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  1. Johnbuoy

    F3, F5, F9

  2. Johnbuoy

    F3, F5, F9

    Sorry to be thick, but will someone give me instructions on using F3: how to specify the target, for square, ship or cap? I know for F11 and F12 you just aim at the recipient, but how for F3, and also F5 &F9?
  3. I read it as all: triggering each one as you reach the target for it
  4. Clicked participate, got congratulations you are participating , seemed to get signal flag (not sure if I already had one), got 51 stars today: nothing. If I go back to article, button again says Participate.
  5. Thanks again: I'll give it a try on Barracuda
  6. Hmm., if they're going to pay their way I'll wake the gunners up again then
  7. Thanks, I thought as much but I prefer to keep quiet anyroadup. Secondaries banging away get on my nerves a bit
  8. BTW I disable the guns in the hope it will keep me undetected a little longer
  9. I really like, and am having lots of fun playing the subs and very much look forward to historically based ones coming into the main game (will it happen?) Yes the op is easy once you've learned it but we get the difficult version soon
  10. Oh I see, thankyou, that clears that up
  11. I was wrong, that's not the flag I meant, it is the sub-collection second flags I mean
  12. Yogibjoern that is the flag, but it ain't showing in my flags
  13. I've completed the sub-collections for second flags for US destroyers and cruisers. The rewards are marked as issued, in Exterior it says I have a flag to mount, but no flag shown. I'm clearly missing something, can anyone help?
  14. Johnbuoy

    PapaPapa not working

    I thought I was being polite, and got some useful replies in response, then I get bullied: it's no wonder people are reluctant to post queries.