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    Looking For a Clan

    Hey there, I hope you're doing well. we are a newly founded clan, whose focus is mainly set for clan battles, but also play casually. At the moment, we are trying to recruit as many players as possible before the new clan battle season starts, as we'd like to achieve consistent activity for it. We are active in comms and have set focus on being competitive when it matters. As we are new, we don't have quite many bonuses, but once we have a sufficient amount of people, we'll get those in no time! To join us, simply enter our Discord here: https://discord.gg/e7Dsbzd
  2. I_am_Ricochets

    Returning player looking for clan

    Hey mate, we are a new founded clan. We are currently setting up for the next cb season and need all the hands we can get to achieve this. To join us, simply enter our Discord here https://discord.gg/e7Dsbzd
  3. I_am_Ricochets

    Drop rates are RIGGED -

    Is that about me? :p