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  1. Need more Operations for a wider range of tiers… That'll help. The issue with larger divisions is the effect on the players who are not in the division. They can be shut down by an active division, and I don't mean deliberately either. Divisions might be great for mutual support and teaching new players, but often they are too focused on their own division and not on the needs of the team. I assume that this is often because they spawn together. When a good division is out to farm, perhaps for a directive, then this lack of team focus might be deliberate. This rarely happens in Coop but in Operations it is extremely frustrating.
  2. Cambera_1

    Blob camp and run away!

    Bring back Ocean! Blobs possible but easy to punish it there.
  3. Cambera_1

    WG's ongoing process of CV balancing and the Social Justice question

    I believe that a limited "re-specing" of skippers is fair for the duration of this testing - one re-spec per skipper per update + one re-spec of ship modules too on a per ship per update.
  4. Cambera_1

    German Captains and second Flag

    While there might not be any Legendary Commanders for the Germans, there are only Legendary Commanders for the major fleets of the Second World War, the United States Navy, the Imperial Japanese Navy and of course the greatest of them all, the Navy of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. There are many commanders that OUGHT to be in the game, but I guess that they don't go down with WGs home crowd as far as much as some fantasies. However the OP seems to have overlooked the special commanders available:- Franz von Jütland Handyman replaces Jack of All Trades, reduces cooldown on all consumables by -10% (normally -5%). Awarded for completing a four mission marathon May 2018. Available in the Armory for Coal. Improved Vigilance replaces Vigilance, and increases the detection range of enemy torpedoes by +35% (normally +25%). Reinhart von Jütland Handyman replaces Jack of All Trades, reduces cooldown on all consumables by -10% (normally -5%). Sold in the Armory. Improved Vigilance replaces Vigilance, and increases the detection range of enemy torpedoes by +35% (normally +25%).
  5. Cambera_1

    About the earnable USS Texas from that mission...

    Thanks for the update
  6. Cambera_1

    T8 Massacre

    Seems to have unlocked Sorry
  7. Cambera_1

    CV Rework Discussion

    Easy to remove - make the period before you can drop again longer - it doesn't need the immunity period after drops. TB don't get immunity
  8. Cambera_1

    CV Rework Discussion

    @Sunleader If you played any carrier balanced around the ability to strike multiple times quickly but with low squadron and reserve sizes together with low regeneration rates you would have valued your planes more and carefully selected your targets. This game is about balance between the classes and because 2 USN and 2 IJN CVs have overperformed all have had multiple nerfs. Most of those nerfs have had little affect on the biggest problem CVs due to the amount of reserves that they have and their quick replenishment rates. Other carriers often don't have the hitting power because they are balanced around getting multiple quick strikes in. This after the nerfs is extremely difficult. In attempting to balance the other classes, and I do play them more than CVs, I am a DD main, the balance is now well in favour of the surface ships with AA being too deadly. I rarely had a problem with a CV, though a Midway did take a fancy to my Daring in Ranked battles. In DDs I found proper use of AA mechanics together with manoeuvring to keep sector's facing the air threats, switch AA on and off and carefully watching the minimap was very effective. I did find the Atlanta's AA to be underwhelming in the rework but LWM showed why. Yes I have Simms and Des Moines too but few of my ships have DFAA, they haven't needed it. My two 'go to' ships for any missions to down aircraft have been T22 & Leander. These ships are effective in AA because the CVs don't expect them to be.
  9. Cambera_1

    CV Rework Discussion

    Sorry you seem to be somewhat confused about what you are arguing because no successful surface ship loses the ability to perform a full salvo at another target for several minutes. What is the longest torpedo reload time? I also suggest that you give the RN CVs a try. I think that you will find their lack of reserves, small squadron sizes, and replenishment times a completely different ball game to your IJN ones. In them you felt every loss. See what you think about the effectiveness of their torpedos and level bombing. I will look forward to hearing your opinion after a few games.
  10. Cambera_1

    CV Rework Discussion

    Simple, if a surface player expects a CV to loose virtually all of the planes in sinking the battleship, then they should be aware that that means that the CV can't manage another full strike until the planes have been restored, which for some CV’s is in excess of 10 minutes. If they are prepared for the CV to have this restriction then how would they like their Yamato, or whatever, not to be able to shoot for that long. And for those who say that the CV has other squadrons. No AP or He shells for that long. Some surface only players are demanding rediculus amounts of plane kills because they think that kills have no effect on the CV, limitless planes and alternative squadrons etc. (Especially the forum member who I quoted first.)
  11. Cambera_1

    CV Rework Discussion

    I agree with what you said however you have totally ignored my post that you quoted to the point of quoting me was irrelevant. Sorry, no offence. To restate. Would you be happy that after you have had a successful engagement with an enemy BB (in whatever ship you fancy,) would you be be happy that it will take 10 minutes before you can muster a full salvo again?
  12. Cambera_1

    CV Rework Discussion

    So you would be happy if your magazine slaves needed 10 minutes to get the next full salvo ready after you had sunk a full health battleship?
  13. Cambera_1

    Idea for TB heal

    Interesting idea. Would need exploring and careful testing to find any unexpected consequences, which means that WG will put it in the next patch!
  14. I too would like Operation Dynamo to return. It was fun and I used the non historic Haida lots for the operation. I'm all for the T6&7 + Cossack version to return. Perhaps without the USN DDs, as it was harder to farm planes with other nations. A case could be made to disallow Soviet DDs too for historical reasons. A different version for T4-6 could be fun and I like some of the OP's suggestions, but not at the cost of losing the T6-7 operation.
  15. Cambera_1

    Is it time to limit BBs in Ranked

    I know that you aren't too keen on CVs However I would agree with you if the qualification was grinding to T8 in 3 out of the 4 classes. That would also mean that CV specialists can complete this Account Level requirement with no penalty over a DD or BB specialist. Nor would any player be forced to play CVs. It would help to know that the person behind the planes also has ground in at least two surface classes. I still hold that CVs need significant further balancing at lower levels before they can join competative play. And whether that will be possible is debatable. The current trajectory that WG are following suggests not.