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  1. The_Dunk_Squad

    Wacky Ship Ideas

  2. The_Dunk_Squad

    Battleship Rework

    tl;dr: Battleships gain more and more accuracy the more they repeatedly shoot at a singular target. The long version: Battleships (especially higher tier ones) are far too accurate on their first shots, which allows BBs to snap shots off against Cruisers that can deal stupid amounts of damage and then quickly switch to firing at another target. As the rock paper scissors system has clearly failed, maybe Battleships need to be re-balanced around fighting other Battleships. The suggestion being that a first shot that a Battleship makes against a target will be subject to much lower accuracy and higher dispersion. On their second shot, they will have lower dispersion, and this process repeats. This represents a gunnery crew getting more information and being able to accurately pinpoint the course and speed of a ship. Isn't this a straight BB nerf? Yes and no. The main objective is to stop Cruisers exploding instantly the second they wander into a Battleship's range. However, with a system like this in place, more things about Battleships can be buffed without creating an unstoppable monster. This also opens up design space for Battleships. Does this make BBs prey for firespam Cruisers? Yes, which is an issue that needs to be resolved. Cruisers still need to be able to damage BBs but shouldn't be able to rip them down with fires so easily. Likewise, BBs need not to be able to sneeze in the direction of a Cruiser to instantly kill them.
  3. The_Dunk_Squad

    IJN Torpedo Boats are useless.

    Yet they won't address the fact Battleships have been overpowered for years. Every single patch nerfs everything a Battleship deems too powerful while never addressing the other three classes. Whining BBs got Carriers effectively removed from the game. Now they are able to one shot DDs and we've been told a fix is coming "soon" which means never because it might nerf Battleships. They're the most braindead stupid class in the game but are somehow the only class allowed to make mistakes. Cruiser mispositions once and instantly dies, DD eats a torpedo or a BB AP pen and is basically out of the game. BBs allowed to be on fire for literally 3 to 4 minutes of a game and shrug it off like it's nothing whilst also one shotting everyone else. Very balanced class, definitely not over-represented at all.
  4. The_Dunk_Squad

    IJN Torpedo Boats are useless.

    2 month stats? A patch came out that introduced two new DDs.
  5. The_Dunk_Squad

    IJN Torpedo Boats are useless.

    Because Gearing is at the end of a line of ships that are on aggregate better than the IJN Torpedo boats? It's not just Shimakaze that's SNAFU.
  6. The_Dunk_Squad

    IJN Torpedo Boats are useless.

    Large oof.
  7. The_Dunk_Squad

    IJN Torpedo Boats are useless.

