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    Friendly AI Torpedo Suicides.

    I agree on the whole but my problem seems to be them making no effort to avoid/ not registering friendly torps as a threat.
  2. mosaic_dragon

    Friendly AI Torpedo Suicides.

    So you've targeted a ship in your destroyer, 2k away, perfect for a sinking. There happens to be a Friendly AI "Chasing it" as well. You fire a salvo of torpedoes. Your friendly Ai just keeps going, takes a full broadside of torps and sinks. It could stop, slow down, turn a little... But no... You are left without your kill and with a team kill penalty or even just being insta killed. I hope this is the right place to put complaints... What the hell am i meant to do? The AI just completely ignores friendly torps... Ive had AI run into torps that missed a target with many Km's of warning. I keep getting penalties, instant ship destruction, being stuck in co-op with MORE ai where i have to do NOTHING to ensure i dont extend a penalty. Just thought id offer some thoughts on the hideous friendly AI.