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  1. bakmaita


    Happy to know you got rid of that headache then, habibi.
  2. bakmaita


    It is because you are using the same client which it already started updating. *forget about any previous patches you installed to this point, just uninstall them *disable internet connection *install old patch *import old wows version in WGC *drag your replay file to the old patch .exe file
  3. bakmaita


    Disable internet connection, then import your freshly installed old WoWs version (not the one it started updating already, it wont work.) It will let you launch the replay without asking to update. Of course, if you dont close WGC from tray menu and disable it launching with the windows, it will nyerk the installation up the moment it gets access to internet. If someone else needs, you can also find magnet links to lot of old patches starting from ~0.4.0 here https://zooqle.com/search?q=World of Warships&s=dt&v=t&sd=d Some of them are in pretty bad shape by now I guess though
  4. bakmaita

    black friday

    This puzzles me..looking at shop, I bought regular Massa with discount coupon for pretty much same price they are offering now? How is this Black Friday? :D This is just dumb..
  5. bakmaita

    Arsonist - tips on how to accomplish?

    Just ignore missions, dailies, stats and premium shop. Once you start caring about those, most of the magic is gone.
  6. bakmaita

    Will Somers render the Shimakaze redundant?

    Hey, I don' t like them, that's the least I can do. ^_^ Also I played the game since 2018, and was quiet about all the changes and new implementations for the whole time, everyone can have their raging nerd breaking point, right? Be gentle. Thanks!
  7. bakmaita

    Will Somers render the Shimakaze redundant?

    Don't see anything wrong with it in this case. Point on quote to show how the game devs exceed player expectations of doing bad decisions for the gameplay. But no, wE mUsT mAkE CVs mOaR pOpUlAr!
  8. bakmaita

    Nagato Or Yorck?

    Yorck is better, Nagato is powercreeped badly. Yorck is one of smallest cruisers in game with good maneuverability and decent survibality for it's tier even if the firepower is meh. Then again you might want to look at the whole tech lines, at next tier Amagi is better than Hipper imo, great torp protection, 10x410 accurate guns and good speed.
  9. bakmaita

    Delays when firing guns - DC's

    Well they did increase purchase doubloon limit to 1 mil, clearly they are trying their best to improve the game
  10. I know some users been reporting the same on forums, been asking around before matches, a lot of people say they don't get this problem, good bunch say they do. Is it routing issues? Something to do with last patches? I get those like 2/5 matches, game has became pretty much unplayable for me.
  11. bakmaita

    Return RTS CVs

    That's true to some extent, but from my experience I'd say the gap between good and bad CV didn't decrease enough to justify complete removal of CV vs CV interaction or any kind of multitasking...On top of that you could compare the pre REE CV to wasp stinging you hard but once vs the annoying mosquito now buzzing around endlessly screwing with you for a good minute while having your hands tied behind your back no matter what ship you're in. Hey, but you can try to twist around viciously to "just dodge" and mosquitoes are fun..right? Inbefore this thread gets merged to wall of shame aka CV discussion thread.
  12. bakmaita

    Should i start playing Randoms?

    You can try playing Orion at tier IV, it's one of few tier IV ships with somewhat decent AA and given people playing CV's at tier IV arent usually that great avoiding flak, it helps. Also there is a good chance CV will leave you for most of match alone just due to fact there will be a lot of more helpless targets around. Also it's a BB, so the easiest class to start with, with both good HE and decent AP shells, so whatever you will end up hurling at enemies will benefit your team. Try to find the balance between pushing and staying back, watch the minimap, try to pay attention where enemy DD's are, find a good position close to caps while having one of your flanks covered by landmass/friendlies. It's a lot of fun to play vs humans, good luck and hope you gonna have fun. CV's can give very bad impression about game at tier IV, but there are less of them at mid tiers. Or try tier II, no CV's there :)
  13. bakmaita


    He has decent WR at low tiers, Yama WR is 28%..that's why you don't jump tiers like that. He also should still have protected MM at low tiers and generally has such a low amount of battles that unless it's a reroll, he certainly has absolutely no idea what he is doing.
  14. bakmaita

    Desynch Problem

  15. bakmaita

    Anyone seen this before?

    Then again, you never know, maybe it's an undocumented new feature, not a bug? Then you will get some response like this next patch: "Greetings, commanders! As many of you have noticed, for added realism we have made your guns to get jammed for indefinite time. This game mechanics was added on top of dispersion and the desync feature, which every now and then makes your shots fall short, to further reduce the skill gap between players and give you that extra thrill of uncertainty when going in battle. However, for just 49,999 doubloons we have added this limited time offer of the special Soviet Lube Gun package, which comes with 3 charges and extra 15 FREE type 5 camos! This special consumable fits in Defensive AA slot, which we have already made worthless anyway, making it an excellent alternative choice for competitive captains! Fair winds and following seas, commanders!" This game...