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  1. remenberMYname

    "tactic " in random

    mahan have to (try)wreck BBs on other side, but he hunting absolut not important algerie.. this happen on 80% battles. wargaming doesnt do educations videos (or anything..) about tactic. most of players use broadsides more like cannons... every comapny rises knowledges of their own peoples. but why WG leave most of the players totaly weak in tactic..i dont know..
  2. remenberMYname

    Indianapolis - Warning

    its an extrem armor weak ship.- and..i agree, to sell this ship like premium , without good informations, is too much. wargaming doesn't give a real info about this ship. this is only for profies, not ship for newbies.... and this have to be written there, because its for money.. dont use it with radar. this makes you go closer and closer, and you are now dead. when you want to use radar...you have to have 15,000 battles, then you will handle it. Indianapolis have brutal AP, may it is only ship in game..you don't need to use HE :)
  3. remenberMYname

    christmas gifts in 2018 / 2019

    cann you count at least to 4 ???
  4. remenberMYname

    christmas gifts in 2018 / 2019

    2018: snowflake = supercontainer (minimum 50 camo) 2019: snowflake = 4 (!) useless camo + sarcastic laught from some devil behind, " how stupid you are to grind "
  5. italian cruisers tree? vaste of time!!! the only and best idea is to get 620.000 freeXP and jump ONLY to venezia. 😂😂😂 aand may be some premium ital ships(, in missions..)
  6. remenberMYname

    Update 8.0.11 Build A Puerto Rico

    and forgett, that last day of build grind, end not like in normal world on 24:00h..but around 10:00 . wg allways says that it ends for exampl. on 20. january --- that means logicaly on 24:00h . , but they end it on 10:00h that day...
  7. remenberMYname

    only for SMOLENSK captains

    searching for big group Smolensk players. to join divisions in random 3 x Smolensk. full Smolensk divi:) write down, or message, thx.
  8. remenberMYname

    Night fighting?

    do a poll
  9. remenberMYname

    Boots in COOP

    its ok. coop are bots problem is.,that no setting for highest boot inteligence.
  10. remenberMYname

    ST - New Year's celebration.

    why? you have some info?
  11. remenberMYname

    need this in game?

    voice message ... i think one very practical and every battle usefull is: "stop, watch torps" "run forward, torps!" "run backwards, torps!"
  12. remenberMYname


    not valid. not in eu servers
  13. remenberMYname

    upgrade pre pristav

    presne. je to celkovo super graficky efektne, ale ze musim čumet iba na wg macky uhol pohladu je dost nuda
  14. remenberMYname

    Žabákovy kvákterky

    ja by som rad Slovenskocesku vlajku