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  1. ZaalKoris_vas_QwibQwib

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.2

    Oh so no Italian collection of some kind from Containers? That sucks. It makes the Panda sad... I bet WG will sell both Leone and Marco Polo. If they won't it'll hit profit margins. Most people prefer to buy what they want directly without relying on irrational entropy of RNG chance in a container. If it'll be for Coal (I never heard that, but I don't follow streams anymore) even better - I don't like this line one bit so far.
  2. ZaalKoris_vas_QwibQwib

    0.10.1 - General Feedback (Italian Battleships!)

    Yes, like I've expected. I've got 4/5 so far (spent spare doubloons of course not done directives). Fun and engaging: (Trident map) - Cavour first SAP salvo at bow-angled Trento - 7600 - 2nd SAP salvo at broadside Montecuccoli - 10000 (9500+) - finished by Nicholas next to me - 3rd SAP salvo at broadside Trento - 10000 (9500+) - Deleted by me - 1st AP salvo at angled Bayern - 1 hit at 5 km or so. 810 pts... - 2nd AP salvo at broadside Bayern... never managed bloody Bayern detonated me! Assume one thing. No matter how good is your aiming. These ships aren't even shotguns (like Lyon for example). They are pure and simple AA flak guns. Each salvo is like laying AA barrage in vaguely proper direction and maybe hit something along the way. Good thing tho you can't hit 90% shells. If you would = vaporized every ship on the map in split second except BBs. I was using my old guard Roma cmdr. DE is kind of useful-ish to reduce RNG dispersion, but not much because maps are small.
  3. ZaalKoris_vas_QwibQwib

    Twitch Drops Changes in 0.10.1

    Why Twitch did it is pretty obvious. To force people to actually watch the streams and buy useless junk to support streamers. Not to just leave stream in the background waiting for drops to pop-in. It's mind-boggling that people spend millions $$$ watching gaming streams world-wide instead actually playing themselves. I don't get it. As I have no time to watch Twitch (missed 80% of last 2 months) and game with these change it's perfect time to finally delete the account. Kept it only to be more or less informed every 2 weeks for some re-watch, but there is always devblog. Good riddance.
  4. ZaalKoris_vas_QwibQwib

    Update 0.10.1: Italian Battleships

    This actually made me giggle As for Italian BBs we'll see. On paper all of them are designed as giant floating shotguns hitting imaginary 70 targets with 8-16 shells. I fully agree on camos. I can completely appreciate the artistic value of the project, but this stuff does not belong on ship. More on the wall of history class in school. What's the point of this madness I don't know. All I know it's the last line which has any interest to me. We (all or most) were banging for this since we started playing. Finally they're here.
  5. ZaalKoris_vas_QwibQwib

    ST 0.10.1, changes to test ships. (DB 117)

    As commander skills aren't broken enough. Instead nerfing reload with already horrendous accuracy, nerf bloody SAP to more or less mediocre Italian HE Roma has with standard reload so people will be forced to use AP when required. SAP is Stupidest ammo type ever added to the game. Current BB SAP is like giving Conqueror 15000 dmg HE shells, 2 salvos and goodbye. And people already call UK BB line brain dead (WG should also change the name of the commander skill from Dead Eye to Brain Dead). BB SAP will have extreme probability to DS any target on the map except really toughest ships at basically any angle.
  6. ZaalKoris_vas_QwibQwib

    Get Italian Tokens just for watching Official Streams!

