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  1. Cambera_1

    Co-op Battles Matchmaker

    Please reverse this change. There are:- Too many Bots making up teams Too many teams consisting of a single player and 17 bots Too many matches end with the "mercy rule" mid match This is NOT a good change.
  2. Cambera_1

    PSA: It's Captain Jingles o'clock

    No skill bonuses though :(
  3. Cambera_1

    Günther Lütjens - We need a new campaign.

    Yes please. Campaign and a Scenario both. This would be an equivalent to Christmas and Birthday together! Yes. An excuse for Hipper, Bismarck et al to blow the Royal Navy all over the North Sea! Yes! Make it 2 Axis focused Scenarios - Add in a Channel Dash scenario too! The reverse of Dynamo - Fend off Air & MTB/MGB Attacks weaving between mine fields and dodging shore battery fire from Dover!
  4. Cambera_1

    Duplicate drop rate for Italian collection?

    PTS - Public Test Server. To encourage people to use it and test what they want tested they provide "Missions" that give small rewards on the "live" servers that we all play on.
  5. Cambera_1

    Duplicate drop rate for Italian collection?

    The first came from completing Directive "Resolute and Rapid" The second & third came the Twitch Drop I have spent the Mediterranean Tokens from the Daily Missions & completing 9 of the Directive stages and the "completion bonus" on a further 6 "standard" Containers. Today's "Daily Shipment" gave the tenth container. I can't see myself at this point buying any boxes for cash or doubloons. There should be plenty if I spend the Tokens on boxes.
  6. Cambera_1

    Duplicate drop rate for Italian collection?

    I seem to be beating the odds here.
  7. Cambera_1

    Radar consumable for CV squadrons

    I've had CVs in about 50% of my games today. To be precise I have played 41 games of tiers, T2, T8, T9 & T10. Of those 22 have had carriers. So, discounting the 2 T2 games in my Emden, that is 56% of my games today have had carriers so your subjective statement is not bourn out by my sample, which of course is not necessarily the whole picture.
  8. Cambera_1

    Radar consumable for CV squadrons

    Ah NO! If you choose a ship without smoke you play it very differently from a smoke ship. Those ships have torpedo reload boosters to swap out the smoke. That is about Balance. A good player can localise Radar cruisers and "play around them", doesn't matter if you have a DD that can smoke or not. The CV has the advantage of being able to get across the map in a minute or so (unless you have Swordfish when it is two!) this coupled with any form of enhanced spotting is crippling, for DDs and most CLs. I'll tell you what you can have your Radar in Aircraft, if it automatically caused damage worth 75% of your CVs hit points to the hull on every activation. I'll sacrifice a ship to your radar, if you sacrifice yours. Balance! Straight out - IMO - Radar in planes would a game breaker.
  9. Cambera_1

    Duplicate drop rate for Italian collection?

    Another "standard container" for tokens - another unique collection piece. SO... 9 containers - 8 unique pieces and 1 duplicate. Probability says that the next one only has a 50% chance of being a unique one and 50% of being a duplicate.
  10. Cambera_1

    Radar consumable for CV squadrons

    You realise the OP is trolling... I hope...
  11. Cambera_1

    Radar consumable for CV squadrons

    Dropped from 10km of course to allow Comrade Pilot a chance to avoid AA! Da?
  12. Cambera_1

    Radar consumable for CV squadrons

    Na - boring - need SSBNs!
  13. Cambera_1

    Günther Lütjens - We need a new campaign.

    Do I detect Hyperbole? Permanent campaigns are more similar to the Directives in the Time Gated Events, without the Time Pressure. Sure some of them require a Carrier or a Destroyer or something, but so do directives, but unlike the Directives you can repeat tasks to make up your star count to unlock the next layer of tasks. Far better...
  14. Cambera_1

    Radar consumable for CV squadrons

    I have an Enterprise that says different. The last thing that CLs and DDs need is ENHANCED spotting by Aircraft - sorry to disagree with you. It isn't the CV that kills in most instances it is the surface ships that that then focus on a spotted DD so enhancing the spotting, allowing aircraft to radar into smoke or around islands will be murder. If you had aircraft with Radar that would only light up BBs and CVs then it might work, nut you would struggle to sell the idea as nothing can be allowed that seriously challenges BBs. As for the physics of a Periscope only detection, yeah, I'll agree with you. And yes the OP is right, it was when we had flying Radar that the Battle of the Atlantic finally turned in the Allies favour. But this was also down to the use of Enigma intercepts as well as the Radar. Aircraft killed more Subs than surface ships. Subs only killed a handful of other submarines, and only one documented kill of a submerged sub by another, the others were torpedoed on the surface like a surface ship.
  15. Cambera_1

    Implacable Torp Bomber OP

    As you will see from the screenshot the maximum torpedo damage from a Implacable Torpedo bomber is 5933hp which is pathetic. So the contributors above must be correct when they say that you were detonated by one torpedo to get the 21331hp damage. If you think otherwise please post the replay so we, the forum, can check.