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  1. This is why it was a cakewalk to do daily missions last month, with the submarine missions. You could win those even if half the team was a potato.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I'll try some tier 5-6 cruisers without LS, and will concentrate on getting CE as soon as possible, if not at level 10 than at least on level 11. The exponentially increasing exp required seems to take off really harsh after tier 11. Maybe if I ever reach level 19 and still have 2 points and nothing better to spend them on, maybe then I'll reconsider LS for those rare occasions where they would save my life. (I would guess LS is still important for DDs, especially if I focus on torpedoes, correct me if I'm wrong)
  3. I rarely use HE with Geman cruisers, but as there are not better options, I'll consider DE. for the Japanese cruisers I would think they are useless, they have such a high fire chance anyway. So vigilance it is. For the ones I intend to keep, I mean. for the others, I'll probably take Superintendent, if I plan the captain to be used later on with a tier 9/10 ship.
  4. Thank you for all the replies, I think I learned a lot from them. For cruisers, I'll switch damage control to steering gears, I'll remove LS from my cruisers and will replace it with PM (not instantly, I'll see how often my mobility will get disabled) so I get one extra commander point, and will try to get CE on either level 10 (without PM) or at level 11 (with PM) What I'm still unsure, is what to chose for level 3 on my Königsberg/Nürnberg, Furutaka, and Omaha. For other cruisers (which I don't intend to keep) I will take Superintendent, so I can use it when I switch the commander to a high-tier cruiser. As for the Gneisenau, I'm planning some kind of a mixed build, with some focus on secondaries, but not fully committed to only secondaries. Still unsure to spend my extra points on AR, or grind more to get CE.
  5. Another big dilemma for me (with cruisers) is Inertial Fuse versus Concealment Expert. Especially for HE cruisers, like the Japanese. As I don't play WoWs as a full-time job, and as I like to play several ships instead of focusing on just one of them, I guess it will take me ages to reach a lvl 19 captain. So I think I can only afford one level 4 skill.
  6. Thank you for the hint. I will keep a few tier 5-6 cruisers as I like them a lot, and I will keep PT for them because it works for me. With tier 5-6 German Cruisers I play very aggressively, get into brawls and I'm successful in them. So PT is essential for me to plan my turns. But I keep your advice in mind and will consider not taking PT (and take PM instead) when I'll have higher tier cruisers.
  7. Sorry for my mistake. I wanted to write AR. I corrected it now in my question. I feel LS increased my survivability a lot. With a disabled rudder and without LS I get citadeled. With LS I can still turn and avoid getting citadeled. But thanks for the advice, I will take a tier 5 cruiser, remove LS and chose PM instead, then I will play a while with her to see how often I got my engines or rudder disabled. Please note that most of my cruiser experience comes form tier 5. I didn't play any high tier cruisers yet. Is it common in high tier cruiser battles to get your rudder or engine disabled??
  8. I feel naked without PT, which I know from the games I played while my captain was still retraining and my PT was disabled. How do I know when I can turn around? With PT I can see that 3 enemies are targeting me so I keep bow on, when it drops to 1 or 0 I know I can turn around, because by the time they target me again I'm no longer showing broadside. Without this info, if I turn at the wrong time, I get citadeled almost instantly. Still, thanks for the info.. I guess if PM can often save me from getting my engines and rudder disabled, it might be worth getting instead of LS. PT+PM are just 2 points, while PT+LS are 3 points... And what do you mean by "eng mod"? Slot 2 Propulsion modification? I always took Damage control for slot 2, as recommended by the wiki. But it makes sense now in hindsight, in cruisers I've very rarely been defeated only because of getting lit on fire...
  9. After my captains in several of my ships reached higher levels, I have a dilemma. After selecting the skills I found absolutely essential (by reading the wiki, the forums, and from my experience), I usually have around 3 points left for many of my captains. Should I grind for a level 4 skill? Should I buy a level 3 skill? Or should I buy a level 1 + a level 2 skill? The latter seems to be more effective right now, but might limit me in the future. Note: I mostly like aggressive approaches in faster ships. However, lately I've been mostly playing co-op to learn the handing of my ships better and to earn a few captain points without being a burden on my team with an under-leveled commander. I usually play co-op until all modules have been researched, as I don't want to hinder my team with a ship which is not fully developed. Winrate is more important for me than "personal rating", if I can sacrifice earning exp and money but ensure winning the battle (like baiting lots of enemy ships away from the battle and getting killed by them while the rest of my team caps everything), I'm happy with it. Examples: 1. Königsberg. One of my favorite ships. I have Priority Target, Expert Marksman, Last Stand, and 3 spare points to spend (yes, I managed a pretty nice winrate with so few captain skills). With most cruisers I feel I absolutely need both EM (to not out-turn my guns) and LS (because I ate too many citadel hits and torpedoes whenever my engine and/or rudder was damaged, and my survival rate increased significantly after getting LS). Now the dilemma: none of the tier 3 skills seem appealing enough, and I feel with preventive maintenance + adrenaline rush I could instantly become significantly more deadly. The disadvantage is having to grind to captain level 15 to get my first tier 4 skill. As a more or less casual player it would take me forever. 2. Nürnberg: Having loved the Königsberg I feel very attracted to the Nürnberg as well. I will keep it. Mostly played it in co-op and I like it enough to be planning to play it more on random. Same problems as with other cruisers: - I feel both EM and LS are very important to me, so I won't have any level 4 skill when I reach commander level 10. - I don't see any level 3 skills attractive enough, but by not taking it now I would delay my Concealment Expert until commander level 15. 3. Furutaka. Commander level 9, same dilemmas as with the Königsberg. Was my first ever Tier 5 cruiser so I spent a lot of skill points on low level skills. I have Priority Target, Expert Marksman, Last Stand, then I took Preventive Maintenance because my torpedoes got disabled almost every battle, and I have 3 skill points left. 4. Aoba: Will probably skip it, after the Furutaka got the hull C, I don't see any point in the Aoba, and am almost at Myoko, mostly from co-op games, with a level 7 captain, where the same dilemmas will present themselves. 5. Gneisenau: one of my newer favorites. I had a very long series of losses right at the beginning, but I can have a positive winrate these days, still wanting to play her often in the future to get better at her. I have Priority Target, Expert Marksman, Superintendent, Advanced Firing Training and one extra skill at a level 11 commander. I'm very tempted to take Preventive Maintenance because it's very frustrating to get into a melee and lose my torpedoes a few seconds before being able to fire all of them into an enemy BB's broadside. I never remember having had my rudder or engine disabled, so I didn't take LS. So I can take PM now, or wait a few battles to take AR, or wait for half an eternity to take another level 4 skill (which I don't yet know what to chose). Note: I took AFT so I can keep DDs from getting too close to me. I don't feel a fully secondary build suits my tastes, so I took Aiming Systems 1 instead of Secondary Battery 2, and I'm not planning to take manual secondaries. I feel my secondaries are mostly good as a deterrent, keeping DDs from closing in, and maybe light a few fires on enemy BBs before I duck behind an island. I tried out manual secondaries on the Varg (which is more or less a Bismarck), and I don't feel they are doing so much more damage. What's the point of manual secondaries, when at the end of the battle I get 60-70k damage from my main guns and 3k damage from my secondaries? With manual secondaries I might get another 2-3k extra damage which I don't feel worth spending 4 captain points on. 6. Omaha. Captain level 7, close to 8, most points still unspent. I'm very successful in co-op (almost always first place, and most of the time with at least 50% more xp as the second place player), but I suck at random and at ranked with her. Will plan going the Des Moines route eventually, and keep retraining this captain for those ships. 7. Destroyers. There are the least dilemmas for me, as going to Concealment Expert as quick as possible is a no-brainer. I like the T-22 a lot, and I got a lot more deadly with her after getting CE. With the Maas I sucked a lot in the beginning, and I could start improving my winrate a bit only after having reached CE. PT, LS, SE and CE are obvious choices for a level 10 DD captain. I'm still hesitant what to spend my next 2-3 skill points, though... probably PM and EM, as I tend to spend points on thing where I feel the limits of not having them (disabled torpedoes, out-turning my guns) 8. Carriers. No big dilemmas here. I tend to prefer Torpedo Armament instead of Emergency Takeoff, as because if I'm burning and have already used the damage control, it means I'm soon dead anyway. As I still lack experience especially at higher tiers, I would like to hear your opinions (and use this week's discount on commander retraining if someone can convince me I made major mistakes in my choices) I have a few hundred dubloons reserved for this occasion. Mostly my dilemma comes from EM and LS being essential from me, especially in cruisers, and Adrenaline Rush is something I would like to try out too. But taking 3 level 2 skills before having a single level 4 (or even before a single level 3) skill seems something I've never seen recommended on the forums. (why?) Bonus question: how reliable do you think the "Recommended Commander Skills" table is, on the wiki?
  10. Praevasc