    Abysmal guns for torpedoes that are only marginally better than the offerings of Pan-Asian and American Destroyers, which have actual guns instead of pop guns with unreasonably long reload, ridiculous turning times and low damage. Adding onto the fact that torpedoes are by far the worst form of weapon in the game unless dropped from an Aircraft, being so unbelievably inconsistent that you may as well forget about actually being able to torpedo anything. Being able to stealth-fire torpedoes is highly overrated when you can only fire off one set of torpedoes every few minutes, and all TRB does is make your spread bigger. Moreover, up until the higher tier IJN Destroyers you get the unenviable choice of being unable to stealth-fire for torpedoes that are roughly the same speed as American offerings at the same tier, or Stealth-Fire Torpedoes that are slow as continental drift and are thus only capable of hitting BBs or the most inattentive Cruisers at anything but point blank range. Shiratsuyu and Akatsuki are passable but still have the problem of being a pony with only one trick and not doing it better to the degree that makes them worth playing. By Kagero the torpedo ranges are still unacceptably short for what is supposed to be a line of torpedo destroyers. 10 km torpedo range in a ship that will quite often see tier 10 games. That's almost getting into the radar ranges of some cruisers. There's simply not enough space to get into range, fire your torpedoes, hit TRB, wait several seconds and fire off your second spread and get out before you get hit by radar and focused down. The fact it takes up until Yugumo for the Imperial Japanese Navy to get Torpedoes that go further than 10 km is absurd. If there was one thing the IJN was known for, it was the Long Lance torpedo. One of, if not the best Torpedo of WW2. Yugumo is pretty much a mid to late war design by Japanese standards, yet is fielding torpedoes that would be considered average for the early or even pre-war period. It's simply anachronistic to have to wait until Yugumo to even get decent torpedoes, and even then it's only on the final hull. Compare this to Fletcher, which has 10.5 km torpedoes with shorter reload, 1 knot slower and much lower damage, but having gun performance so many magnitudes better than the Yugumo that it's not even in the ballpark of considering the Yugumo. Shimakaze, the supposed ultimate in Japanese Torpedo Destroyer design, has to choose between three sets of Torpedoes: 20 km range torpedoes that take half a century to reload, are slow, and due to the way torpedoes spread are likely to have several convenient Battleship sized gaps in just in case the idiot in the Kurfurst on the other side of the map didn't realise he was under torpedo attack. Don't worry, he can heal all the damage back anyway. Next the Type93 Mod. 3 torpedoes, which are the same as the Yugumo torpedoes. These aren't bad torpedoes, but why are they the best option for a Tier 10 torpedo Destroyer? These are only slightly better than the stock Gearing torpedoes, and outright weaker than the Gearing's Mk.17 torpedoes, the Yueyang has fasrer reloading, longer ranged DWTs that also come with an insane gunboat that can equip a radar or a better smoke screen than the offerings of all IJN Destroyers. Even the Z-52 has only marginally worse torpedoes stuck to a package of nice guns and the ability to sweep capture circles. Shimakaze has, by far, the worst guns of all Tier 10 Destroyers and is given only slightly better in some cases worse torpedoes than all of it's counterparts. It doesn't have a radar like Yueyang, hydro like Z-52, ridiculous rate of fire like Gearing and Yueyang, great guns and speed of the Khabarovsk and to rub salt in the wound, the IJN gunboats tend to do torpedoing things better as they can actually fight back if they get detected. Shimakaze just has to run like a deer in headlights. This is not even beginning to get into the problem that Battleships turn like 1980 drift cars, making dodging torpedoes ridiculously easy. Press A/D or W/S once and you dodge the majority of a torpedo spread. Now that Destroyer is useless for the next two or three minutes. And it's not hard to tell you're under torpedo attack, with the blaring alarm, huge flashing indicators and a guy screaming there's torpedoes coming at you. Even the most idiotic of Battleships can dodge most torpedoes fired at them. A solution? Make IJN Torpedo Boats have a unique feature in that their torpedoes are far more stealthy and don't leave bubble trails, don't trigger the torpedo warning alarm, and are given an indicator only to allies. Then the balancing of giving them the longest reload would make sense and be somewhat fair. Also maybe push the ranges out a bit so IJN torpedo boats can actually fire torpedoes comfortably. Cue Battleship whining.
  8. The_Dunk_Squad

    USS Black Camoflague

    I'm kind of sad you can't give it devil horns and have diabolic laughter whenever you activate the radar, to be honest.
  9. The_Dunk_Squad

    Anyone else get burnt out on this game?

    This game is starting to feel like an abusive relationship to me. I desperately want to find the love I once had for the game but I just feel... So bored. Any advice? Play some lower tier?
  10. The_Dunk_Squad

    Anyone feel the Zao is in need of a buff

    I wasn't playing when it was called Senjo. Depending on the Kanji that you're using you can pull some pretty interesting entomology from the name.
  11. The_Dunk_Squad

    Anyone feel the Zao is in need of a buff

    As a half-Japanese, no. Mt. Zao is active, makes way more sense for a firebreather like Zao.
  12. The_Dunk_Squad

    I suck at BBs, it just won't click. Even after grinding to tier 10.

    I just don't feel confident in them though, I just don't feel like I have the power to affect the game like I do in a Cruiser.
  13. The_Dunk_Squad

    I suck at BBs, it just won't click. Even after grinding to tier 10.

    Maybe BBs aren't for me, to be honest. I like going aggressive and getting into a ton of close range gun fights.
  14. The_Dunk_Squad

    Anyone feel the Zao is in need of a buff

    hell no zao is nuts
  15. Title. I ground my way up to Yamato (with boosters, admittedly) and I still just... Don't get it. I feel confident in Cruisers and Destroyers, but most of the time in a BB I feel so hopeless and just feel like prey for everyone. My BB stats reflect this. (Although I do need to fix my Zao stats). Are BBs just not for me?