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  1. Cambera_1

    New Map: Voting Results

    Any significance in the fact the order of the results is the order that they were posted on the news article combined with the fact that it appears that you could vote for all three? Seems a funny kind of poll to me.
  2. Left message with PEGI as requested.
  3. Cambera_1

    Survey for "Thank you for your service!" event

    I also had this survey. I also couldn't remember such an event and Google couldn't shed light on a WoWs event of that name. So I clicked 'Didn't Participate'. Was there an event 'Thank You for Your Service' that we missed?
  4. Cambera_1


    It might have worked last night but today, on the EU server, it is an invalid code. Sorry.
  5. Cambera_1

    Teamkilling AI in Coop is a thing?

    Bots dangerously dumping torpedoes is a well known phenomenon, that I am sure is as a result of machine learning, but the OPs example does seem a little extreme. It does appear that Wargaming IS dumbing down the so called friendly bots in Coop. However, I do believe that they are applying the machine learning to match the Bots to the influx of random players 'slumming it' in Coop for the missions.
  6. Cambera_1

    wg needs to rework Co op match maker

    Suggest that you read the rest of my post where I explain that this sometimes happens. If you are in a TVIII BB and can't shoot targets that the faster DDs have spotted then I suggest that your positioning is suboptimal. You have the range to reach out and touch. Even if you are in a Super Dreadnought at TVIII, you have 20km range. The issue is more of a problem with lower tiers that don't have the range nor the speed. Increasing team size will not help, the increase from 8v8 to 9v9 made matters worse as the games were over even quicker with the mercy rule. Asymmetric teams probably would help.
  7. Cambera_1

    wg needs to rework Co op match maker

    With over 14000 Coop matches, all I will say is that the standard of Coop matches declines when the the missions seem easier to complete in Coop so Random players decide to slum it in Coop. At all tiers, there are as many matches without any DDs as matches with 3 or 4. And some matches are over before lower tier BBs get into range. But these matches are few and far between and you are back in port before you know it. OP, I suggest that you engage full ahead as soon as you render into the match as stay as close to the DDs as possible to get your targets completed.
  8. Cambera_1

    1000 karma

    @Muppeteer Congratulations on your milestone, I can't guess how hard that is. I'm no where near your fantastic figure but I am currently floating at 234, winning a couple and loosing a couple over the course of most weeks. Personally I give more +1s than -1s as I believe that it is better to reward good play (or an apology) than to penalise.
  9. Hull wise, Georgia is closer to the Iowa and the Ohio is closer to the Montana. Georgia speed boost is, for me, what makes her better Tier for Tier. Ohio is fun, but the Georgia is so much more fun.
  10. Cambera_1

    Which T8 Premium Cruiser to Get?

    Sorry, I don't understand what you are saying about not detecting a specific ship. Can you please elaborate?
  11. Cambera_1

    Armchair Admirals: the Battle of Moon Sound

    Is there a Typo on the Map? It says 1914 - should it be as of the battle in 1917?
  12. Cambera_1

    Will it overpen and do 1500 dmg?

    You mean for Balanz purposes?
  13. Cambera_1

    The Fun has gone out of the game.....

    Also in T5 you can face a pair of T4 CVs on a regular basis. Some T5 ships actually have the AA to discourage CVs. My best is 37 downed by a T22.
  14. Cambera_1

    Abandoning borderhumpers allowed?

    This is good and definitely not griefing, providing that you can react to situations where the Yamoto hangs you out to dry or where the GK moves forward to tank for the team. I was surprised that there is not any rule about griefing, but yes, provided that you don't do anything deliberately that causes damage to a player on your team, there are nothing in the rules that you are contravening. Because you will get reported for misuse of chat, and repeated reports will lead to a 24 hour automatic ban that will not check for the contents of the chat. So you can be as polite as you like but if you announce what you are doing and why, it will almost certainly lead to a ban. Also an overly strict interpretation of the game rules could lead to these messages being construed as inappropriate, bullying and the like. I like what you are doing but it is a dangerous path to try to educate the offenders.
  15. Cambera_1

    How to get the snowflake bonus in 0.9.8