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  1. S_h_i_v_a

    USS Illinois BB-65...with 3x4 203mm??

    You forgot this larger target burns a full minute.
  2. S_h_i_v_a

    USS Illinois BB-65...with 3x4 203mm??

    DeMoines Guns? Not Alaska guns? https://tenor.com/it/view/ragnar-vikings-facepalm-oh-my-oh-no-gif-17363761
  3. S_h_i_v_a

    Renown '44 - Review

    So... instead of fixing Siegfried's secondaries, we get a new secondary cruiser? I got Napoli, don't need another.
  4. S_h_i_v_a

    Hamburg Dockyard: Admiral Schröder

    Instead of fixing Siegfried's secondaries we get a new one.
  5. S_h_i_v_a

    Z-42 nerfed beyond stupidity

    Never planned to get it
  6. WG is inventing a Pan-American cruiser line, so they could invent an Austro-Hungaria too. But i suppose it's a "numbers" thing. How many players in South America, and how many in Austria?
  7. S_h_i_v_a


    I never hurry with dobloons for incoming coal ships.
  8. S_h_i_v_a

    General Submarines related discussions

    The real WW2 Torps
  9. S_h_i_v_a

    Subs are rapidly spoiling the game!

    The real WW2 torps
  10. S_h_i_v_a

    Submarine "counterplay"

    The Real WW2 torps
  11. S_h_i_v_a

    What ship to buy

    Note that during the Snowflake event you could get 2 / 3000 more steel. So: steel -25% coupon Bourgogne 30000 22500 Stalingrad 28000 21000 Ragnar 27000 20250
  12. S_h_i_v_a

    Most Anticipated Ship

    Considering the introduction of Hybrid ships: Tier XV Battlestar Galactica, equipped with both Viper-Fighters and Raptors-Torpedo Bombers and consumables like A/A fire, Nuclear Missiles and FTL jump.
  13. S_h_i_v_a

    Bots mit 7. Sinn?

    Ich denke die Bots haben alle den Radio Location Skill. Die wissen immer wo mein Zerstoerer ist, sogar Flieger drehen direkt aufs Ziel.
  14. S_h_i_v_a

    Update 0.11.10: Japanese Light Cruisers

    Subs, more Subs, Battlepass.....
  15. S_h_i_v_a

    Subs has made game play BORING!

    Players are hiding because there is no longer a safe spot. In front of you BBs and cruisers, on your flank DDs, from above CVs, from behind Subs. Or like Cersei Lannister once said: