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  1. VorlonInside

    Public Test of Update 0.9.5: Round 2

    One thing which I can already add as a feedback without even using PT. You constantly add more content to Armory and that's nice. The moment has arrived to allow the user to filter the stuff in a more meaningful way. Add an option with right click of a mouse on an given item to hide it. If hiding is not introduced in few more patches every section will be swamped.
  2. VorlonInside

    0.9.4 - General Feedback

    Well I have to say, first time this year I have something to do at all even if WG screwed us who grinded enough exp to unlock Tallinn/Nevsky. Finally Co-op games are just games, not 3 minutes sprint who will get to bots before enemy points score hit 0. So yeah I like that, because I don't have time to play Randoms at all I can at least enjoy co-op more than usual... I like prem consumables replacements. I had no idea I've hoarded over 75M of those, expected at most 15M. Spend credits already repurchasing many ships I've sold earlier. LOL Finally I won't pull Mr Conway every now and then when joining Random. Don't have to worry now. Co-op profitability was non-existent with prem cons before 9.4. Even in Randoms when you got steamrolled it was as bad as co-op. Small bonus to operational cost reduction of CVs is also welcome. I was banging for this for ages. What else oh, yes of course detonating Ochakov tastes as sweet as Smolensk. Directives rewards are finally back to semi-decentish, not some one lame signal. What I certainly don't like is that this whole "arc" is spanning 3 patches. That's simply daft. Bundles except Mikoyan itself are total mess if you have enough exp on Donskoi and Shchors. Forcing people to get Prem Camo for a ship they don't have is and something only WG or EA can pull. I (and I'm sure many others) don't like camos which alter the geometry of the ship. It's total pain in the bottom to untangle ships if you bump into one another. I had exactly that situation yesterday. Granted these camos at least are very nice, not so ghastly like Halloween monstrosities, but still geometry of the hull is slightly altered, enough to hook-up passing destroyed by an anchor and drag him for 3 minutes. Of course to maximize fully you have to get Bagration and Ochakov and it's kind of below lame that WG still persist with this dog poo.
  3. VorlonInside

    Premium Shop: Admiral Makarov

    Challenges for Mikoyan, Bagration and Ochakov are weekly. So you can do them 3x7x15 or 30 (315/630) or 4x7x15 or 30 (420/840). I don't know now if this patch is on 3 week schedule or normal 4 week because of all that lockdown mayhem. Crysantos said 4, so I guess it's normal and max 1260, but you have to cough up dosh for at least 2 premiums and get Mikoyan ASAP. Go to Twitch where Crysantos nicely explained everything. Select past broadcasts (its DE/EN stream) and if you're English speaking move the timeline slider to about 2:24:00 mark where he does explain in detail. Hope it helps.
  4. VorlonInside

    Soviet Cruisers: Early Access

    I love cruisers, I like Soviet ships (*cough*laser guided shells are nice), I want to have something positive to look forward too and... You can't choose premium-camos bundles separately from ship bundles? How lame. So that's another low priority event for me. Since beginning of this year one event after another I have no or negligible interest. Mikoyan+Tallin camo and it's done. From earlier rumors I'd expected that I wasted my time with Shchors to unlock Tallinn immediately and WG delivered exactly disappointment I predicted... I don't even mention 5000 doubloons Moskva robbery, stalinium AP, stealth radar thingy and deadly T8 premium Smolensk - I'm sure T6 ships will be especially thrilled with it.
  5. VorlonInside

    Armory doesn't load.

    Delete game cache (before you delete any files permanently move them first to different directory and check if game works, WoWs is weird sometimes). After a year or so WoWs interface-wise just grinds to a halt - or even faster if you play a ton - and 'Unavailable'/broken Armory or Inventory is obvious example of this.
  6. VorlonInside

    Premium Shop: Colors of Victory

    I think it's time to re-make Liza Minnelli's Money, Money timeless classic, this time with WG twist. "Bargains", yeah... #tryhardingnexttimewows Look when 'bargain' is hugely worse deal than 'no bargain' purchase don't ask yourself 'should I?', no just straight donate this money to help local hospital.
  7. VorlonInside

    ST - Soviet cruisers branch split

    OK, (had to stop at page 5 to much to read ;) ) I always try to approach everything in a calm and calculated way. I understand why people won't get "free" swap for Nevsky or why they won't get "free" Petropavlovsk. It's different from e.g USN Cruiser split in many ways. I knew it that will be the case so I just started playing Donskoi, one of the most fabulous ships in this game, long before that to grind enough exp. With 6 weeks still left to go I will do that blindfolded even if only in co-op 1 game a day, ~40k short. I also raised enough exp on Shchors well in advance so unlocking Tallin won't be a problem. I don't understand why there is such uproar on this part. Kirov is a non-issue, what 11k of FXP to unlock T5. What I have big problem is the way refund Moskva's camo is done. Or rather lack of it. I don't know @Tanatoy how many bars off 999 Gold you get for being figurehead on the Forum for this calamity (just like Sehales was for #PaytoRico). Please stop this nonsense that people don't lose anything. 5000 doubloons is 16.20 Euros in hard cash and every person who bought it (including my poor soul) cannot be left in limbo with: "oh you will retain camo on the ship" dog poo, because people who never bought the ship but unlocked it will get that camo for free. So either you have to refund 5000 doubloons and auto sell Moskva's hull for credits or auto-swap premium camo for Nevsky's (which is replacing Moskva) and auto-sell hull for credits. I'm double angry about this because without question, except DDs, Moskva was/is most hateful ship for me to play coupled together with horrendous grind for legendary module and now you telling me that I'll get shafted for 5000 doubloons as a reward?! With stunts like this don't expect my self-imposed embargo on WG 'services' to ever get lifted.
  8. VorlonInside

