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  1. Alchemist79

    Destroyer comparison Gearing vs Halland

    Ok, reading all this i can conclude that even though the site i linked has a crap load of numbers, its still by far too little to have much of a meaning :( I also conclude that probably both Halland and Gearing are good ships. Now this is probably a very complicated question, but when you guys speak of different playstyles, does anyone feel like giving me some secrets on that, the details of how you play the different destroyers differently. I see some tidbits of advise so far in this thread. But it would be nice if someone with time on their hands would go deeper into this so i can try to bring it into practice as far as applicable with the T6 and T7 ships. After playing ALL ships parallel to T5-6, i now try to focus on one ship at a time and get to really know it before moving on to another. Would be nice to have some guidance to go on. The Japanese Torp boat i have done, although i could probably use advise on that one too. This far i have just been trying to see if i can get a free cap at the start, and if i can't, i get my [edited]out of there and try to stay safe and stay away from other DD's so i can live to do hide and seek against larger ships in mid-late game. Feels like that is not the best way to use of a destroyer spot for the team though as it effectively means the enemy has 1 more destroyer contesting early caps. I will follow up with a few other destroyers, before moving to BB's and cruisers.
  2. What is it that makes the Halland so popular ? Im only on T 5-7 with my ships. I really liked the japanese torpedo destroyers so far espescially Isokaze was a marvel for its tier, but now that i got those at T7, i am starting to see the shortcomings of the pure torp focus. I cant win a gunfight, radars keep me at a distance and the BB's that are silly enough to run into torps fired from 10km seem to be rare. So i am adjusting my idea's of having the shima be my fist ship to reach T10 on. As i am playing the Visby however, it just doesnt impress me in any way. I hit 6 torps on a BB or CV and it loses only half its HP's. The guns aren't special either. If i look up the tech tree, i don't see it change that much. So I'm trying to compare all the DD's using this page: https://proships.ru/stat/ships/compare,Destroyer,all,10,,/ I tried reducing it to a list of scores for guns, torps, AA, HPs, Conceal, Speed and equipment. Added those together. The ones that come the best out of my comparison like this are Marceau, Harugumo, Hayate, Groznavoy and Gearing. Marceau and Harugumo are clear gunboats. Harugumo's torps are even barely useful. So i'll not try comparing these to a Halland. Just like Shima, they are totally different ships. Groznavoy scores mostly on AA and Equipment. I suppose this is a top pick as a support ship in clan battles ? Gearing and Hayate seem well balanced ships, scoring well on every topic. What is it that makes Halland, which is also a balanced ship, more popular than these 2 ? Guns: all 3 are sort of comparable. Hayate does a fraction less damage and has a fraction more range than the other 2 Torps: Hallands torps may cause a lot more hits, but they do half the damage. 2/3s of the DPM. Overall the Halland torps seem the worst to me. Gearing probably the best. AA: Gearing wins by a landslide. HPs: Not much of a difference, small win for Japan maneuvrability: Hayate wins on speed, Gearing wins on steering. Halland seems the worst overal. Concealment: Gearing wins. Equipment: Halland has repair instead of smoke. Hayate has torp reload where the other 2 have AA boost. (and even hallands boosted AA is inferior to gearings) So looking at all this, it seems to me Halland < Hayate < Gearing Now Hayate is a premium so i guess shouldnt be compared either. Question remains, what would make you choose Halland over Gearing ? Gearing seems to win on every topic. The things it has going for it is very fast torpedo's and repair instead of smoke. Now i personally thing torpedo speed is a vastly underrated variable by the community as the captain skill seems to be rather unpopular so that can hardly be why people like it so much. While i do value torpedo speed probably more than the community on average, i dont think it makes up for the sad little damage these torps do. Repair instead of smoke i don't know if i like that. I miss the smoke, it saves my butt a lot.
  3. Alchemist79

    Grinding RN CV for a returning noob player

    As a CV player you are always a burden. By being on your team, you make sure there is a CV on the enemy team as well. The vast majority of players prefer no CV's to be in their game. And it's not because CV's are so OP. Since the rework I have yet to see a CV ranking nr1 on the score screen. (yes i am also a returning noob and have played the CV's before the rework. They were much more OP back then) It's because you cant fight back against them, it's frustrating to have an enemy just chipping away it your HPs and having no way to fight back. Its because they screw over the whole vision and concealment thing. DD's have their whole game plan down the drain in a game with CV's. (and a good cv player who can aim rockets is OP against DD's) Other ships can also not really go out by themselves because then they will be the target of the CV. So instead of trying to find the best position to crossfire enemies, they tent to stay in groups behind some rock. They are called fun police for a reason, they basically ruin the game. They cause frustration and reduce tactical options for all the other players. choosing to play CV is like choosing a career as a parking ticket officer. I honestly don't understand the developers didn't remove them from the game yet. Well i do understand, it must be the sunk cost fallacy. They developed them and don't want it to be for naught. I started out with the intention to grind all my ships to T10, but changed course and decided to skipp all of the CV's. I will get all my ship lines to T10 except the CV's. They should have never been in the game.
  4. Alchemist79

