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  1. Xinyon

    General Submarines related discussions

    Tbh i positively disappointed in subs. They are fun/tactial to play (at least for me) and there are multiple tactics you can use against them. Not like these disgusting carriers that just makes me want to quit the game instantly how sh2t and unbalanced they are EDIT: also on ranked the possibilities the test really feels limited, random battle would be a better place for it.
  2. Xinyon

    General Submarines related discussions

    Probably there are ppl who just dont want to play them, also there is a limit in a game for them so they would just sit in que. Just went 2 ranked in a row and didnt see a single sub
  3. Xinyon

    General Submarines related discussions

    Why submarines only available with rng and for a rent period instead of able to buy it? It makes no sense. It's available for test but we can't test it because accessibility is full rng. Co-op barely matters because u can only test it seriously on ranked, and you need to luck out that specific tier from rng.
  4. Xinyon

    tier 10 matches are so unrewarding

    i almost finished this one, i think i only miss one or two, should be done with it soon
  5. Xinyon

    tier 10 matches are so unrewarding

    Little update to my crytopic to make me feel better I think i played this match pretty decently yet when i see that i still earned negative credit it literally kills my mood to play this. Recently bought Yoshino and i dont even need to try, i literally play like crap, do like 30-40k dmg and earn 60-100k credit because the [edited]camo. much balance
  6. Xinyon

    tier 10 matches are so unrewarding

    im a f2p player but thanks for the advice, im gonna try a different playstyle then, thought i was supposed to farm bb-s with fire
  7. So recently i had this game. I think i did pretty okay but if i wouldn't have premium i would have ended up with -25.000 credit which is nonsense. Do you guys find it fair how the game rewards tier 10 play? i think wargaming should balance it so if you play good at least u end up in positive. You would still get negative anyway cuz there are situations where u just get oneshotted by autistic carriers anyway or other stuff
  8. Dear Admin team, Can you like do something about this *edited* thing which called carriers in the game ? I had a half year time skip and when i came back carriers are overpowered garbages, my ship's anti air feels like its just decoration, enemy carrier's torp bombers torp my ship 3 times in a row from 3 different direction while my "anti air" is shooting them. they get immunity and all the other [edited]. It was way better when carriers had a fixed amount of planes and they had to play carefully with them, now its so annoying and bad to play against hope there will be some rework regarding this Edited: Removed inappropriate language. Arty_McFly