    ST - German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    Good to see game expands amount of (surface) ships, although not exactly the nation which first come to mind *cough*Italian*BBs*cough*. I just watched replay from last day Twitch stream and I don't have to read much comments to know how negative is the reaction. I have nothing against CVs. One thing which is surprising with naming tho is that Peter Strasser name was ignored and it was 2nd German CV which never materialized in the end. Hmm, perhaps it'll come as a premium. GZ is in general extremely sub-standard ship and I wonder how WG will meld this new solely AP CVs with the existing state of the game. AP is nice when it deals consistent damage, if it doesn't it's totally useless. Wesser looks kind of funny. Like they stole the main mast from Yorck and said, we need something even longer. Like properly German big.
  9. VorlonInside

    WGC: Log in to Experience It All

    In general I have no issues with WGC. I was long using Launcher or directly via exe. However since WG started improving everything, they screwed Ultra audio version which stopped working (couldn't select Ultra in Settings if started game via launcher or exe - did numerous clean-installs). So finally switched. There is only one annoyance which you should solve ASAP. Game should be able to launch just with the click on shortcut or right click on tray icon, select WoWs and game starts. Why the hell you have to bring WGC window to the forefront is beyond my capacity to comprehend. WGC is like early W10 versions which just flashed ads everywhere. I don't like any game managers, Steam or Origin or WGC. S&O are basically only to run Mass Effect, that's their only job. And even abominable Origin doesn't require game manager window open to start games. Get it sorted or else :D
  10. VorlonInside

    Last Opportunity to Get Mainz at a Bargain Price!

    I admit I was intrigued by this offer at first; thinking, well bonus conversion is great deal... even if I don't care one iota about any of these new ships. Of course language barrier and phrasing of the offer is key to understanding. First reaction: wow 30 (total) ship experience for 1 doubloon/ship. Fugde that's something awesome! WG finally delivered! No they didn't.... Lousy scam when you realize the nature of the offer - every 30 xp points on the ship. I won't be surprised if there will be folks who will fall for it on same premise as I assumed. For the price it's horrendous. One of the worst bundles in history of this game. #Tryharder next time WG, stopped FXP conversions a long, loooong time ago and unless you pull something marvelous don't count on my $ coming your way.
  11. Oh c'mon people are offended by this clip? Now I've seen everything here. Yeah I get it, they could say 10 months of Training Rooms, but give me a break... I agree with Karasu above and as 95% co-op. Bots are more civil than a lot of people. They don't have expectations or delusions of grandeur. In a way for every super nice person a la Notser we have at least 10 lunatics. I particularly love that WG send these [beings] to co-op to torment others. Way to go. Somebody mentioned Hercules Poirot. Timeless David Suchet.
  12. VorlonInside

    Update 0.9.2 – European Destroyers: Part 1

    For the record, Option for Free re-spec IS in the game client. On the very top. If you scroll fast you'll miss it. --- In other news. Please remove signals from Research Bureau completely, even at 50% you have to be clinically insane to spend RP on common signals. 100 RP for pack of 1000 each, hmm maybe. 80-160 RP for a pack of 10 (ten) - layoff the crack.
  13. VorlonInside

    Last chance to obtain London and Cheshire

    OK, I have to say at first I was oh OK, perhaps something worth looking at... and then went into the shop and ... Honestly I don't know who is pulling this kind of ... defecation, but you need to sack that brainless being ASAP. At this moment in time ships from Tiers 2-4 should be given away for free (and I have most of them, so not trolling for free ships) after you spend enough time playing the game or in Supercontainers with 90% drop chance. T2-4 are totally worthless in any capacity and not worth more than nothing which you proved yourself WG, with this "awesome" offer.
  14. VorlonInside

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.2

    While IFHE will be still pretty much mandatory on most of ships requiring it right now I expect that WG will offer free Re-Spec option after patch is live. At least in this instance WG has good track record with all other previous patches which changed mechanics in significant way, there always was free Re-Spec offer. In all happy that IFHE is being changed. Currently this skill is so mandatory, that you can sacrifice everything else, but IFHE. Time to explore other builds, which you basically can't do right now. And finally I can (maybe) start to grind Jutland/Daring after this patch. Detest DDs, but I detest IFHE on a DD just to make it useful (cough*old-Akizuki*cough) even more.
  15. VorlonInside

    Lunar New Year: Last Chance!

    So Al Gore got it right somewhat. We got now PigMan in the game. Will wait patiently for ManBearPig, I'm super seriall, it'll be big hit... with Al Gore in particular. And Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V ships are not even worth commenting. If some manufacturer makes keyboard without Ctrl, C and V please ship them to WG HQ ASAP. Thanks.