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  1. Moon__Star

    Results — Operation: Red, White and Blue Steel

    Hey Captains, Our team is currently in the process of running bot checks and manual checks on all the top scorers across the three ships for each participating region. This can, unfortunately, take some time. But rest assured, we've not forgotten and as soon as the checks are complete, we'll update the article and start issuing prizes.
  2. Moon__Star

    Halloween: Raid for the Filth!

    Right you are, my mistake. The article has been amended with complete information. Thanks!
  3. Moon__Star

    Results – Doubloon Doubles

    Hi, The first one is the main goal and the second is a push goal, meaning that your Recruit must complete the first in order to complete the second. So if your Recruit gets to Tier VI, you will already have secured 1,000 Doubloons for yourself. But if this Recruit keeps on moving up the Tiers, and reaches Tier VIII before the end of the event on 5 December, you will get an additional 1,500 Doubloons on top of the 1,000 you had for the previous goal.
  4. Moon__Star

    Viribus Unitis: the First Yugoslavian Battleship

    Well, it existed unofficially, and it was just a few days from existing officially. The ship was even named "Yugoslavia", so that counts in my book! :P
  5. Moon__Star

    RESULTS – Battle of the Philippine Sea

    Yes, if you choose a side – let's say Japan – then you need to play with Japanese tier IV-VII ships if you want to get any points for your team (be it through Base XP milestones or through victories). We included Co-op to give players who prefer that mode the chance to win the guaranteed prize. They don't necessarily need to reach any Base XP milestones, because they can also win points just by winning battles.
  6. Moon__Star

    Weekend Competition: Starfall

    The first victory on a particular ship for a given day only counts as a point if you earn more than 400 base XP in the battle that you just won. If you win the battle, but have 400 or less base XP by the end of it, you will not earn a point, but you will have a chance to try again with the same ship and get a victory with more than 400 base XP. Once you do get a victory with more than 400 base XP, you will no longer be able to earn points with that ship on that day. You will then have to wait till the next day to earn another point with that particular ship. Hope that helps
  7. Moon__Star

    Weekend Competition: Starfall

    The first is correct. Your points stack throughout all four days of the event. You don't have to play every day for it to count, but depending on the amount of Tier V-X ships you have in your port, it could be more beneficial to have a daily go at it. Thank you
  8. Moon__Star

    Weekend Competition: Starfall

    Yes, if you get 30 points (i.e. 30 first wins with over 400 base XP), you are guaranteed 7x of each of the normal signal flags, 3x of the special flags, and one supercontainer. However, you can keep earning points after 30. If by the end of the event you're in the top-100 on the EU server by points earned, you will get an additional 2 supercontainers (so in the end you'll have 7 normal signal bundles, 3 special signal bundles, and 3 supercontainers).