    Armory "Upgrades"

    If its about what should be, the game should simply cost either 50$ to buy or 5$ per month. Dubloons should not exist, moving upgrades and retraining commanders should be free. There should be only 5 ship tiers, battles should have ships all from the same tier. Experience cost of researching ships and training commanders should be halved. Thats what should be, but unfortunately with the rise of F2P about a decade ago, thats alternative universe is not a reality :( Oh and of course, carriers should not be in the game.
  5. Alchemist79

    Best tier 5 premium battleship for beginner

    I wonder if that is true. I think it depends on class. Maybe destroyers can beat xp/hour in coops if you just rush, shoot your torps, get some quick kills and die within 5 minutes. You may get twice as many average kills as you would in random. You spend 1/3 as much time in the game. Never tried it because i stopped playing coops altogether after i realized what bad habits it teaches you. (rushing in to get some kills asap before the battle is over) With BB's it probably wont work so well, they need more time to get some kills.
  6. Im sorry, i appreciate the willingness to help, but this seems a bit like an automated reply from a customer service employee at a large company like hotmail or something. As i explained, surviving is not my problem. I manage to push the enemy team around the map without ever being detected. Granted that is without radars, i have ran into those a few times now and those ruined my day, so i'll have to learn to deal with those. That will be a matter of learning by head exactly what ships have radars and learning from practice how to draw them out to use those when im in a position from where i can get to safety. Needless to say, i look at the minimap more than the main map, otherwise you can't stay out of sight all the time. I did play every single ship to level 5 before i now start to focus on 1 ship line. I have a 10 point captain in my Mitsuki with the basics. I do not consider taking SiS and SF instead of the basics but i do consider taking them before FtT and AR. I want to hit stuff. While i understand the intention when people are giving that other standard advise not to try and get to tier 10 asap, i also hate it a bit at the same time. Sure its not a great idea to buy a T10 premium after installing the game and hope that premium will help you win, that is not what i and i suspect many people intent to do when they talk about getting to higher tier ships. I don't want to get to tier 10 because i think everything is awesome and paradise awaits at tier 10. I do however want to level a select few ships now because higher tiers are needed for all kinds of missions, compains and whatnot. I want to maximise the rewards i get from everything and surely it would be very helpful to have a few higher tier ships. 10k coal from brawl rewards, yamamoto Isoroku, William Halsey, I want to start working on those things soonish. I decided the ships that i will target to level are the Shimakaze, the Halland, the Yamato and the Des Moines. The Shimakaze foremost because that ship represents the playstyle i currently like most. The others because they seem popular choises. So surviving is the part i got down already. What i need to learn now is how to actually be useful and get some kills. I want to learn teamplay, how do teams usually play together with a shimakaze like DD and what parts of that can i implement in random games. I did have a few games where it all worked perfectly as i spotted the enemy DD at the start, had 3 friendly cruisers take it down before i got taken down myself and then we proceeded to push them backwards where i felt like a border collie herding the enemies while the team took shots at them. While it felt like a great game which we won with almost no losses on our side and i did sort of feel useful, i did zero damage. Was i really useful ? How do good shima players fulfill their role in the team ?* How do they actually land hits when the opponents keep maneuvering around, very aware of their presence ? In these situations where i can't hit anyone because they all know i'm there, I could of course consider going to the other side of the map where people are not yet so aware of my presence, but often that is tough because there is for example a gun DD still there or the VC is focusing most of his activities there. Besides that, lets go to that radar issue. I saw potato on youtube staying at some 12km distance waiting for them to pop the radar so that he could quickly go out of radar range when they do. Don't want to be at that sort of distance all the time though if it takes all game before they actually do use it. So how do you get people to use their radar ? Do people generally use it when they see torps coming out of nowhere ? Do i need to show myself for a brief moment and go back in the darkness ? Do people use it in conjunction with radio location ? What makes you pop the radar ? *This is big part of what i am missing in all the tutorials and video's. They all teach the basics on how to aim, how to angle etc, but i see nothing about teamplay. I think more video's focussing on that could maybe also improve the quality of random games. Surely not everyone will watch them and try to use the info, but right now even those that do watch video's still don't really get to learn much about how to teamplay.
  7. Been focusing on my IJN DD a bit more. Im only at the tier 5 shimakaze precursor so far, i assume it plays pretty much the same. I avoid that early knife fight like the plague because i simply cant win vs another dd unless i clearly have good team backup. I am doing great at not being spotted, even avoiding carrier planes works pretty well with AA turned off. Often i don't manage to hit much either though. The enemy sees torps coming their way and they back off while maneuvering to not get hit by my torps , works great at pushing flanks and creating space even with very little backup. Enemies seem scared shitless. Feels like this would work so awesome if i had a team behind me that makes use of that space, usually i just push the enemies all the way back tot the other side of the map getting few if any hits and my allies being nowhere in sight :( Any tips on what i can do differently to get some more damage done ? Surely SIS and torp speed would feel like my top picks now when i get the points.
  8. Priority target on a ship that should not be seen anyways ? I usually start my panicking when i see "spotted" :)
  9. Im a noob, just learning from other player's opinions here. But i also like to look at the numbers. And my reasoning is as follows: (feel free to shoot holes in it, i love nothing more than learning be my idea's being proven wrong) A DD has 3 roles, Dealing damage, Capping, Spotting If we would assume surviving longer translates into more damage dealt linearly, we could value x% HPs equal to x% damage output. Capping and Spotting dont benefit from dealing damage though, but do benefit from living longer. So they would make x% HP > x% damage output. -Survivability expert adds almost 20% HP for 3 points. 6.5% per point. To me this seems as much as a no brainer as concealment expert. -fill the tubes could in theory add 10% dmg for 3 points, but in practice you often don't have an opportunity to shoot right after cooldown and it is wasted. So this is worth a bit less than 10%. Lets say 7 or 8% for 3 points. -If its about torpedos only, adrenaline rush should be worth less than fill the tubes. You are not on 50% average, but more than that since sometimes you will never be between 0 and 50% as you will be killed by a dev. Depends on your playstyle though, if a significant part of your damage output comes from your guns (i would say at least 25-30% ish), it becomes better than fill the tubes. -Liquidator. It would add 30% to your flooding damage. To be on par with the above skills that are worth about 8% ish for 3 points, it would need to add almost 3% dps for 1 point. It would do that if 10% of your damage is caused by floods. I don't know, but i think that is not the case. Im gonna try and pay attention to this in my destroyer games. (and hope its the same across tiers) -Swift fish. Same reasoning, it would need to add 5-6% DPS. Meaning 5-6% more chance to land a hit with your torp. I really don't know. I do think though that at half the speed, pretty much ALL your torps would be dodged, and at double speed, none would be dodged. From that perspective it could be likely that 5% more speed will result in at least 5% more hits. -Swift in Silence. Cant value it, it seems attractive to me because i often find myself playing in the margin between concealment and torp range, but in front or behind a target BB, i want to circle around it to torp it from the right angle, but just stay out of concealment range. I only have my speed advantage to play with, i also need to keep up with the movement of the BB. So 8% would do a lot more than 8% there for me. 4 points is a lot though. To be on par with FtT and AR, it would have to net me 11% more damage output or survivability. I doubt its that good. not sure though. So ye lots of bla bla. Main point is: SE is totally out of balance in the numbers comparison and thus it seems to me the first 10 points are the 3x right row and then CE. Then the later points can go to FtT, AR. After that i am not sure. But it'll be ages before i get there :D
  10. Alchemist79

