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  1. CaptainOkita

    ST - Submarines

    Enjoy being made irrelavant dd unicums.
  2. CaptainOkita

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    Only fair thing to do.
  3. CaptainOkita

    CV Rework Discussion

    Oh no 19k. How will you recover.
  4. CaptainOkita

    CV Rework Discussion

    Look it up in his own post history. He's playing because he hates everything here. That boy aint good for ya fam.
  5. CaptainOkita

    0.8.5 CV in depth feedback

    Move on to greener pastures mate. I just pop by to see the train wreck unfold.
  6. CaptainOkita

    Graf Zeppelin Dive Bombers needs to be changed.

    They are containment threads. Its not like WG even cares about feedback.
  7. CaptainOkita

    CV Rework Discussion

    To be fair i think @El2aZeR's red blood cells would stop carrying oxygen if he stopped hating everything for a single nanosecond. You can do it. Just gonna take effort and time.
  8. CaptainOkita

    new CVs?

    Just don't. You'll burn out on this game super fast. 1. Developers nerf or outright ignore the class. (only instance of it being tilted to CV's being OP was surprise when they were pushing to sell premiums hard). This is right in the middle of the nerf beating. 2. The community has a hateboner for CV players. You are literal hitler for playing. 3. You pay twice the xp and creds to get further down the line for what exactly? more of the same gameplay only the annoyances are dialed up. 4. Action CV's are basically damage farmers by nature and will never be balanced because the dynamics are so flat it's either the CV is OP or the ship AA is OP. If you want aviation try another game.
  9. CaptainOkita

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.7

    How about just refunds for poor saps with premium CV's and free xp/credit refund on the whole thing. It's pretty bipolar considering they're defending the new CV gameplay like the sky would collapse if they admit they made a mistake yet they are actively trying to push this beloved abortion of a child under a blanket so hard that we will forget it exists. (Don't have premium CV's myself - i saw the writing on the wall but got suckered into the tech tree ones. at least i didn't sink real money into those - not to mention the non-container prices are beyond insane.)
  10. CaptainOkita

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    The big downside atm is the maps still cater to PT boats even on a a cruiser/DD tier match. They just need open water no cap death matches and it's gucchi. The amount of dakka you see from DD's/Cruisers is pretty nice. There's a grind event for yuudachi atm (i really don't have time sadly) but it's looking to be quite a nice addition to the fubuki and company.
  11. CaptainOkita

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    This is not a tactical naval sim by any stretch. Case in point: 1. DD torp reload 2. Armor/citadels 3. Time acceleration Combine these 3 and you can add subs with the usual concessions to reality that already are part of the game. Without new gameplay this game will stagnate with unicums playing against themselves and bots.
  12. CaptainOkita

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    As bad as it is by forcing PT boats at least its not perpetually stuck in a fantasy of magical dispersion force fields and rail guns. Not to mention ricochets and bowtanking. Bombs work as intended and no small boat is immune to them. Two fritz x (guided 1400lb bomb) sank the roma for example in real life. AA accuracy is up to your crew levels or your own aim but most DD's have enough dakka to blow away most planes safetly. I could go on for a two page post but the gist of it is WoWS is just so deep into the rpg esque dmg and hp systems everything they add to the game is just linear improvements of tech tree ships. Because the naval doctrines change it ends up making most of these ships fantasy to boot. The glorious soviet navy in this game is an insult to naval prowess the soviets had in submarine warfare and missile boats. As much as i loathe to give gaijin any credit at least they are trying to expand their gameplay instead of dumbing it down. I understand that this game's engine is not suitable to make a sim but even on an arcade standpoint we can have more things to do. I can bring warframe as an example which is adding ship combat apparently.
  13. CaptainOkita

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    War thunder naval is better unironically. All gun control + no hp. Not to mention actual naval tactics like crossing the T work. Although the grind is hideous and you start from PT boats.
  14. CaptainOkita

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    Slava soon comrade.
  15. CaptainOkita

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    Thats what WG thinks. Next patch will add man AA/def AA for all.