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  1. Desperado3434

    Armada: Yūdachi

    I planned on buying this solely for being able to spam POI in chat all day. Even seems a half decent ship now!
  2. Desperado3434

    Rogue Wave: Summing up the Event!

    I wonder how many of those battles were just to complete the soul-destroying Benham grind.
  3. Desperado3434

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    All that’s required is to reset researchable branches of ships and progress through them anew. You guys at WG need to have your heads examined.
  4. Desperado3434

    French Destroyers: Part 2

    1) Serving your customers something. 2) Have your customers rage about how they don’t want it and it being a bad idea. 3) Going +1 on the same concept. I would have already quit my job...so at least some props for that.