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  1. 1eyedW00Tleg

    Update 0.9.4: Soviet Cruisers

    The Armory states that completing all challenges for the 3 Russian premium ships will bring up to 2100 Soviet Tokens. Ingame i only see missions for 7*30 + 7*30 + 7*15 = 525 Tokens. Will theses missions renewed weekly?
  2. 1eyedW00Tleg

    PTS - 0.8.10 - General feedback

    hm, PTS down , have just a bit of DMG left for the Autumn Season Mission. Will it come back online?
  3. 1eyedW00Tleg

    Server Down

    dito same here
  4. clanbrawls was quite funny.
  5. 1eyedW00Tleg

    Suche/schaue nach Clan der mich weiter bringt

    pm send
  6. some cb rewards still waitin to be claimed.
  7. 1eyedW00Tleg

    PTS - Visual and Audio Enhancements

    the gun reload volume is to low, barely hear them on PTS compared to the actual 0.8.7 live server
  8. You like to rule the sea? Join us! You like to play clanbattles and you have no crew to do so? Join us! You like to get gud? Join us! You like to have some decent m8s for random divisions? Join us! You like to benefit from clanbase bonuses? Join us! You like to expand your Discord server list? Join us! As for now all new recruits will be inspected and drilled individualy. Safe sailings and may always be a hand's width of water under your keel. PM me
  9. 1eyedW00Tleg

    Summer Sale: New Offers Every Day!

    @ The_EURL_Guy this suckz ages. I've got the Vanguard offer with 2 T8 crates which should drop 2 ships i do not have. The first crate i opened shows me a second Vanguard (13k doubs compensation) and the second crate drops a Atago which i could have purchased with the doubs from the second Vanguard in the Armory. Now i sitting on doubs i can not spent because no more ships available in the Armory. I'm pissed @ WG, your sale description says: Compensation: If you open a container that drops a ship you already have in your Port, you'll receive another ship from the list above. edit: after opening a ticket regarding the situation, the support removed 13k doubs and gave me 1 more crate which droped a Graf Zeppelin.
  10. 1eyedW00Tleg

    Rentals in ranked - discussion thread

  11. 1eyedW00Tleg

    Ranked Battles: the Twelfth Season

    Phun with rentals on reddit
  12. 1eyedW00Tleg

    Ranked Battles: the Twelfth Season

    rental ships shouldn't be in ranked at all, i can accept em in clanbattles but in ranked players with most likely no experience ruin other people games.
  13. Can someone give me a hint where to find map overview pictures if im extracting the game files with the Wowsunpacktool?
  14. @Alfie_the_troll you should better read the linked article, it says its a placeholder and not to be completed for 1 credit