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  1. thx for info. updated
  2. https://youtu.be/yscS64rJdBs https://youtu.be/aU184Gnnsfs https://youtu.be/8zd5XWlOksU https://youtu.be/5zI_Ce09h-o
  3. remenberMYname

    Důležitý vzkaz komunitě

    pozri, pristup WG edit. za 1. WG sa mal snazit osobne komunikovať s contributormi, so snahou ziskat ich spat. (voice, nie iba chat ) je neuveritelne amaterske ich nechat takto odist..akoze akceptovat s lutostou ich odchody. edit 2. neschopnost hned zaviest percentualne oznacenie vyhier v lootboxoch, kontajneroch.
  4. remenberMYname


    azuma, yoshino, moskva, minotaur...and also stalingr, are cruisers immediately dead on broadside hit.
  5. remenberMYname

    Post Battle Loading Error/Bug?

    same to me. after battle freeze , then no results, direct jump to port
  6. remenberMYname

    Air rework suggestion

    idea good. but wg will even not read this. they carre only money, salary and some discussion with their close distributors. and whole pack of good suggestion ( suggestion forum) here are ingored for years.
  7. remenberMYname

    pink penalty long torps

    team killer is acting in meters , never 8km or more. so dont give pink penalty for long torps, lets say range 8km and more ( when it happens more like 2x in battle , then ok... )
  8. remenberMYname

    HE + AP ta once

    so..like this: i posted video, when you hit with HE waterline, you cause fire on the ship...which is a bug, but WG answers me, that it is simple game engine. so! when this bllsht is a gamengine,....will be nice to give at once citadel and fire. thatsway option salvo: half of turrets may shoot HE and rest of them AP.
  9. remenberMYname

    HE + AP ta once

    ap he
  10. remenberMYname

    CV stearing

    wargaming! how many times i will be killed , only because i set forward, and your CV runs backward ????????? how many MORE years we must write this ????? + go much more ZOOM on map, to possible detailed moves ou god... wargaming....,, no more words better
  11. remenberMYname

    account disabled

    as you know,,or .. better,,as you mostly DONT know, WG is disabling accounts without warning. pls vote.
  12. remenberMYname

    CV warning system

    yes. and only this are priority: Ship being Spotted by another Ship. Ship being Attacked. and this doesnt aslain shows. when you are in CV. it shows only the rest crap.
  13. there is NO folder res_mods. we have to create it? and will even then game use it?
  14. remenberMYname

    CV warning system

    this is interesting
  15. remenberMYname

    Great things the skill rework gave us

    zao - one torp 27k dmg kamikaze - 70% flooding