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  1. Also , anybody tried random?we all have around 30 fps in the clan! we have steady 60fps before all of us!
  2. Does anybody managed to play?we cannot play, it says it starts in 5 days!We all restarted,deputy commander in charge of division, not working!
  3. Same problem as above, Clan battle starts in 5 days!
  4. Does anybody knows what's with todays clan battle scheduling?it says it's on ASIA server from 09:20 to 18:30?
  5. Honestly, i wish WG would announce earlier.Many people have jobs and many other things to do than staying and waiting for last hour WG rescheduling!If you announce you do it, you DO IT! You don't screw it like you did the last two days. I can't announce people to be there, and after to apologize to them because you can't just hold on to your word. Keep in mind, they barely this afternoon/evening,two days after it should've started, they managed to modify the in game clan battle to say it's with Tier VI ships and not Tier X! does anybody works on it?!
  6. sWLF

    Clan Battles Test Season "North"

    @Rhys566 did you manage to play any games on Asian server?
  7. sWLF

    Clan Battles Test Season "North"

    So it's with T6 after all and we got the usual limit of 1 bb.They left also that feature with alpha/bravo?
  8. sWLF

    Clan Battles Test Season "North"

    Guys! it has already started!!!, when you want to select clan battle, you have an option for schedule, click on it and you see below, now for ASIA has started!
  9. sWLF

    Clan Battles Test Season "North"

    Yes, no informations, all we know that it starts today at 19:00 CEST.Anyone knows what prime time means?
  10. Laptop: i7 4712MQ 16gb ram nvidia 840m SSD hyperx savage Resolution 1366x768 So, the problem is like this, if i put directx 11, the game has this ping spikes, not freezes, the game is ok, but there are LAG spikes, no matter if the recent nvidia driver or older,anyway no problem for me, however, if i put directx 9, and put settings to low, i have high FPS and still from time to time LAG spikes,however, if i increase settings better quality, my fps drops to about 50-60fps but there are no more LAG spikes.The internet is out of the question, it works well. All day i've changed settings and all i could see is if i have better quality there are no lag spikes, if i put to very low there are lag spikes like hell and the fps is good! Btw, i have steam version, and it's installed on SSD.