    Plenty of FXP stashed. Keep the bundles (I know whales will get them anyway, this game is for them only now). Just as US BB split I could FXP them, but actually it was quite easy to grind to Vermont - Go Bernie! Level of monetization is abominable. I laughed so hard when WG offered Dante Alighieri early access via premium Twitch-whatever. I wonder how many fell for that scam. Nute Gunray would approve.
  7. ZaalKoris_vas_QwibQwib

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    I've read multitude of posts about this wretched patch. In summation to all of them conclusion is very simple. If you want to have still some fun with this game play exclusively Co-Op. You can freely ignore certain skills, you can charge down the middle of the map doing secondary BBs things. After 2 weeks now I just basically don't care my head is spinning trying to get to grips with this stuff. Considering that after first iteration of CV rework it took WG better part of year to get it somewhat working OK (yeah yeah hearing your DDs joyfully miserable cries here). This wasn't tested. In any open way. So 2 years at least. Argument that you will have two extra points is laughable at best. In most instances you'll need much more points to achieve same kind of efficiency than before with 19, For my Z-52/Hindenburg build I cannot ever achieve it - see below. Considering what kind of ninja tactics were used to push this manure into the system, Free re-skill should last for duration of testing on live server - minimum 6 months. System has 400+ ships. Many folks who could potentially return will have one rude wake-up. Simply put it's totally game breaking patch. Things I've observed. DDs got many buffs overall. People whining about Thunderers blaping DDs at 15km. Here is a news flash: Thunderer before 0.10.0 patch could do that easily&consistently. I can confirm that with my own actions, my favourite past time. lol!. Dead Eye wasn't required. Nothing changed in that respect. CL/CAs probably the only class which is as is pre and after 0.10.0 Yeah few exceptions here an there (Flint, Agir, Siegfried). BBs well yeah I will sum up this with this: Prinz Eitel Friedrich which is arguably worst BB at T6+ is even worse now because speccing for secondaries which hits nothing give you nothing. Yes, I know - truly amazing from WG to make terrible ship even worse, simply mind-blowing. World first. On the other side camping BB-Dead Eye is now the only way - screw that. CVs yeah everybody favourite topic pre 0.10.0. It's certainly not as easy as it was before. And downing bucket loads of planes is now much easier. All IJN ships got shafted with changing of Expert Marksman to % value. Everybody knows that IJN turrets are way too fast and needed that nerf badly. Frakkers. Special commanders Jutlands are basically just ordinary commanders now for DD/CL/CA without Vigilance. Fugg that. I really enjoyed my Jutland-powered Hindenburg/Z-52 could spot torpedoes for miles making long range DDs torp-attacks completely pointless when hydro was on. Soviet/French Zemensky / Honore brothers work the same across the board. Dunkrirks kind of 1 useful skill.
  8. ZaalKoris_vas_QwibQwib

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    I've said from the very beginning that this rework is car crash waiting to happen. I've believed you WG when you said live on Twitch stream that progression from 19 to 21 will be the same scale increase as on lower levels. So if we stick to formula it would be ~830K. I assumed OK, 900K because its WG after all. But no, never underestimate WG need for greed, give us your monies for FXP conversions and flag purchases. 1.2M, that brings back memories of beta unobtanium 19 pt commanders (5 tier skill tree) where getting that 19 point was basically a fantasy. I have stashed exp, but not investing it. Tree is total mess making basically all ships worse in one way or more. Secondary BBs are dead and buried, yeah you can charge bots somewhat, but that's it. What's the point - except spending $$$ - of multiple skills sets (premiums aside) on one commander if you still need to retrain him when moving say Lujtents from Kurfust to Hindenburg. Just stick with what you have and ignore this crap altogether. WG always saying that e.g. adding permanent new game modes like Arms Race takes immense amount of manpower and they cannot diverge the resources. Blah, blah But they can perfectly diverge manpower into screwing another part of the game which was working well until yesterday. Time has arrived to say the final goodbye, even before tumorous growth of submarines. I'll try short term to make this calamity work somehow, but only until March. After few games today I have no words what a mountain of horse manure this patch is.
  9. ZaalKoris_vas_QwibQwib

    ST 0.10.1, new ships (DB 112)

