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  1. salut a tous, question a propos du massachussets: j'ai acheté le massa Black vers noel, y compris 2500doublons a récupérer en 10games avec le massachussets de base que je n'ai jamais pu obtenir vu que je ne possede pas le massa autre que le black. du coup, je voudrais savoir, si j'achète le massa maintenant, est ce que ces 10 personnal missions de 250doublons chacunes seront de nouveau activé ? c'était sensé etre illimité dans le temps (ces 10missions avec le massa black pour 250doublons par mission), mais vu que cette mission perso a disparu de mon port une fois que le massa est redevenu inachetable dans la boutique premium vers janvier-février2019, je voudrais être sur que la mission personnelle se réactivera automatiquement une fois acheté le massa de base maintenant. sinon aucun intéret à acheter 2 fois le même navire bien sûr... pourriez vous me confirmer/infirmer cela WG ? merci d'avance
  2. Kilen2018

    where is my free exeter ?

    aaaah ok, i didnt know lol. its more logical now, i should have read it earlier. thx for help :)
  3. Kilen2018

    where is my free exeter ?

    hi guys, i am a bit perplex... i just finished now the 2nd part of missions to get the exeter for free (last step was 10floodings+10fires to do with jap CAs or DDs, its done), but no exeter in my harbor and the list of mission indicates mission accomplished too, sooo... do i missed something, is there a third step ? i dont have one in my harbor so i dunno what to think... someone already get this case himself ? any tips would be greatly appreciated... thx a lot
  4. Kilen2018

    Spotting damage mechanics?

    Ah yes indeed, i missed that sentence (fast reading). Still a good way to motivate DD players to do their jobs and go spot to do a GG. unfortunatly, the purpose of winning is far of being enough motivating sometimes... few players have this kind of global perspective in my XP’s (mostly these 2days ! New update = waves of occasional players coming back checking news, etc. It’s not so obvious for many players I am afraid) or even just realise efficient spotting alone can make the difference between gg and bg. so, seems necessary to recall a DD can easily do gg (1200-1500bxp or maybe more or 1000-1200 on a defeat) just by focusing on spotting for the team, despite it’s not such obvious than dmg done. but indeed it’s not simple as saying 50%bxp of dmg dealt from your spotting, agreed on that, it varies more often between 15 and 50% i suppose (depending also how many DDs per team or per flank etc, 50% is probably the top quote with DDs) Thx for the link ++ :)
  5. Kilen2018

    Spotting damage mechanics?

    Nice article, great to have all details Well, that wasn’t so far.., mostly coz I thought about DD spotting (wich is the most obvious reason why spotting matters and why we want to know)... in that article, they say approx 40% instead of 50 if DD spot. Wich is similar. but where QB and Jingles get wrong then (at least concerning WoWS, maybe different in WoT) it’s from the guy doing dmg himself... there is no share 50-50 in that case, he gets 100% of bxp from dmg he dealt. thats more subtile than they seemed to say. but, from DD spotting perspective, u must remember u earn ~40% bxp by the spotting, that’s far enough to motivate DD players to go spot for their team (and even only spotting like with jap DDs ie, until teammates cleared main threats around like enemy cruisers etc). thats what’s matter. and if u add others factors detailed in the article, it’s even more ! so, seems fair to say u earn approx 50% of bxp for dmg dealt by teammates on your spotting.
  6. Kilen2018

    Spotting damage mechanics?

    The first one spotting him afaik. And changing each time the target becomes unspotted/spotted again. But u can have a new ribbon for spotting only if the enemy get unspotted for 90sec before u spot him again. for bxp earned, it’s like in WoT (confirmed by QuickyBaby and Jingles in their videos): all dmg done by a teammate on your spotting gives u 50% of bxp earned, 100% if u spotted the target u are dmging yourself. the only doubt i have is about top/low tier factor. i am sure u earn more bxp if u dmg a t10 while playing t8 ie (confirmed by Jingles too), but I guess that bonus doesn’t affect spotting part if the ship damaging the target isn’t the one who spotted it... so that bonus is applied only after, on the 50% if someone else spotted for you.
  7. Kilen2018

    petit guide sur l'atago

    très bon guide, très convaincant. j'achete un premium tout les mois (leningrad le 1er mois, le Kii le mois dernier), maintenant je veux un croiseur... j'étais parti pour le de grasse mais ton guide me fait serieusement réfléchir a l'atago. merci pour les tips ! :)