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  1. megaducky

    Ranked season 10 (CVs perspective)

    This seems about accurate. Players have no idea how influential they are to a CV's game, nor how to effect it. It is nightmarish to play a CV and to run into teams who will just hate you, even though you have nothing to do with their loss. Sadly, not much a CV player can do about it besides from soldiering on. How much Karma did you lose, by the way?
  2. megaducky

    The state of CVs - why the rework is necessary

    +1 to the OP for a very well written post, although he should hide his points behind spoilers to make the thing easier to read. However, I think he's wrong on a couple of points. Firstly, I'm a high tier CV player, this is an alt I use to play with friends on EU, just to be clear. I think he's generally right about a couple of things related to general balance, i.e, area denial, etc. However, on radar, I think it was introduced because CVs had died as a class, and no thought was put into how they would interact with CVs. IMO, radar should occupy the same slot as DFAA, so that you can either counter DDs, or counter CVs, but not both. One active counterplay, I don't think there is an active counterplay to CVs, it's very similar to counterplay vs a torpedo destroyer, which is more positioning/consumable based, rather than based on active counterplay. This is, of course, a problem, but I think that it was an intentional design point by WeeGee. On to my real issue, the point about the CV winrates. I used to run an XVM like tracker as an experiment to see if I can counter data to dis-prove the MM is rigged threads that plague NA. During that time, I was playing Taiho, (still, do) and I noticed that almost all players hover around 42-60% with almost none of the extremes that you've mentioned. Usually, a player was at 42-46% without strafing/poor micro, and 55%-60% with good micro/strafing. THere wasn't a lot in between, probably because those are what make or break a CV captain at that tier. However, given all of that, I have very rarely run into a player with a winrate below 40% and even then, victory was certainly not assured. This makes me think that CVs do not have the absurd carry potential people make them out to have. Glancing over your problems, it seems that most of them are player related, not a problem with the class (although I'd love to have the same exp as the other ships, it makes it hard to top scoreboards without doing 200k) The solution @Widar_Thule intrigued me. I think it would work far better then I full on re-work.
  3. megaducky

    Crusier focus

    It's absolutely acceptable, in fact it's usually good sense, since they like to hide a lot. The exception is destroyer, which must be prioritized since they are very rarely spotted. Just don't take it to extremes, and focus vulnerable targets (always the priority)
  4. megaducky

    Is the Game Getting A Bit To Ship Heavy??

    I would love new maps, especially ones with islands near B, I love to park my CVs there. However, it looks like WG is more intent on powercreeping lines then adding more maps. :p I would like some maps with local weather, shallow islands, or with some interesting strategic objective, (kind of like ops)
  5. megaducky

    Nerf or Remove Radar

    How is this even a question? Radar is a perfectly legitimate game mechanic, just like DFAA. All that a DD has to do is either move on or stay behind cover, it's not exactly rocket science, and it should be mentioned that the ships that carry it are among the squishiest in game. Radar is your counter, just like DFAA and AA auras are mine, you either adapt to it or die. Just remember, Battleships die by torpedoes, which they have as much counter against as you do radar. This is being entitled, and it's really silly, you want for your counter to be almost completely unable to spot you, (let's remember, a CA is slower than you, and you can theoretically evade it eternally and spam torps.) and only you will have the ability to deal damage. Low tiers function because of limited torp range, longer range CAs don't have the privilege of fighting noob DDs with short range.
  6. megaducky

    Roast the previous poster's stats

    Filthy clubber, uninstall, you're ruining everyone else's fun. https://wows-numbers.com/player/554042291,megaducky/ And if you don't want to see a reroll https://na.warships.today/player/1019866597/megadeux
  7. megaducky

    Roast the previous poster's stats

    Quit playing surface ships and play some CVs you normie. https://wows-numbers.com/player/554042291,megaducky/ And if you don't want to see a reroll https://na.warships.today/player/1019866597/megadeux
  8. Well, considering BBs have the highest average damage in the game. (disregarding certain CVs) I don't think that they really need any buffs, they're more than capable of blowing most ships out of the water in one or two salvos, and are the tankiest ships class... I don't think a buff is necessary.
  9. megaducky

    CV-UI stops accepting left mouse clicks

    Is it your mouse?
  10. It's Weegee's sekrit balancing idea. For some reason low tier Cvs are stuck to the boredom of auto only, instead of just keeping manual but reducing the potency of strafe and the other weapons CVs use.
  11. I can see te kancolle, but what is the other game being referred to?
  12. Interesting. I have never noticed these, for the first bug, use the alt mouse controls, that separates targeting and waypoints. The second bug may be client side, my planes still give me reports (I think.)
  13. megaducky

    Is there ever a point to using AP over HE as a BB?

    He's new. Don't be a troll man, when I was at his number of battles I thought HE was the way to go as well. It took a spectacular game with a bunch of cits to convince me otherwise.
  14. megaducky

    The true power of divisions

    Divisions are great, I love to be in them because of this very reason. But I hate networking people to get in one. IMO div play is the largest actual skill disparity you can have in game. A well come ordinated div is better then having a team with all the radar and a super unicum CV.
  15. I feel like the OP has failed to mention the extremely important feature of splash damage. For proper balance, this important feature must be accurately modeled. For example, a Yamato should have a splash damage of a mere 40 meters of instant death. While the powerful guns of the tanks should have a devastating 1 metre radius of damage.