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  1. Cambera_1

    How to get the snowflake bonus in 0.9.8

  2. Cambera_1

    Alaska a must have for upcoming sprint?

    It looks like this could be the season of the Kreigsmarine.
  3. Cambera_1

    Shall we have some fun with the Pommern?

    It's already started the moans about how good it is, so how about Pom-moan? Or Pomme-moan? Not got her yet but is she really worse than can be expected by putting 4 additional barrels on a Bismarck?
  4. Cambera_1

    How to get the snowflake bonus in 0.9.8

    Yes in the Dev Blog, just read it but very light on details. To answer your question, don't know. The Dev Blog is light on details. BUT if this is the same as previous, any ship of the correct tiers in port at the beginning of the event plus any ship that you aquire during the event will qualify. But any ship sold after obtaining the bonus won't be eligible for the bonus if rebought. (Tried it last time.)
  5. Cambera_1

    Detection questions

    Please bear in mind that shots that are fired without a target lock have worse dispersion than a salvo fired with a target lock. This includes people blind firing at ships that are no longer detected. Thus that final salvo will land on a greater area than the closely targeted area. So a salvo fired on a guess is more likely to score at least a single hit, but less likely to land a full salvo. So even if you make a change of course it needs to be a radical and unpredictable one to avoid being in a predictable area with a decent chance of landing a hit. If the ship shooting is a Lyon, Bismarck or something similar then their dispersion could easily account for a hit on a blind shot with you taking a 30° course change. You don't tell us what ships that managed to land a shell(s) on your Mino but as all RN CL drivers know, often it only takes a single unlucky hit to ruin your day and possibly send you back to port. To answer your specific question, no I am not aware of any disconnect between detection and the detected icons. Additionally I have not seen any indication of any disconnect, other than the occasional lag which is annoying.
  6. The Mainz is fine ship that is fairly balanced. What armour? She is a light cruiser with hardly any, just enough to ensure that AP rounds arm and do damage. Don't confuse the Mainz with the Smolensk, very different beasts.
  7. Cambera_1

    Aigle or Anshan?

    I am not going to argue with you about your assessment of these two destroyers. I just differ from you in your conclusion, no offence intended. I personally find that the Anshan (and the rest of her class) very difficult to handle where the Aigle is easy. Both are beasts in Operations but the Anshan I can't 'click' with. Therefore I could not recommend the Anshan while the Aigle is definitely worth having. But thankfully we are all different and we have different options available in game so one person can like one and another like something different.
  8. Cambera_1

    Strange reset line purchase

    @Eshaede I checked, you had Cleveland before the split and because it is in a different line it hasn't reset. It doesn't look like you ever had the Dallas or the Helena so they would need to be researched from scratch. Edit: @Yedwy beat me to my discovery by an hour. Doh!
  9. Cambera_1

    Disable epicenter button

    You forgot:- DDs BBs HE SAP Torpedoes with less than 3km spotting distance Anything that can go faster than 30knts Anything that can wiggle and dodge Anything that can shoot back Cruisers that angle to AP Rockets Potatoes on same team Unicums on any team ....
  10. Cambera_1

    Looking for a ship like the Gaede

    I assure you that it isn't better at T10 as the Smolensk encourages sitting broadside to the biggest guns. Anything bigger than 152mm will not arm. T6 & T7 are some of the best tiers to play.
  11. Ban Matchmaking Monitor. It adds to the Toxicity in the game. Also using Matchmaking Monitor skews the match. And not in a good way. If you see the stats of your team and decide that you are on a crap team, will you fight hard to win? It becomes a self-forfilling prophecy. If you see the stats and decide that you are on a winning team then you either wait to let that win happen, or you push too hard. Either way you aren't playing to your best. Finally even the best players potato on occasion, (well maybe you don't,) and even the biggest potato can cause a game changing Detonation with a lucky hit, (not that this happens to me).
  12. Cambera_1

    Georgios Averof = Hellenic Navy in WOWS?

    The Greeks are entitled to ask for a representation within World of Warships. Hey, even the major sea power (not) that was the Austria-Hungarian Empire has a representation. I doubt that a full line of ships could be developed. The Pan European / Pan Asian / Pan American / Commonwealth lines should give plenty of space for some interesting and historical ships from all sorts of Nations. There is a place for natively designed and commissioned ships and 'sold on' ships from other countries within these trees. However it would be best if the Italian Tech Tree was filled out fully. During the time period of WoWs the Italians were a major naval power, unlike most other European (or non European) Countries not already in the game with a pretty full tree. (Yes, an argument could be made to add Canada, as the third biggest navy at the end of WW2 I believe, but if so it would mostly be full of DDs and most of them clones of RN or low tier USN ones.) I know that you are being ironic but the Greeks have a great seafaring tradition and the Hellenic Navy has a proud tradition.
  13. Cambera_1

    Your Last Chance to Obtain Z-35

    Yet the Z35 is still available in the Armoury and in the Premium Shop. It is just that the Bundles are gone and it no longer comes with the bonus mission. This does look like a very misguided marketing communication, possibly illegal. Can we please avoid this in future by actually removing whichever ship from sale for a period of time, that would remove the possibility of this being mismarketing? We might even begin to believe the output from the marketing department.
  14. Cambera_1

    Alaska has returned!!!

    1 000 000 FXP is a fair price for a great ship.
  15. Cambera_1

    WOWS NA forum RIP?!

    @MrConway @Crysantos Please can you confirm that it was an intentional change to the North American Forum that users from the European Forum may not even access the posts on the NA Forum. If this was the intention of the changes made then I believe that this is a retrograde step. Surely it is better to actually allow European Accounts to post on the NA Forum and vice a versa.