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    Uninstall on MAC

    NVM, made it. I found it.
  2. Venom7000

    Uninstall on MAC

    How can I uninstall WOW from my MacBook Pro? I tried by deleting the WOW folder in the documents as someone one told on this forum but it doesn't work.
  3. Venom7000

    HE vs AP

  4. Venom7000

    HE vs AP

    This is most likely the most frequent topic for any newcomer to ask. I am currently sailing with my Chester and for the first time I get to have a dilemma between HE or AP. Thing is if I use 100% HE during a match I tend to do a lot better kill and total damage vise then when I try to use AP (even situationally). I get that AP is only effective when: You are closer than 10 km, enemy broad side on and not shooting at a destroyer. Problem is that 90% of my shots shatter, 9% over-penetrate and maybe 1% does any real damage. The thing is that even with that damage I do as much as with HE. Except AP is less reliable. Am I missing something here? P.s- I statistically did more citadel hits with my HE than with AP.