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  1. cosmetics for prestige is fine. gameplay advantages would just kill the game.
  2. Amaterasu_Regale

    reward (dds for) teamplay.

    an ally has to enter it for you to get the bonus.
  3. Amaterasu_Regale

    reward (dds for) teamplay.

    passive spot? have xp and credits for your spotting damage. lay smoke for a teammate? xp and credits. teammate does damage inside your smoke? get a cut of their xp and credits in assistance damage. spot torpedoes that an ally dodges? xp and credits for preventing damage. simple enough idea. would be nice to be rewarded for helping my team rather than 12v12 where the 12 people are actually all alone but working vaguely towards the same goal
  4. Amaterasu_Regale

    [Discussion] How/if there should be lower income.

    credits is already a bigger bottleneck than xp so...??
  5. Amaterasu_Regale

    ArmorPen Charts in Port

    Would be nice to have this feature like in WarThunder tanks where you can see the chances to pen at different angles and differences and ships.
  6. Amaterasu_Regale

    nice fake russian boats

    the difference is Friesland actually existed. Only Gangut was finished in the Russian BB line. It's not so much "paper ships" as the literal quantity of them being more than the real ones. Over 60% of the Russian ships in this game never existed except on paper. The fact the very real and relevant Regia Marina has been sidelined for what is essentially more paper Soviet cocksucking is what infuriates me. I don't care how big the Russian playerbase is, adding entire lines of paper designs to satisfy them is stupid. One or two paper ships per line. No more. A line of literally 9 paper ships and one real one is too [edited]much.
  7. Amaterasu_Regale

    nice fake russian boats

    lets add super yamato then.
  8. Amaterasu_Regale

    nice fake russian boats

    man i love the srppn (soviet russia paper propaganda navy), really enriches this game with such fantastic designs that clearly were logical and reasonable and within russia's capacity to produce at the time. yep, definitely nothing wrong with a 1950s design fighting Yamatos. Nope, nothing wrong here.
  9. Amaterasu_Regale


    do it again admiral togo
  10. Amaterasu_Regale


    IJN Torp Boats needed a buff anyway. Torpedoes are a terrible weapon, especially in a world where everyone has hydro and/or radar to spot you and your torps, where maps are becoming more and more open to cruiser and DD detriment for the benefit of battleships that turn on a dime. Torpedoes rarely hit and don't deal anywhere near enough damage for their inaccuracy.
  11. Amaterasu_Regale

    Gearing, Shimakaze and Z-52 need some love.

    arent you the one who literally always just stat dumps in regard to a balance question
  12. Amaterasu_Regale

    Gearing, Shimakaze and Z-52 need some love.

    server stats top 5%
  13. Amaterasu_Regale

    Gearing, Shimakaze and Z-52 need some love.

    The difference in stats between the bottom 3 Tier 10 DDs and the start of the mid tier is jarring, and the difference between the top two and the bottom is pretty significant. Also Yueyang got absolutely gutted, maybe give it some love too.
  14. Amaterasu_Regale

    Instant permanent turret knockout

    btw modules have hp, they get perma destroyed if it hits 0. just thought that might be relevant
  15. Amaterasu_Regale

    How to make the game more enjoyable

    Here's how we fix WOWS we delete wows then nobody will be angry