he could have held open the Mino much longer and given his BBs a better chance to punish it by not yoloing his planes into it. His attack mechanics and precision are solid. Not a fan of blindly firing into smoke.
  9. thisismalacoda

    Contemplating ranked.

    So you want to replace a - in your eyes - team-play hindering incentive for the losing team with the same team-play hindering incentive for the winning team. That's a level of genius commonly only attributed to the people who balance T4 CVs. Color me impressed.
  10. thisismalacoda

    Are you happy with current Ranked System?

    Ya. That sounds coherent and therefore not representative of the playerbase.
  11. thisismalacoda

    Are you happy with current Ranked System?

    Most splendid idea. Why have those nasty battles with shooting and torpedo-ing at all - when we can turn it all into a big beauty and popularity contest. Just vote people for Rank 1 and abhore all the pixelviolence. Maybe let people sing. And dance. And declare their dedication to world peace.
  12. thisismalacoda

    Coal/Steel/Containers from update

    That's some optimistic choices. Even with my 7k+ random games (plus 2k+ coops and a few rankeds), I land in the second lowest bracket for steel and containers.
  13. thisismalacoda

    CV Rework Discussion

    And another 38 XP CV in a T9 battle. Fix the crap class or fix the crap players. You can't have one hyperinfluential class ruining the game for 11 other people. It's NOT rocket science.
  14. thisismalacoda

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Yea, your team was a tad unlucky in positioning and stuff. For me a fun game, my first in Vauquelin. Next three were Mogami in double T8 CV, Mogami in T10 CV and Mogami in T10 CV. So fun was over, no matter what spreadsheet says...
  15. thisismalacoda

    Reset line and upcoming snowflake event.

    No either way. This time no rewards will be given for ships in reset lines.