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  1. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    P2W is in the game now (superships and CBs)

    ARP Yamato would like a word
  2. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Are higher tier ships always this expencive to purchase?

    Join a clan and you may get some discounts on the tech tree.
  3. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Lighthouse Auction - Musashi this weekend

    You are like 50k short of what she will fetch
  4. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    I have a winning bid for Musashi.......

  5. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Me want Musashi '44, TX, Freemium

    no, t9 or go home
  6. ___V_E_N_O_M___


  7. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Are you f*cking kidding me ?

    Getting probed in the butt by a sub periscope is gonna really hurt. Never do missionary position with a sub....
  8. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Ranked is great for the winrate

    You have a tiny head
  9. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Interesting new video on USS Salem

    Salem played the Graf Spee in the Movie Battle of the River Plate
  10. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Ranked is great for the winrate

    Exactly I play ranked to avoid my WR being affected by idiots I play with in Randoms. I can play as much as I like and nothing changes!!
  11. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Ranked is great for the winrate

    You can play as much as you want and your WR is unaffected by potato players