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Let's try it... I'll join as well.
  11. Praevasc

    Look into the mind of a team killer

    You still talk like a 6 year old. If you were a little less immature, then, after starting to play a new game (from the number of battles you played you seem quite new), if you spot something you think might be cheating, you should first read the FAQ, read the official guide of the game, and maybe ask on the forum whether this behavior you observed is considered acceptable or not. Instead of all this, you started throwing accusations without thinking, and you even started team-killing instantly without thinking and without gathering more info. If you start teamkilling others at the very first suspicion they might have violated some minor behavioral code, then you are not fit to play online games. Even here on this forum, you can see that absolutely everyone disagrees with you, almost everyone tries to calmly explain to you how this game (where you are an obvious newcomer) works, and you STILL think that you are right. I know many small children who are more mature than that.
  12. Praevasc

    Noob hiding in smoke.

    That tactic works well on low tiers. On higher tiers... not so much.
  13. Praevasc

    Why do I suddenly fail so badly at tier 7?

    As an update: I can now consistently achieve a winrate above 50% with the Genisenau, but that 10+ games losing streak at the very beginning needs a lot of games to get evened out. And recently I tried a new strategy, it seems to work, as it landed me a long winning streak. I basically sacrifice earnings for the win. I use my superior speed to harass and bait other ships, and usually make 3 or 4 enemy ships to chase me far away from the battle. The result: only 30-40k damage, over 2 million potential damage, 4 enemy ships doing nothing but chasing me, while the rest of my team wipes out the rest of their outnumbered forces or captures everything. I guess this wouldn't work against a lot of experienced players (I never found this as the recommended practice with the Gneisenau), but so far on weekends this strategy almost always wins the battle for my team.
  14. Praevasc


    A button for presetting flags/consumables/camo for the ship (preferably all of them at once), and the ability to have at least 3 presets to be set for every ship. It's annoying to change the consumables and flags if intend to play a different battle type, or team up with different ships. Or have to demount and then remount a rare flag if I want to do a few rounds in co-op. One click, and all the consumables/flags/camo would be demounted from the ship and the saved ones mounted instead of them.
  15. What about an enemy carrier which lost all planes, and still 2-3 friendly ships are racing towers her, completely ignoring the rest of the battle? Or sniping at her from max range, despite more dangerous enemies being much closer?