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  1. CaptainOkita

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    Even more so when AA scales three times per tier compared to main batteries. It makes double uptiers which are pretty mych forced by only having even tiers have you facing AA stronger by factor of nine. That WG cant balance this much is reaching stupidity yet to be seen by mankind.
  2. CaptainOkita

    CV Rework Discussion

    Inb4 "muh arcade game". This isn't star trek online so why are cloaking ships a thing? Remove the [edited]auto spot but make them render at draw distance. As it stands simply go fast enough and the cv will either waste all his planes and time keeping you spotted or give up as attack adjustments have to be made in guessing where the dd will decloak. The new french dd's will prove speed is key in this system. (Smoking up would help against rockets and DB's if most dd's didn't go ham on smoke firing as then you can guess the silhouette of said cloaking romulan warbird)
  3. CaptainOkita

    PSA: Invisible flak

    Ad hominem fallacy in community debates is part and parcel of f2p games. Devs or reps using it however is probably the fastest way to get fired from a customer service job in any sane company. That WG endorses lying boggles the mind.
  4. CaptainOkita

    CV Rework Discussion

    Cute pic. We may as well make this a moe thread as WG isn't reading anyway.
  5. CaptainOkita

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    They will never admit being wrong. Call it rework 2.0? Yes.
  6. CaptainOkita

    CV Rework Discussion

    Sorry to repeat myself but its too damn ironic not to mention wows mobile has rts. Just no strafes. Does WG think pc players have less an attention span than mobile?
  7. CaptainOkita

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    You crash if you accidentally look up during flight. How is that required?
  8. CaptainOkita

    CV Rework Discussion

    Yeah i know. I do ok in current patch it just feels boring af to be 10 mins in idle mode. I play these games in short sessions.. I dont have time but i do appreciate well planned slow gameplay like arma ambush/sniper play or eve fleet action but alas life. RTS cv gave me something in between.
  9. CaptainOkita

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    How is that bad? Thats awesome. Asymmetrical pvp has existed before wows and it be loads of fun. Nautral selection 1 comes to mind where aliens evolve builders and humans had rts commander. Humans are fugged with a bad commander but still you can tweak an asymmterical system without throwing it out the window. If cv's by WG's vision are to be played as sky dd's then yes delete cv's.
  10. CaptainOkita

    CV Rework Discussion

    Except its just gaming the AA system as some kind of DDR game. RTS at least required tactical thinking and let cv's actually support teammates.
  11. CaptainOkita

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    Why bother indeed when you can go into a prolonged autistic rage fit of whining to get your counter class nerfed. Now it's dd's "wielding too much influence".
  12. CaptainOkita

    You make CV's more Rediculous?

    Just wait for sunleader's great walls of text. I mean i can at least get cv haters who dont write a [edited]thesis of fallacies. One paragraph is enough
  13. CaptainOkita

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    This is why i avoided getting any of the premium cv's. WG going with global nerfs is what i suspected (so no refunds). Watch them nerf other classes now that this works. I expect the dd to dominate with french release then get global nerfs. The cycle continues.
  14. CaptainOkita

    CV Rework Discussion

    Hey this is 2019 gramps. People enjoy that.