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  1. Submarines ingame?

    One must be good in order to judge others bad! Anyway now that we have the porksword waiving contest out of the way. Lets get back on topic and discuss my fee for bringing this great topic to the attention of the people.
  2. Submarines ingame?

    Seems we have more in common than our love of SPQR, as you deffo aint Jonny BBgood ;)
  3. Submarines ingame?

    You alone cannot decide your own WR since you cannot control a game
  4. Submarines ingame?

    im bb good
  5. Submarines ingame?

    Yes I do because campy little cruisers will think twice before sitting idle behind some island. These beasts of war will flush those idiots out. I am happy the dev team have made some progress in actually pushing this concept through, maybe 0.8.0 public test might have something in store for us. :)
  6. Submarines ingame?

    Another Leak for you from the SEA Dev Blog:
  7. Submarines ingame?

    We could use the periscopes as a way of identifying the subs on the map. RED = DEAD. Simple really, I know you are tired of hearing about subs but just get with it dude, its warfare they existed and should be in the game. Imagine Midways actually having a viable nemesis for once, the I-400!!!
  8. Submarines ingame?

    We don't want your moldy potato, do us all a favor and go burn yourself in some hot oil instead of dumping on my thread:
  9. Submarines ingame?

    Why not? Your obsession with david beckham is also disturbing
  10. Submarines ingame?

    But would be the subs Achilles heel, as they would have to come up to periscope depth in order to find targets. BBs can shoot them when they see the periscope sticking out the water. Shoot in the water and pop the sub. Technically it could be done.
  11. Submarines ingame?

    What do you guys think about WG adding shallow subs to the game? Could bring a new dimension to WOWS, I feel like this game is missing the sub element. They were warships after all. OP Updated - Dev Work completed so far, source SEA Dev Blog:
  12. School Kids

    If kids were banned from this game, your clan (School Boat Service) would not have any members xD
  13. Premium shells in WOWS

  14. Premium shells in WOWS

    I'm not bro, but I cant post the source I'm afraid