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  1. remenberMYname

    us vs eagle, cv

    exactly.tons of bullshits, zero facts and numbers. first learn basic about ship then go to ameteurs , then higher and ther your dream highend🤣🤣🤣
  2. remenberMYname

    Modstation update broken

    thx. this solved the problem. i had it broken also.
  3. remenberMYname

    us vs eagle, cv

    show me here deck armour of US and bomb penetration of EAGLE. i am waiting..and we will see where the leaking is
  4. remenberMYname

    At this Point WG should seriously think about their game

    tone of mechanics??????? cv stearing is for years totaly useless not working. its a basic stuff and still no mechanic solution. ( you cannt go backwards, you cannt do move near islands, you cannt mapzoom to effectively move near islands, you set move forward and cv moves backward,..,) i lost so many cv battles only because wg not capable do this basic stearing mechanic.
  5. remenberMYname

    Admiral Schroder: thoughts?

    you have to pay dubloons for it. = useless. when will be available without buying will be ok. puerto rico was worth even for dubloons.
  6. remenberMYname

    us vs eagle, cv

    you have no idea about armour and bombers. us have no deck armour, eagle cann all pen. example: 4x bomber attack eagle on us = us killed 4x bomber attack us on eagle = 50% hp loss on eagle. ( when no fire only! 30% loss!!) torps and attack are similar us and eagle. so what do you talk about some :))) hiskill 🤣🤣🤣🤣 when on paper us have no chance. only solution for us is sacrifice captain - skills and also ship equipement to a fully AA build.
  7. remenberMYname

    World of Warships best replays on YT

    https://replayswows.com/replay/174134#stats 300k dmg patrie
  8. remenberMYname

    300k dmg with patrie

  9. remenberMYname

    cv not moved

    WG is not capable to setup meaningfull cv stearing. ok..we all konw that but now my cv doesnt moved at all, after move commends.. wtf why? 20230117_043039_PASA111-United-States_14_Atlantic.wowsreplay
  10. remenberMYname

    us vs eagle, cv

    i heard... in february..
  11. remenberMYname

    us vs eagle, cv

    ok.i wiil say it in other words. 1000 battles only eagle vs us, without team. eagle will have 85%
  12. remenberMYname

    us vs eagle, cv

    is there any reason to buy u.s.?? eagle cann pen u.s. with all bombers. u.s. cann do crap. rest you cann do all same like u.s. so when you buy eagle you have all u.s. capabilities plus bonus : you cann kill u.s. whenever you wish, and u.s. cann only watch. correct?
  13. remenberMYname

    6 qualif battles

    one do it in one hour.., next guy will not do it even after 1000battles. its math stats. but it have to be personal skill dependence , not waiting for ideal team 6x
  14. remenberMYname

    6 qualif battles

    i wanna to see that primtive, who set up 6 battles for qualification in ranked
  15. remenberMYname

    they get sallary for this??

    this is not about reverse only. its about not posible stear near islands..