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  1. Is there a time limit on claiming your rewards earned on PTS? Specific case, you got a Tier 6 container, but want to make sure it's not the Graf Spee, which you aim to get from the Dockyard event. Is it possible to claim your container only after you got the Graf Spee (presumably in early 0.9.6)?
  2. VirtusIncognita

    Clan battles season 9

    1)1. Plane spotting is the biggest issue, it manifests in different ways though. It begins with early scouting of the opponents deployment (within the first minute). Any strategies that are intentional unconvential and aim to surprise and/or create an "shock and awe" effect will be countered by knowing the opponents deployment. This is one contributing factor to why CBs felt stale, repetetive and boring this time around. Spotting is fairly risk-free for the carrier; the majority of ships is spotted outside of ther air detection range. Coupled with early spotting this mean that ships with good long range engagement properties benefitted the most. The most prominent example is the Stalingrad. Furthermore, rocket planes coupled with spotting still pose existential threats to DDs, hence bringing a DD into a CB meant lowering your DPM from the get-go, while also having a high risk of loosing that ship. Why would anyone pick high risk - low reward? This overall led to the second factor to why Clan Battles felt so uninteresting: a very stale meta around Stalingrad and its most effective counter at the moment: the Venecia. Spotted ships are under constant threat of being attacked, and thus their safe movement options are limited. Being therefore predictable and locked in place makes attack runs with any planes an easy feat or results in exposing oneself more to enemy guns - it's just the choice between two evils. Additionally limited movement options also mean increased hit rate for the opponent's ship, even when you are just under threat and not (yet) directly exposed to an airial attack. 2. The hangar capacity on CVs is balanced around Random Battles with a total of 12 ships. The loss of planes is unproportional to the relative overall damage they inflict. Therefore, I propose in regard of 1. to completely remove plane spotting on fighters and relegate spotting on attack aircraft to minimap spotting only, until they move close to the AA ranges of most ships and thus expose themselves to a limited risk at least. Such a distance could be fixed at 6.5km around a ship for example. When planes get that close the ships will also be rendered on the 3D-level of the game. Secondly, I propose reduced hangar capacities, or an increase in plane restoration time or a mix of both. 2) Selectable spawn positions would be nice. This increases strategical options and thus variety. 3) A spectator mode for Fleet Commanders would also be nice.
  3. VirtusIncognita

    PT 0.9.4 - Submarines

    After finishing both sub battle directives yesterday and having had a night to sleep it over this is how I feel about them: First and foremost, they are in a pretty good place already. They offer a fresh new approach to the game without being horrendously unbalanced in comparison to other classes - mostly fun to play as and to play against. This does of course not mean subs in their current iteration are without some flaws concerning theri overall balancing, but they are relatively minor to what I was capable of imagining. The most serious of issues is the abuse of the arbitrary 6m depth line to get the best of all worlds as others here have already stated. Being close to the 6m line allows a sub captain to get the best of both worlds: good spotting, no energy shortages and immunity to depth charges close to the surface, but easy damage reduction with one tip of the dive flaps from incoming shells. The border between the two states is hard, but the transition between the two is fast and easy which makes for a perfect exploit. My suggestions for a fix: a) increase the damage zone of HE shells (>139mm up to 6m, 140-155mm CL caliber up to 7 m, 203 mm up to 8.5m, 305mm up to 10m, 356-460 mm 10.5-13.5m). Maybe there is a chance to use the "damaged modules" explosion box? The added benfit is that BBS won't feel quite so helpless b) allow for emergency diving, but when going back to periscope depth it takes time to reset communciations with your team --> no shared visibilty, no updated minimap for 20s and batteries don't recharge in that time. The downtime can be circumvented by fully surfacing (with all the downsides that brings). c) damage over time gets worse the deeper you go (so more damage per tick). Flooding would be more serious with increased outside pressure realistically, and similar thinsg apply for thermal stress on the hull structure due to fires. This means diving away after getting hit is more punishing, thus promoting foresighted behaviour. An other thing to mention is that DDs qill have to get used to getting outspotted by the (in theory) even squisher Subs. The difference between the two is that ths sub can just dive to ignore most damage while the DDs options to disengage are fleeing and/or smoking up. The option to charge a sub that has itself mispositioned (alone or too far ahead) is nonetheless very suicidal for a CL or DD at the moment. You might get the sub (with your depth charges most likely) but the damage you tak ewhile being proximity spotted will mean you either die or are crippled for the rest of the match - so it's a somewhat favourable trade for the sub even though it clearly made a miistake as long as there are some friendly surface vessels left. Not being able to punish mistakes promotes bad gameplay and I'm sure we don't want that. My suggestion: remove proximity spotting for subs once they are below 20m. To reiterate about my feelings risk to reward in terms of damage when inside a sub feels good and rewarding. Sub on sub dogfights are amazing in the 3D plane - torp beats on a new level. On a parting note, I want to give the devs an idea to think about: the speed at which a sub moves could influence it's rate of updates in the ASW interface; fast movement is louder so easier to track --> more updates, with the benefit of maybe escaping in time while slowing down reduces updates on the location in order to make it harder to drop depth charges with pinpoint accuracy.
  4. VirtusIncognita

    PTS 0.8.11 - Bug reports

    Missing the 1st Autumn Season mission after I've done Part 3 and then 2 on this PTS. Didn't the announcement in https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/public-test-autumn-season/ clearly state: "Thus, you'll be able to join the last Public Test of a season and complete all the missions of that season in one sitting. However, it will require quite a bit of time to do so!" So it should come up, shouldn't it? EDIT: It's fixed. Apparently entering an other battle is all it took.