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  1. 6gb patch?

    Check the release notes dude, premium shells are here
  2. 6gb patch?

    Its the premium shells patch, premium ap & he are now available to buy.
  3. Premium shells in WOWS

    I agree with this idea, so long as the premium shells are free or obtainable in containers. NO P2W. Imagine Uranium tipped shells, your enemy would just melt into the sea. I would love to melt half the people in this thread. KEWL.
  4. No it cannot since the question has not been answered by WG-EU. Your opinion that it is trolling is just that, its an opinion. Please go back to your threads and talk about MyLittlePony or whatever it is you people do if you have nothing meaningful to add here. Now the point still remains, I would like to know why this game is so monetized and why even for those who do put some money into the game they get nothing back really. World of Warships as an overall experience is just meh. So come on lets hear it?
  5. Dont answer mate, this dont concern you! You and your ugly insides are not wanted here
  6. I mean the amount of money spent by people in this game versus what you give back as rewards is pathetic. You should do more in terms of giving back to people who really put into the game. The level of monetization is beyond a joke, daily container contents are pathetic with hardly any flags or items of use received. Bonus codes are a rare sight, pushing people to spend lots of money on ingame items makes me sick and I have had enough of it. The final straw for me is the fact that for e.g. the Friedrich de Grobe Battleship has no default skin but a premium one is 4,000 Doubloons. No way am I gonna spend that on a fkin camo. So yeh you can stick your premium shop, your doubloons and your pay to win approach right up your AR$E. I as I am not spending another penny on your pathetic game until you start giving away more rewards to people who play this game.
  7. Tier 7 premium DD's: which is the best?

    Buy all of them and snarl at people who ask this question :P
  8. [][EN] 'Gun calibers in inches'

    good mod
  9. Free Bonus Container

    Hmmmm cant please everyone but it works for some :P. Stay tuned for promo codes - much reward very shineys. :)
  10. Free Bonus Container

    same thing im linking you to your rewards
  11. Free Bonus Container

    Go here and clicky click: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/userbonus/# Post your love below and more promo codes/bonuses will follow when I find them :P
  12. Now I hate her sauce :P
  13. Is it you in the picture?
  14. I like your sauce :P
  15. Whats the point in collections??

    Just make all containers filled with useful ingame addons and fine im happy. I dont care for pictures of cars or stupid medals or a gun. WG can stick those up there butt and also stick the 10% coupon you sent me up the same orifice!! Hmppppph