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  1. kPlusPlus_2018

    What is ?

    1+1=2 2+2=4
  2. kPlusPlus_2018

    What is ?

    What I get if tell you ?
  3. kPlusPlus_2018

    What is ?

    Thanx for answer. Some fractal function, polinom level 300 = lost in space. When former games gone, all math gone to black hole. Like money invest in game. SpaceX mission mars with car driver.
  4. kPlusPlus_2018

    What is ?

    275 401 Damage score and His relation with money and etc.
  5. kPlusPlus_2018

    What is ?

    Ok. Simple is. On The End of battle on battle report / result wrote some. Personal Score Received Some money and in next line. Some like on half screen width with big font wrote. Battle Perfomance First item is Damage Number This number What is this ? His relation for my status, money, XP Score or etc ?
  6. kPlusPlus_2018

    What is ?

    What is Battle Perfomance - Damage Number ??? Where is really result of this in money or XP smile small lottery number. This is some for score, money, eat, or horoscope ?
  7. kPlusPlus_2018

    Big Bug

    I-m total know. I studing Shakespear english much before wows developers learn mathematic 1+1=2 and basic development (some like guest random number).
  8. kPlusPlus_2018

    Big Bug

    Return to the history, Super Mario game.
  9. kPlusPlus_2018

    Big Bug

    Easier in which of kind ? This is RoboCap + Terminator -> Alien in one boat. Im not Arnhold Swarceneger :)
  10. kPlusPlus_2018

    Big Bug

    Big Bug BOTS boat * have sense torpedo after 24 torpedos all of * have know my position in cloud * much shoots on lvl higher are = 000 * Big Boat in one shots destroy 10k - 20k * 3 bot destroy 1 boat * 1th shot by bot is fire on my boat I CANT PLAY NORMAL VS bots
  11. kPlusPlus_2018

    stop game terror

    Today i'm disapointed in "normal" gaming Wows. Big Boat +2 levels in over 10 game kill me in 2 hits. This rule is not when pay for game, please give me my money and I go play another better normal game without school of cheating and level terror.
  12. kPlusPlus_2018

    Game is masacre or for fun

    Much game play with konigsber LVL 5, in 95% enemy is LVL 7. I Can with 0,01% chance that broken player with 80% better in all then I. Range of his guns he is higher, my hit points is 24K his have over 50K. When targeting me in 60 - 90 secund in 2 salva destroy my ship. Why I must to be in this not normal, no for his fun horror ? May developer smallest difference not more that 2 lvl. For example all in game is lvl 5 and lvl6. That is OK.
  13. kPlusPlus_2018

    Math horror in game

    My Konigsberg V. skill score 6. I will buy last "Demolition experts". On main gun is 10% chance for fire, + 2% on this new "abilities". In real game is about 4%. Where is differemce 12% and 4% in game. May be this is euro jack pot ? 1,2 fire by day no more :)
  14. kPlusPlus_2018


    Many bad players use "some" botters aid. In one shut at you destroy 50%. Please take some list for this diamonds man that will be blocked, and play normal. Thx
  15. kPlusPlus_2018

    LEVEL necompatible

    * for example in gameplay lvl5 VS lvl7 player with lvl5 have 000,1% chance this is masacre *** please return that playing in equal level