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  1. And to give a submarine similar chances as other ship classes, they have to be modified so far from their real world counterparts, they could even add flying robots firing laser beams to the game with the same effort. I completely understand that a little historical accuracy has to be sacrificed for balance reasons, and that's fine. But with submarines, a ridiculous amount of realism would have to be sacrificed. - Submarines didn't have great armor, practically anything would penetrate them. And while other ship classes are usually happy with receiving overpenetrations, a submarine would be dead upon any hit, even on an overpenetration. How would you submerge without flooding if you had two big holes in your hull? Basically a single direct hit of any caliber, and you are dead. - Submarines were very slow, even the slowest BBs were faster than them. While submerged, they were even slower. - Submarines could only fire torpedoes directly forward or directly aft. Even the narrow aiming arc in the Halloween specials is ridiculously wide, they had zero arc in reality. - You know those weak peashooters the lowest tier DDs carry? The submarines usually had one single such gun. Good luck in balancing that! This is why in reality submarines were only used to attack either unarmed supply ships, or ships which were anchored and not ready for battle.
  2. The historically accurate way would be to not have them in the game at all, or to only have them in special operations. Submarines in the time the game is set, were not used in battles with other warships at all. They were commerce raiders, ambushing and sinking supply ships. They had zero chance against a warship (unless that warship was anchored in a port, or otherwise completely surprised and ill-prepared).
  3. Praevasc

    2 types of players

    I don't get the moaning of lower tier players. How is it unfair? If our team has a lower tier ship, so does the enemy team. I had most fun in games where I played tier 5 cruisers in tier 7 games. My most successful games with the most heroic achievements were done in such games. When I'm top tier, I have to constantly risk myself on the front line to not give my team a disadvantage, so the smallest mistake or unlucky RNG might doom both me and my team. If I'm low tier, I can afford to goof around, have fun, and if the opportunity presents itself, to troll the enemy and cause great chaos among them. I can even afford to do very risky tactics which, if successful, will kill 3 enemy ships in half a minute and win us the battle; and if unsuccessful, then will kill me before I can do anything, but as I'm not top tier, my team can continue without too much disadvantage.
  4. Praevasc

    [Poll] CV's Rework vs Rollback

    Option 6: integrate World of Warships and World of Warplanes into the same game! If you think it's crazy, there is a successful competing game which has done this and it works.
  5. Praevasc

    Did the 0.8.1 update break the Steam version?

    Ok, thanks. I'll wait a little while to see if others have this same problem too, I'll try uninstalling it from steam, and installing it from the WG launcher (I hope my ships and stuff will be preserved), and then I'll bother customer support if it still doesn't work.
  6. Praevasc

    Did the 0.8.1 update break the Steam version?

    I have a 64 bit system. (also, would the previous version have worked on 32 bit?)
  7. Is the Steam version of the new 0.8.1 update broken? I'm using Steam on the same computer for more than a year. It always worked. The recent update won't start. Steam says the app is already running. But that's not true. I cannot find it in the task manager. Even if I completely restart the computer, as soon as I start Steam, the game appears as if it was already running. (I asked it here because I'm not sure whether it's a Steam problem or not. Anyway, the standard solutions Steam provides for this situation don't work)
  8. Praevasc

    Matchmaker is always +2

    The enemy team will also have a lower tier ship, so it will be a fair fight. I enjoy games when I'm the lowest tier, as I know that the outcome of the battle doesn't depend as much on me. And as I'm not the greatest threat around (and so I'm not focused on as much, if the enemy sees other targets), I can play a little more freely. So sometimes I can surprise enemies and turn the battle around. And even if this opportunity doesn't arise, I can have some fun. I ruined many Tier 7-8 ship's day with my tier 5-6 German cruisers...
  9. And what good would they do even if they had them?
  10. Current ranked season... While the BBs are dodging torpedoes like crazy from hidden enemy destroyers, our destroyers are providing "fire support". From a safe distance, of course.
  11. Praevasc

    Thank you for your Hard work wg!!

    There are, and actually the only way to capture zones is to destroy the ground targets therein. You actually need bombers and ground attack planes to take caps. Some of those ground targets are AA guns, so if you don't destroy them, they destroy you. Needs some teamwork, because if all fighters go to a cap and no bombers or ground attack planes follow, they can't capture it (or at least, capturing will be very very difficult). And after you captured a zone, after some time those ground targets will be repaired/rebuilt. This means both that the enemy can take the cap for themselves if they destroy those targets, and that meanwhile those AA guns are on your side (so one needs more force to capture a zone than to defend it). One thing I like (fluff-wise), is that those caps actually mean something. They are military bases, airbases, something of strategical value. Not just circles in the middle of the ocean.
  12. Praevasc

    Thank you for your Hard work wg!!

    The game is set roughly between 1895 and 1945. There weren't any air to air missiles in that time period.
  13. Praevasc

    Thank you for your Hard work wg!!

    There are many different types of planes in WoWp. Yes, fighters are specialized for air-to-air, but there are bombers, fighter-bombers, and ground attack planes too.
  14. I took Superintendent. Actually, without it, we would have lost the aforementioned battle (I took out the last enemy shortly before they would have won by score, and my teammates were out of range. I had less than 10% HP and used up my last repair before that, so I would have died without SI). My commander is still only level 10. I took Priority Target, Adrenaline Rush, Superintendent and manual secondaries. As modules, main armaments 1, damage control 1, secondary mod 1, steering gear 2, concealment 1. As we now have free retraining, I'll consider switching Priority Target for Preventive Maintenance, and Main armaments 1 for Auxiliary armaments 1. But I think I'll stay as it is, I very rarely get my secondaries damaged, and a +50% to main battery survivability is better than +30%, and I still get main guns knocked off occasionally.
  15. There is. If the planes are shot down, they can't hurt your teammates for a while.