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  1. italian cruisers tree? vaste of time!!! the only and best idea is to get 620.000 freeXP and jump ONLY to venezia. 😂😂😂 aand may be some premium ital ships(, in missions..)
  2. Milan_G_

    Update 8.0.11 Build A Puerto Rico

    and forgett, that last day of build grind, end not like in normal world on 24:00h..but around 10:00 . wg allways says that it ends for exampl. on 20. january --- that means logicaly on 24:00h . , but they end it on 10:00h that day...
  3. Milan_G_

    only for SMOLENSK captains

    searching for big group Smolensk players. to join divisions in random 3 x Smolensk. full Smolensk divi:) write down, or message, thx.
  4. Milan_G_

    Night fighting?

    do a poll
  5. Milan_G_

    Boots in COOP

    its ok. coop are bots problem is.,that no setting for highest boot inteligence.
  6. Milan_G_

    ST - New Year's celebration.

    why? you have some info?
  7. Milan_G_

    need this in game?

    voice message ... i think one very practical and every battle usefull is: "stop, watch torps" "run forward, torps!" "run backwards, torps!"
  8. Milan_G_


    not valid. not in eu servers
  9. Milan_G_

    upgrade pre pristav

    presne. je to celkovo super graficky efektne, ale ze musim čumet iba na wg macky uhol pohladu je dost nuda
  10. Milan_G_

    Žabákovy kvákterky

    ja by som rad Slovenskocesku vlajku
  11. 1. moznost zafixovat si permanentne vlastny uhol pohladu v pristave 2. nastavit si (vlastnu) pomalu rotaciu kamery okolo lode 3. okamzitu moznost zmeny hudby v pristave , tlacitko change music, alebo proste moznost nastavenia postupnosti striedania hudby ( vlastnej hudby) .
  12. Milan_G_

    What do you think of the smolensk?

    they will downgrade smolensk. simply , they do not set that ship right.
  13. Milan_G_


    and also: 1. option to FIX your own angle of view in port 2. to set an automatic slow camera moion in port, and directionnof camera moving 3. to set musics
  14. Milan_G_

    Žabákovy kvákterky

    :)) mikasu som predal po prvej bitke, a som stastny z toho doteraz. ale taze nestastny , ze mi stale nepadla missouri v kontajnery. 😂😂😂