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  1. Cambera_1

    British Heavy Cruiser Line

    I would also appreciate a County Class Cruiser "in game" even if it was a standalone premium. Do it straight, smoke and repair. They didn't have much armour anyway. Premium, if you like with a with choice of Ammunition. If nothing else as a premium, it would give the RN a cruiser to train Captains on. Since Belfast is pulled there is nothing for newer players to train RN Cruiser captains with unlike I believe every other 'nation'. Please keep Radar away from it, even if they are famous for the use of Radar. In ere every RN WWII battle there seems to be a County Class using Radar.
  2. Cambera_1

    Update Operation Dynamo

    Minor point, the RAF turns up with a radio call from a Colonel. This is an Army Rank and grates big time in this scenario. Please can you change this to Wing Commander?