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  1. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    WG, STOP!

    Hey @MrConway @Crysantos since yall are not delivering on what we want (Rework, Premiums, Nerfs etc), I decided to post you a picture of what you want: Coz I sure as hell aint spending any real money, so this is the best I can do for now....
  2. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Alaska for cash!?

    Trust me its ready, they are just making you wait a bit more so you buy their pixel ship for cash and of course the only package they will offer will be for the admirals bundle . Its very easy to tweak AA values on a ship, much easier than balancing a whole CV rework.
  3. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Alaska for cash!?

    I think with all the hype and long delays over the release of this ship. Given how the Jean Bart was released for cash, coal and now that its back on sale again tell me they are gonna do the same thing with the Alaska. Its a ship everyone wants and its ready to be released, they are gonna offer it for cash? I bet you any money! The delays are merely to build anticipation...
  4. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Don't want this game to die WG...

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ What does this have to do with anything?? No AA does not require skill and neither does shooting down planes so said player must be confused as to the cause of his lack of performance against them. Maybe hes using the wrong ship. But since you decided to post "part" of my stats which dont really say anything, let me turn your attention to the progress I have actually made, 2% jump in WR in 2 Months. Thats 1% per month: Man your face will be a picture when you check my stats in June ;)
  5. I dont really mind these tweks to the UI you are making, but we all really want to know is. Wheres the god dang ships hal? Alaska, Nebraska, Azuma, Puma, Yoshino and Wario: When you releasing em?
  6. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    ST, CVs, Georgia, Monarch, Conqueror

    some like it bigger!? They say size is not everything but in WGs case its clearly suffering from little man syndrome. Russia and the USA just have to match Japan in gun caliber, no nation can have bigger guns than WG home country. I wouldnt be surprised if the researchers at WG soon discover long lost blueprints for a Russian Naval 500mm Gun in the Red Archives.
  7. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Never seen this US BB before?

    Comes with higher damage per shell than Yamato and Kreml: https://medium.com/@devblogwows/st-cvs-georgia-monarch-conqueror-edec87929837?fbclid=IwAR3lfalMObvP7BRjdcv7aQTvspZ8d3Pku_-jsjdyzinF8XM9G06XUPemo2A What do you think of this and the other changes mentioned? Your thread is opened 15 mins after the other one with the same topic of discussion, Hence they were merged together... Have a good day!
  8. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Russian BB 3D Models released

    China are now the richest country on the planet! They have the same economy as america but not the military spending :P
  9. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Russian BB 3D Models released

    We dont have subs in the game yet, so lets leave that chat for another time eyy. Hopefully never as I think they dont belong in game. So yeh Russian BBs, what do you think of them?
  10. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Tier VIII CV in tier X game

    We call this a Tier 10 Oreo and you are the filling, creamy and soft.... In such situations try not to melt to fast
  11. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Yoshino info

    I like the look of the alaska better than this ship :(
  12. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Russian BB 3D Models released

    It will be meh, not worth a secondary build :(. The only ship I am interested in from this collection is the Sovetsky Soyuz due to it actually being built but never finished. I am not interested in the others as they are paper ships and all have the same 406mm guns. One thing that is annoying though is the decision to change the plate armour to 40mm from 32mm, the Sovetsky Soyuz never had 40mm armour but 28mm all over. Meh these reds somehow get the best upgrades for a ship class that never really existed except for 1 laid down hull.
  13. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Russian BB 3D Models released

  14. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Great White Fleet Event - Missions and Bonuses

    Hi, Are there anymore plans for other Steel Events like those at Xmas??
  15. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Upcoming Ships - How to get them!

    There is only one way to work out when the Alaska, Azuma and other ships in testing will be released. I just figured it out @MrConway. Y'all at WG are clever but not that clever xD hahahahaha. My suspicions were also confirmed when confronting a tester who was using the Azuma, and refused to answer any of my questions. Even one that was not obvious, because answering it would have given the date away. At least now I know what to look out for :PPPPP btw the Azuma is a very squishy ship at tier 9 defo not worth the 1mill freexp asking price, I think I will save my freexp for the alaska and coal for the yoshy