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  1. Proterozoikum

    how should I handle enemy ships 2 tiers higher than me?

    I aimed at the waterline from roughly 15km away. If I remember correctly, I fired about 4 salvos of which something like 3 shot did damage (total of 10k and the rest either missed or bounced) at her before changing target due to a sneaky island. Then I changed target to the cruisers which followed the Bismarck (and of course I didn't hit them at all).
  2. Proterozoikum

    how should I handle enemy ships 2 tiers higher than me?

    Great, thank you to both of you. I suppose that particular battle was an extreme example, but I'm only a few battles into playing the Fusou and that sortie puzzled me (especially as the Bismarck was Broadside on and I fired multiple salvos at her before switching to another target/running for my life). Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that tier 6 boats do not face tier 4 boats. If the matchmaker would allow that, it would be purely unfair (I explicitly have to think of the trouble I had playing the Myogi..)
  3. Ok, so I started this month and managed to unlock the Shiratsuyu and the Fusou. I enjoy both boats a lot but I have an issue with my battleship: The matchmaker. I ended up in a match which had a large number of tier 8 ships. I'm not the best shot, but managed to get a couple of hits on an enemy Bismarck. I did a total or roughly 10000 damage, the returned fire however took way over 20000 hp (I should mention that I was angled towards them). Most of my AP/HE shells shattered or bounced. What exactly do you recommend doing in such a situation? In that particular battle, I flipped my boat around and tried to get away...
  4. Proterozoikum

    Help me, I'm conflicted... Also I'm new..

    Yes, noticed them already and they are very funny. The idea about the Testserver sounds good, I will have a peak once it's available again! I will certainly test them, actually they will be the next I try. So far I only briefly played some Pan-Asian destroyers, but I'm not entirely convinced by them. I initially went for the cruiser line as it seemed to be the fastest and having quite a few boats I like. Also, from the mobile game, I know them quite a bit, but here they play quite differently, hence I asked in the forums. Yes, I noticed the Wiki. After the first game in the Kawachi, I had to look some information up; This ship's dispersion and lack of range are not from this world... I suppose there is no turning back now, considering I unlocked the Furutaka already. I'm not afraid of +2 tier boats actually. Even after a madness induced grind on the Minekaze and learning the hard way how to handle radar, it's not that bad. Unfortunately, there are no Japanese Tier IV ships I enjoy playing. But learning the hard way works best for me I guess, even in real life >.> I have another matter though regarding the Hatsuharu. This destroyer gets detected at 6.7 km and the torpedoes have a range of 6 km. So do I only use them for ambushing? The guns do not seem amazing as well..
  5. Proterozoikum

    Help me, I'm conflicted... Also I'm new..

    I see, well, this is fortunate. It is not like I am stingy; I would like to support the developers, but I also have to see for myself. As a student, I cannot do big steps money-wise, at least for now.
  6. Proterozoikum

    Help me, I'm conflicted... Also I'm new..

    Great, thanks again! Originally, I thought about playing either the US Navy or Royal Navy as second tech tree (the Fletcher is one of my favourite ships). I will probably try both the Russian and US Navy and then decide. Also, thank you for the recommended skills, I'll grab them as soon as I get the chance. Oh, so the April's Fool Event is botched like this? My, 8000 doubloons are a lot, roughly 40 € for a skin... That is discouraging. I already saw that there are quite some pay to win items and rather expensive boats. Now I wonder if it's actually worth playing this game if I do not have any money to spend in it? I enjoyed it so far, but I'd rather avoid a major disappointment now then "investing" my time further only to hit a pay wall. In all honesty, should I stop or continue?
  7. Proterozoikum

    Help me, I'm conflicted... Also I'm new..

    Thank you for answering, all of you ^^. For now I will stick with the Japanese. I suppose other nation's navy would fit my playstyle better, but I am shallow and need a boat which looks nice. As a 2nd nation however, I will now consider Russia. I have to admit, I rushed through Tier IV. Mostly because the grind on the mobile game is very tedious on that particular tier. Also, I want to at least have a chance on the April's Fool Event skins, but I need a tier VI boat for that. Luckily, the event lasts until the 23rd of April, so I should have ample of time left. Your suggestion on a secondary line is quite clever, I didn't consider the burnout which usually follows such a grind. I guess I'll concentrate on the destroyer line and will also play my cruiser/battleship occasionally. One more question: Are there some baseline skills for the captain for certain ship classes? Let's say I have 10 points, what skills do I absolutely positively want to have on say a battleship, cruiser and of course a destroyer?
  8. Hi guys, I have some problems deciding what to do in this game. I currently enjoy the Japanese ships alot, my favourite (probably of all time) is the Kongo. I unlocked her on the mobile version of the game already, so I would like to aim for something different on the PC version. So I started a few days ago and am currently sitting on: Tier III Kawachi (don't ask why I unlocked it; It must be the Kongo's appeal) Tier V Furutaka Tier IV Isokaze I want to focus on one line now, mostly because of my limited time from next week on. I enjoy very much versatility, Japanese boat design and fast firing guns. I am quite certain, that I'd enjoy the Akizuki alot, but seeing as it's Tier VIII, I have to push myself through 3 tiers of other destroyers which I might not have fun with... The 1st games I had on the Furutaka where also not as enjoyable as on the Kuma (and I actually didn't like the Kuma, it feels like I had my worst games on that ship). However, the Tier VII Myoko might be a boat I could enjoy again. Ah yes, I should mention, I tend to be bad with good ships and formidable with oddballs. From your experience, which line do you recommend as a 1st? Also, I'm new...kinda. I played WoWS Blitz quite extensively on all ship classes and just recently decided to also play the PC version. It would be cool, if there were other people I could team up with and befriend