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  1. Amaterasu_Regale

    Are you going to grind the Puerto Rico?

    Then spend some time with your wife this Christmas instead of wasting it on an obvious cash grab.
  2. Amaterasu_Regale

    Make the correct choice this Christmas.

    Alternatively, you can buy every single game in the Ace Combat series for the price of Puerto Rico and experience one of the most soulful, well-designed gaming series ever made. (I wish World of Warplanes was actually good, there's a serious lack of good Multiplayer flight games that aren't hard sims like DCS.)
  3. cosmetics for prestige is fine. gameplay advantages would just kill the game.
  4. Amaterasu_Regale

    reward (dds for) teamplay.

    an ally has to enter it for you to get the bonus.
  5. Amaterasu_Regale

    reward (dds for) teamplay.

    passive spot? have xp and credits for your spotting damage. lay smoke for a teammate? xp and credits. teammate does damage inside your smoke? get a cut of their xp and credits in assistance damage. spot torpedoes that an ally dodges? xp and credits for preventing damage. simple enough idea. would be nice to be rewarded for helping my team rather than 12v12 where the 12 people are actually all alone but working vaguely towards the same goal
  6. Amaterasu_Regale

    [Discussion] How/if there should be lower income.

    credits is already a bigger bottleneck than xp so...??
  7. Amaterasu_Regale

    ArmorPen Charts in Port

    Would be nice to have this feature like in WarThunder tanks where you can see the chances to pen at different angles and differences and ships.
  8. Amaterasu_Regale

    A potential solution to camping Battleships

    I feel as if the solution to camping BBs is not to punish campers, but to reward the battleships who take point and tank for their team. In World of Tanks, there are several awards that are given for damage blocked by armor, and it's curious that WoWS doesn't have this. Awards, and flags given for these awards, would encourage better play among Battleships. An award something like: BULLETPROOF Heroic Individual During a Battle, block shells that would deal over 100% of your ship's maximum HP and survive the Battle. Additional reward once every 24 hours. Bulletproof is calculated using a shell's maximum damage (ie: A citadel penetration). This means for example, a Yamato that bounces 7 shells from another Yamato would receive Bulletproof. More likely, Bulletproof will be achieved through bounces of Cruiser calibre shells. The flag rewarded for achieving Bulletproof is 10 x Nova Delta Hotel. NOVA DELTA HOTEL "I have sustained no damage, continue the operation." Signal Flag Chance of being set on fire -5% Chance of sustaining flooding -5% Cooldown of Damage Control Party -5%