    While it is very nice to see two major historical ships coming our way I have to ask one important question. What's the point of adding yet another completely AA-defenseless T5 BB to the system? You'll be in games with dual carriers basically every single time. Look I play carriers, I have nothing against them because that class play important role - makes DDs life miserable as it should be, However WG should really hammer the problem out at low tier, because T5 is just free farm. Especially for T6 carriers, you can just paint giant bulls-eye on almost any T4/5 battleship, cruiser and destroyer - Nuke me here! or Straight to Port! I love Agincourt, I was lobbying for it since I began playing this game, so I'm happy for it, but outside co-op I hardly see any potential for a BB devoid of any AA defenses (+ very light armor historically). Like LittleWhiteMouse wrote once, we should measure low level ship AA capabilities with 'Viribus Unitis units'; soon to be renamed 'Agincourt units' This game screams for low tier game mode on very small maps (to nullify DD perma-concelemant advantage) with ships from dreadnought era. T2-T5, no CVs, no subs, no handicap on exp&credit income, no protected queue. Just slug it out mano-a-mano in a very analog way. No gimmicks, no laser guided shells.
  10. So as the year 2020 is nearly over let's have a fun. Let WG know what you think is best and worst Premium you could buy during 2020 Annus Horridus. I'll kick off with my list. I've ordered them from worst to best, because why not to do it the other way round. 1. Florida 2. Belfast '43 2. Makarov 2. Ochakiv * 2. Anshan C 3. London 4. Dunkerque ** 4. Diana *** 4. Pyotr Bagration 5. Marblehead Lima 6. Erich Loewenhardt 7. California 7. Salem C 8. Ägir 9. München 9. Pommern C C - Coal purchase * - Kind of weird WG decided to use pre-revolution, imperial version Ochakov when Ochakiv was official name even during dark days of Stalinism, kind of lame decision considering current tensions. Probably that's the reasons why it's so meh^meh. ** - Repurchased after I've sold it months and months ago during my first stint. *** - Special purchase I've made because there was a period when CC system was borked and I just wanted to test if PP still works or is that whole store. Diana is very nice ship and very happy with the purchase. One regret, slight, is that I didn't bought Mainz, but on balance in my book PE eats Mainz for breakfast so no biggie. Can I request an Ägir refund now that it'll become completely worthless secondary ship in 2 weeks time? In two weeks it'll be around Dunkerque. :trollingface: However by far most fun I had with München ($) and Pommern (C). It's irony or what, 3 best premium ships this year are German. What this game has come too?????
  11. ZaalKoris_vas_QwibQwib

    is a worst BB than FLORIDA?

    In short: Yes. Slightly longer: Yes Florida is worst USN BB on T7. Period. Competing only with Oklahoma Tier for Tier, but at least Oklahoma can take hits. I absolutely despise USS Florida in every way. Get me glorious Colorado (laser guided shells which pack an almighty wallop) or California (for couple weeks I had such run I thought I bought also auto-win option with mandatory minimum triple kill every game) any day. Florida is an abomination. Can only snipe and cannot take hits at all. Every CL which sneak at you can pen you for days. Same is true for Ashitaka of course (or Mutsu at T6), but Ashitaka is better ship, packs mega alpha mighty punch for a T7, is much quicker and with Kobayashi camo it prints credits like nothing else. Up keep is basically non-existent with clan dock. Ashi has of course problems - big ship with worst IJN dmg control plus rudimentary AA defenses. If (skilled) CV is after you spare yourself the trouble, just clean-up the mid-deck section where bombs should land for glorious citadels/detonation. Yes Juliet-Charlie is not only for DDs, also for paper coated BBs. And let stop kidding ourselves. On T7 - There is Sinop ... then nothing... then every decent BB and finally oddball - Florida.
  12. ZaalKoris_vas_QwibQwib

    0.9.12 - New Year Campaigns

    I was going for a change to praise WG for nice sideshow campaigns until I discovered what others did before me. Forgive me I'm playing with one eye right now so I don't notice things quickly. To hard-code Strasbourg requirement on first campaign is just greed-bananas and so very WhaleGaming. These are worst T5 ships (not worth any investment) you can find in game so why would anyone bother to grind this crap for 9 days, let alone be stupid enough to buy Strasbourg just to get them. If it helps - I'll be another one - don't need Hizen to finish campaigns.
  13. ZaalKoris_vas_QwibQwib

    Santa's Containers: A Time of Gifts!

