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  1. G_Bg_82

    Mod allow to buy Kutusow?

    Hi players , Since we have the same content in Off topic Section ,this thread is been closed.Please do not create the same thread(multiposting) in different sections. G_Bg_82
  2. G_Bg_82

    That's how you use radar on DD

    Hi players, Since this thread is posted on the wrong section,it will be replaced in the Videos and Streams section. G_Bg_82
  3. G_Bg_82

    DD cry babys

    Hi players, I cleaned some off-topic and not constructive posts. Since this topic to goes in the wrong direction, and it's not constructive, it's closed. Try to respect each other, regardless of what type of ship you play. G_Bg_82
  4. G_Bg_82

    Weekend is here!

    Hi players, since this topic is not constructive ,will be closed. G_Bg_82
  5. G_Bg_82

    U Mad Bro? Post battle rage messages.

    Hi players , Since this topic is not constructive at all ,is been closed.Please do not post such swearing content . G_Bg_82
  6. G_Bg_82

    Crazy message received from WG

    Hi players , I clean the topic and just ignore the email and any following ones. If you check the PAPI EULA that you agreed to, this should be part of it, but as you do not have player data you have nothing to act upon. Either way, we will sort it out! Have a nice day ! G_Bg_82
  7. G_Bg_82

    How to get banned from this game permanently?

    Hi players, Since this thread is not constructive and against our rules will be closed .Please avoid to spamm and discuss moderation. G_Bg_82
  8. G_Bg_82

    Will *edited* my account

    Hi players, Since this topic is discussed illegal/forbidden activity and is not constructive at all will be closed. I also had to remove some inappropriate posts. G_Bg_82
  9. G_Bg_82


    Hi players , Since we have the Big CV Rework Beta test -Feedback Thread ,this topic will be closed. G_Bg_82
  10. Hi players, I clean up the topic and since the Op have started already the same tread ,this will be closed.Please avoid to post the same content opening a different threads.Thanks. G_Bg_82
  11. G_Bg_82

    Tell us the truth WG.

    Hi players, Since this topic ,is not constructive and went in the wrong direction will be closed. G_Bg_82
  12. G_Bg_82

    T9&10 incoming balance desaster

    Hi players, As long as we have the Radar Discussion Megathread , this thread has been closed . Have a nice day ! G_Bg_82
  13. G_Bg_82

    N. Caroline please buff

    Hi players, This topic,was closed due to wrong language . Have a nice day ! G_Bg_82