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  1. this topic is not about me. (some [edited], they force it to me..i ignore) this is a simple , general idea. i do also stupid things. sometimes. i will also remember or learn..when tactic videos will be done. when WG will do such a video, it will be overall respected. and well known, + easy to find for all. (like mechanics videos, also tactic videos should be there. i am sure they have place there) but when some contributor will do that..or me..or youu... no one will see that.
  2. its a simple idea. many ideas here are forgotten... some inspire. here in this topic, you have many maps, that proove that many captians (X ships) need basic tactic. so..dont make it complicated. its a simple idea,
  3. well asashio...is running to the corner. many they think, that a winn is in the corner :DDD well..... ...
  4. every day very often maybe some good WG tactics videos..will give them a wisdom. why they so often , simply stay on caped area... that a mistery.. (they were there..whole battle..)
  5. Milan_G_

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    wtf question... they were real so they will be here. end of discussion
  6. Milan_G_


    you have to hit try luck 25-30x soom you cann have supercontainer every month. but... that means you loose 30x coal, credits.., flags... from standar containers..
  7. this is an brutal BUG. i reported it long ago. problem is that in wargaming is 22.7. untill 10hour. but in other normal world is 22.7. until midnight. ( look picture... no explanation.., no info.....nothing. ) so you are completly right. we have to have this mission all day there.
  8. this poore kid. ea,,that very neew!!! that everyone sometimes has bad battle. but you..you never..even ones not!!! but his nick..that says all. ... comedian, and zero player
  9. this group on A they are there whole battle. (a caped area.... i never get a reason why they stay there...) one of the worst behaviors, its also very often.... horrible...!!
  10. bad?? 50-60% winrate on: audacious, friedrich, exeter, republica, irian,... ,,.. and allways rank 1 ??? you told me bad????? only kids considerng winrate like about quality player. and when..look particular ships
  11. no. when exist some from WG, you cann allways advice this weak captian..to look at it. another example: was nothing easier like to go forward few meters and cap. but no.... they cowardly watch how they lose...
  12. Milan_G_

    What do you guys think of the Exeter?

    yes.-- but i am happy. citadel all cruisers. in his tier its realy OP ship.
  13. its important to show examples here. they do an point , to do some video about tactic on youtube.
  14. this forum is only start to inspire but when this 5 horrible captians had seen WG tactic video... they will do more heroic or lets say... more wise way...