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  1. the new "CV" is actualy no CV. it is only one aircrafts squadron ( that somethimes spites fighters... ) cann we call , one squadron, one attack.... an AIRCRAFT CARRIER ??? imagine: we cann start from, one , two, or three islands. (we have airfields allready in game on islands :)) and from wide see cann squadron start simply from mapedge. cann we call it CV, when we use it only like start, land island?? the core of CV is: -more attack at ones -immediate attack on some place on map -brutal spoting with few squadrons at ones
  2. Milan_G_

    Suggestion for a fun premium ship!

    its quite sad, you buy yourself on birthday- i allready discussed that with wargaming, that everybody have to get some top megabig bonus on his birthday DAY.
  3. Milan_G_


    we must take it serious. this is not a pacman game, this are battles:) allways care about your damage, about 80k and more, -- dont think about team. team has his own life. team will be allways problematic. clan battles from STORM, there you get allways a good team:)
  4. Milan_G_

    Server crashes and Clan Battles

    yes. during clan battles...server crash!! and no prolonging hours!!!
  5. but that even better sayed : "totalitarian and criminal ideology, that represnets this kind of hammer and sickle. its quite not nice , to show that symbol for all the (dead) people the suffered under that horrible system. but again. historical is truth, but than you have to show also swastika... sorry..
  6. this symbol represents communist / bolshevicks system. ---- that murdered more people like other bad systems. but the symbol is here. why not only red star?? or make it stricktly historical...OOK. but then look on the picture :)) do it generaly according to history.
  7. Milan_G_

    your money and law, ,..and dubloons

    important!!! to support the game, and NOT to have dubloons under 100% spend control ARE 2 absolut differ things !! thx:)
  8. Milan_G_

    Servers Down?

    you know what is horrible? that we have the geniale GAME CENTER. but f.ck off no info there about problems with server.
  9. Milan_G_

    more info >> prinz camouf.

    thats the problem. i must put here a topic,. and... --and even nobody paste NO link... about this camo. +20% credits? .. gives? .. have someone link about this camo??? ---big problem so long with wargaming, ...giving no ingame info thx
  10. you have a right to spend your money, dublons 100/ how You want + 100% full control for you. today system is set, so tricky that you randomly allways burn your dubloons, even when you dont want. ---there is no major button, to cut off spend any dubloon.
  11. Milan_G_

    more info >> prinz camouf.

    what it gives ? it nice that poetry there,,...,.. but why no info about credits, xp,... (again wows uncomplete info..., again and again...
  12. Milan_G_

    Is the Daring as bad as the Jutland?

    daring = 2.5sec. salvo, or less this is really dangerous. one by one torpedos ..you cann aim them to one point, so..to kill a good camping ship. ----------------- only horrible thing on daring is his speed.
  13. Milan_G_

    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    meaning of CV is: 1. attack with more squadrons one ship 2. do more attacks on the map simultaneously. new update all this erases.