    Unless you have that cursed ship for a long time... In Russia Makarov F you, probably Oh wait they put gays in gulags so wrong meme. Makarov Strikes Back. That's better. Oh poop I didn't thought about Makarov-B, -Lima, -R, AL-, HSF or ARP. Enough to create whole ship tree of Makarovs! Pure and simple GanstaWG. What's the point of EU wide embargo on Russian companies providing any kind of services or business in EU when Cyprus money laundering operations allow any and all (being diplomatic) shady activities. I never participated in "Christmas Extortion Racket Scheme Boxes". In all honesty, I can understand real newbies which throw money at this because they don't understand the system is rigged. But seasoned players should know better. Of course its rigged. It was from the very beginning. At this moment in time I'll sooner believe that "O.J. really didn't do it"** than a word coming from WG. Corporation which is worse than Alphabet, Apple, Amazon, EA, Facebook and Oracle combined. ** - quote from always hilariously funny Undercover Brother. Only waiting for this car-crash of Commander Tree to go live before deciding what to do. When I read the X-mas news yesterday I couldn't believe my eyes, that they'll be this daft again. But never underestimate the need for unrelenting greed. Greed is eternal. I have enough after 3+ years. As a side note. Somebody mentioned this about waiting for premium time to run out. Premium time from the very beginring is most worthless scammiest thing in this game. Especially if you play very little. I only once bought year of Premium when was playing religiously. And I can't get it to run out. For a short while it dipped to 270ish, but then it started to go back and I have constantly well over 300 days. WG constantly "gift" it because its worthless and solely designed to keep you drugged and anchored. I don't care how many days I have to leave, I've got so much free "free" premium time it long eclipsed what I'd purchased (and at 50% discount at that). As for containers people don't know basic math. They buy event containers to get RNG chance at for example 1000 doubloons or 10000 FXP when it is often the same cost to directly buy doubloons and/or convert to FXP without relying on 'WGNG'. I'm not saying don't buy one container if you missing some collection item, but don't buy them to get doubloons of FXP. That's madness just like criminal 65000 doubloons RNG Minnesota in Armory.
  14. ZaalKoris_vas_QwibQwib

    ST 0.10.0, changes to new skill system (DB 104)

    I've lost count which cashgrab it is. Milking money need some justification - let's screw rework everything from ground up and fu playerbase, because one #PuertoRicoAction every year must be carried out. WG makes Ferengi looks like Good Samaritans. Both Skill Tree and Italian BBs look like total car crash waiting to happen (or shipwreck). I've spent so much money over Black Friday.... on 3D assets and tools... but not a dime here. And it feels really awesome to shout it out.
  15. ZaalKoris_vas_QwibQwib

    WG pls rework Kurfurst to 8x50cm guns

    GK doesn't need bigger guns. It's awesome ship. Just like Montana people talk is powercreept. Yeah a tiny bit perhaps, but I take (Legendary especially) Montana/GK over (any) Yamato any day of the week What's the point of bigger guns if you overpen 50% now, with bigger shells you'll overpen 80%. GK needs model change. Mesh should be a bit elongated and turrets given better shooting angles. That's the GK weakest point that you basically have only 6 guns on hand and have to show full glorious broadside if you want to really shoot at something. Modifying existing mesh geometry is not easy matter, but it's certainly more feasible and simpler than adding another set of (unbalanced) huge guns with which you won't kill anything (overpens) unless you hit that one pin head spot where fuse have enough time to arm. If we talking H-44 let it be it's own ship and not some half [edited]attempt of adding bigger guns for the sake of adding them. Knowing WG now, they'll slap 50 seconds reload, 15km range, 1.4 sigma on 8 gun broadside so why bother? Yes balanzzz.