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  1. Two DD shell hits is 2k on a DM if you are lucky, not 10k, that's why it it is a huge step up from a Kraken to a Confederate in a DD what the claim was about. 2 citadels from a Daring is 4200 hp 2 citadels from a Z-52 is 6000 hp Kleber is less. What DD can get 10k from two shells? Salvos, maybe, but not shells.
  2. Please look at the requirements for Confederate. It requires the player to damage 6 ships; yes, one more than the Kraken, but it also requires "Damage caused to each ship must exceed 20% of her normal HP". It is this second requirement that actually makes it difficult for the DD to achieve, unless they are able to land torpedoes on 6 different ships, or similar amounts of damage. (If you are an Swedish DD, make that at least 2 torpedoes on 6 ships to break 20% HP damage.)
  3. Cambera_1

    093, Moskwa researched but not yet re-aquired

    @SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue I am keeping my powder dry with regards to Moskva, I don't think that they will be replacing her anytime sooner than 0.9.4 but I have the FreeXP ready just in case the patch notes for 0.9.3 tell us otherwise. I would suggest that you consider doing the same. Anything is possible but I don't think that they will make these changes without a major song and dance routine and because it is a Russian line, the dancers will have bells and whistles too.
  4. Cambera_1

    Good bye, it's been fun.

    Good luck, be safe... Don't think too badly of us... You will be missed. O7
  5. Cambera_1

    093, Moskwa researched but not yet re-aquired

    Are you sure that the Moskva is pulled out of the Tech Tree in the Next Patch? The replacements are still being tested, and we are still in the European Destroyers Arc. Where is it confirmed that it is 0.9.3 and not 0.9.4 or later?
  6. Cambera_1

    KotS Camo Code

    Thank you It's still working
  7. Cambera_1

    Friesland vs. Alaska (vs. Azuma?)

    I have the Alaska but not the others, so I might have a little bias. I like it, it isn't stunning, but it is a ship that has multiple strengths and be useful in multiple ways. I don't regret getting her. Friesland fun? Maybe if you like a destroyer with the visibility of a light cruiser and no torpedoes to back up your pop guns. Azuma, didn't get a great press, like the Yoshino but she is not as useful, or fun, as Alaska. Just my tuppence worth. (Oh, Nelson is fun, great at blowing the citadels out of CAs & BBs taking major hits in return and then healing back from next to nothing. Good for giggles, but a competitive vessel? I think not. But worth the FXP? I think so.)
  8. Cambera_1

    Tallinn appears to be a monster.

    It will be disappointing if the if this ship, when finally released, is not properly balanced within the already available T8 Tech Tree ships. She should have her strengths and weaknesses, i.e. balanced. WG should resist the urge to BALANS the new Soviet vessels. Mistakes of the Soviet BB lines can not be repeated in the Cruisers. In good hands they should deliver similar results to the current ships and in potato hands, they must not be stronger than the current ships. However they must not be worse than the other ships. But I can't see this happening.
  9. While I don't mind a rebalancing of the economy, the reported 60% reduction in the rewards available does seem to be excessive. Wouldn't it be beneficial to reduce the rewards by 10% at first and see how that works across the board? For most random teams in Narai the rewards fitted the effort needed to achieve the overall results. It might have been more generous than the T6, operations, but hardly extreme compared to the results of a T7 random match. Perhaps if the economy was being exploited by some division or other then look to cap the amount of Base XP that an individual can achieve in a single operation. That would prevent abuse. But really the exploitation is actually as a result of the introduction of the special economic flags and is NOT a problem of Operations. But I too have purchased a number of Premium ships for operations. It doesn't matter if they can be used in other modes. The reason that they were bought was for Operations. It isn't for nothing that T6 & T7 have the biggest population in my port and until recently receiving a number of T5 Freemiums these two tiers had the most Premium Ships.
  10. Cambera_1

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Thank You all
  11. Cambera_1


    WG's imagination seems to be the main source now for higher tier ships, that's limitless Frigates could make an appearance in a special anti-submarine or convoy protection mode/operation, but in randoms they'd be farmed for the limited amount of hit points that they could offer. I, for one, would like to see this mode/operation, alongside T4 style carriers with anti-submarine role. Stressing that this would be separate from the current randoms.
  12. Don't forget that SOME upgraded modules are needed to progress in terms of XP. So while you can save Credits by not buying and mounting them, you still need to research them. I am talking about the Upgraded Hulls. Don't gimp yourself by playing stock hull thinking that you are saving XP on route to Moskva. Check for yourself
  13. Cambera_1

    Alaska or Georgia

    Alaska is like an overgrown Baltimore, and can be played similarly... Georgia is like .... Georgia Both are great, but at least the Alaska can be played in a similar way to the Tech Tree Ships
  14. This is a very good suggestion. Not only would it be historically correct, it would also allow the RN CLs access to a premium CLs for more appropriate Commander Retraining. @MrConway and @Crysantos what do you think? Any possibility?
  15. Cambera_1

    #NORISKNOGAME CV needs help or we all will

    Second Account?