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  1. Aeliyah_Thord

    12x12 clan brawl - feedback topic

    Too hard to field that many players. Just weren't enough online, but gj you guys that managed.
  2. Aeliyah_Thord

    Clan Brawls

    That 4v4 with forcing you to take out an carrier sucks. I mean why??? Edit: And good luck not going in a blob vs enemy carrier lol
  3. Thank you for the fast replies. I appreciate it :)
  4. I bought boosters for 14k doubloons. And if I won't get it I will be so angry/disappointed . Do we get the doubloons back if we don't get PR in port? I'm pretty sure I won't complete it tbh. Should I say sorry I didn't check the fine print and looked closer on the missions before I spent all my doubloons? I mean all the cc:s/streams and even your statements before the patch they all said it is possible and thought I was guaranteed with a bit of playing to get PR. I will be honest even getting the daily missions can be such a grind. Only thing to get this done is to download a bot to play for you while you sleep lol
  5. Aeliyah_Thord

    What do you think of the Gorizia?

    Just started playing the little G. And for me I really like Gorizia. Smoke is decent, guns are ok (still kinda miffed it isn't normal HE lol). But other than that I feel like its a great little ship and I enjoy playing her. I'm quite sure it has that in-built torp +detecting radius as other Italian cruisers. The gimmick with it is the awesome Hindenburg hydro (6km ships, 5km torps). Much more prefer playing this ship than Zara that I have completely sold and forgotten the stats for so can't really do a good comparison. However this is only from 2 games played, both losses but for me, fun ship to play :)
  6. Aeliyah_Thord

    0.8.11 - General feedback

    I actually looked forward to these containers you got from TX ships. However the rewards were so bad. I got some camos + signals. Oh wait, got 10k free xp as well... You do these events with so much fanfare and then you as a player get absolutely nothing. Completely pointless event, but I guess you (wargaming) get the cash from people buying containers/Puerto Rico. Same thing as with the Black Friday containers... Next time just say :Here you get containers with camos/signals with a miniscule chance of a premium ship, Merry Christmas. Well. At least the rewards are good on the T8-9 ships so thank you for that at least :) Cheers and hope at least someone got something good from these containers
  7. Aeliyah_Thord

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery Good luck everyone and Merry Christmas.
  8. Aeliyah_Thord

    11 campers losing in 10 minutes is the new meta

    Actually what kinda ship that made the most damage is not the point. The point is that it's near impossible to push into cap. But I guess according to you it's fine so no worries. We all have an opinion
  9. Aeliyah_Thord

    11 campers losing in 10 minutes is the new meta

    Sorry. But this is false. Had a game recently in my Bismarck and we were loosing. I was on the edge of cap and other side smolensk and some other. I was near full hp. Well... Had to do something to salvage the game. Pushes into cap -> dead before I even made it in middle of cap. Didnt even get vision of the smolensk and not a single torp hit me lol Edit: I meant mainly HE spammers in general. Just took Smolensk as an example :)
  10. Aeliyah_Thord

    11 campers losing in 10 minutes is the new meta

    Try to push into an Smolensk or 2 in a battleship (or similar he spam). Well... There goes your answer
  11. Aeliyah_Thord

    0.8.4 - Ranked Season 12

    Been playing very much this ranked season. And I can say I enjoyed ranked. However once you get to R5, then the fun just.... stops. Completely. And I mean in every way... Carriers in every game. For me carriers is the main reason, I don't mind getting outplayed by other ships and I even congratulate my opponents most of the time when it happens and I still come away with a good feeling. However getting so called "outplayed" by the carrier is just [edited].. Yeah, and what's worse even if they are the worst player in your team they keep their star ALWAYS! Hence so many carriers in R5 and under I imagine. Don't even mind rentals myself... For example: Enemy carrier does a single 20k drop on yamato, what does your carrier do? Torpedoes and misses x2 times in a row the enemy battleship lol Edit: Nvm I care too much about this game tbh. Hope you all have better experience than me in ranked that's for sure. Cheers and happy sailing