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  1. cicciopuffo

    Upcoming Changes to the Tech Tree

    Welcome changes! A little too nice to be true doubt...."If you already own these ships, you will not lose them—they will stay on your account. If you have already researched one of these ships but haven't yet purchased her, or if you sold her, or if you reset the branch, then the ship will be added to your account." I read I can reset my German BB tier, cash in the credits for GK, then see it magically reappea in my port with no expense whatsoever in coal or credits. Am I right?
  2. cicciopuffo

    Grand Battle

    Hi Satsuma and Hanover will disappear with update 0.10.6 , together with their commanders....right? What will happen with the upgrades mounted on them and paid with credits?
  3. cicciopuffo

    Gran Battaglia

    Hi Satsuma and Hanover will disappear with update 0.10.6 , together with their commanders....right? What will happen with the upgrades mounted on them and paid with credits?
  4. cicciopuffo

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.3

    I got 4-5 of them, always feeling the same disappointment....which just raise the hype for the premium ship I hope for. I do NOT expect to get it, as I never get one from the Black containers or the Santa ones; it is a lottery, one in a million chance.....that is why I NEVER spend doubloons on them. I do no play to get the containers, I enjoy playing first, and if maybe something nice pop out,j ust extra gravy on top
  5. cicciopuffo

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.3

    The shipbuilding phases .... by spending 2,200 Doubloons to pass through each phase. .n total, you can pass through 19 out of 22 shipbuilding phases by progressing through Dockyard combat missions. So 6600 doubloons (about 22 EUR) min spending to get the ZF-6 , camo,, a Commander with 10 skill points, a Port slot, and a commemorative flag,...plus 3,000 Coal and 200 Steel.. Any early discount like for HIZEN?
  6. cicciopuffo

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.3

    I am not German and I enjoyed winning several 1 vs 1 battle with Z23 and Bismark, their hydro and secondaries are awesome.
  7. cicciopuffo

    Update 0.10.2 – Italian Battleships: Part 2

    It is a good idea to give containers with a chance to get premium ships for free instead than dobloons, I was just thinking to buy some of them now I wait the end of the 10.2. And I love the Dasha Italian commander, because...I love Dasha. I hate no smoke on Marco Polo without giving it back the HE! all othe IT premiums have HE and no smoke (exept Leone)....will people spend 228k coal on Marco Polo or Pommern !? And the absurdly long reload time on IT BBs tier IX-X, only the US Kansas-Vermont tier has worse, but those ships all carry 406- 457 guns and many more of them! I have not seen the stats, guess the ADPM of IT BBs will be worse of all.
  8. cicciopuffo

    Brawls in 0.10.1: The Next Step

    Hi Will we always be matched to same type ship i.e.e DD vs DD, CV vs CV etc?
  9. cicciopuffo

    German Carriers: Early Access

    always surprised how many rcanky guys on this game....it is a freemium, personally I am having lots of fun without paying, I like CV playing as a change from other ships and I appreciate the 3 million credits I will get from the german tokens...the permacamo are so cool but not worth 30-40 euro, so it is a personal choice. cheers
  10. cicciopuffo

    Last Opportunity to Get Mainz at a Bargain Price!

    You could well play the directives, earn the T5 and T6, THEN spend the 1500 bundle tokens on T7&T8 and you are on your way to T9 Not saying I am going for it, just there is another way to spend them AND enjoy the event.
  11. cicciopuffo

    how to use duplicate items in the colletions

    thanks a lot!
  12. cicciopuffo

    Italian Cruisers: Branch Review

    Agreed, that is why Ellerhorst call it "for free" he did not spend doublons or actual money. Me too I decided to pour my tokens first on random bundle, and later on containers after getting the Genova PS sorry if I break the chorus, I love the Italian cruisers! mainly because...I am Italian! surprise surprise... then, trying to be objective, I do not think they are supposed to make new ships be easy to play or competitive with the ones already played, they are supposed to make them ... new. They invented these SAP shells and smoke that works while you are full speed...cool and powerful...if they do not put in any disadvantage, you would call them unreasonably privileged so they gave little armour I love the torps, they are slow, but they shoot forward like a MTB, that is original and make for interesting play
  13. cicciopuffo

    Italian Cruisers: Branch Review

    Hi Ellerhorst how do you get "The Genova, currently for free in the campaign"? I got it buying random bundles for tokens, I am curious to know if there was another way
  14. cicciopuffo

    Italian Cruisers: the Rules Made Simple

    Hi! just got the Montecuccoli mission. I know each special mission can be granted once, I ask is it possible to have mre than one special mission open at the same time? that is, can I keep opening italian cruiser container and hope the RNG god may possibly still generous again? gods are capricious, want to be sure Wargaming rulers will allow them to be so