    T6 noob looking for team play

    Looking people that play with any sort of voice communications. Would be nice if some good players are involved whom i can learn from :) I have all my ships on T 4-5 and a few on T6 only though.
  11. Alchemist79

    Modules and skills

    Thanks all nice things to learn there !
  12. Alchemist79

    Modules and skills

    Hoping for some input on skills and modules. I am watching Ichases "how to get good at..." series. Video 8 @ 4.19 he sais "do not touch main battery mod 2". This surprises me, i have been picking it on every BB so far. I hate waiting for my turrets to turn while the target is moving out of sight (or im just losing valuable DPS time) I hate gun turrets turning slower than my ship. (I sometimes slow down my turning to allow me a shot, but that may lengthen the time i give broadside). Instead he prioritizes the skill that reduces dispersion by 7%. That sounds like such a tiny number to me. Also, with my non-perfect aim i feel like dispersion might be just as likely to help me hit as to lose me a hit. Does propulsion mod also help you decelerating, or only accelerating. And it sais it halves the time until my engine reaches full power, i assume that does not mean it halves the time for my ship to reach max speed. How long does it even take for my engine to reach full power ? Damage control mod 1 reduces the chance of being set on fire by 5%. That sounds pretty small (especially for a BB where this is reparable damage). How is that calculated ? Does it really mean i will suffer 5% less fires, or does it do something like reduce the risk of fire from for example 20% to 15% ? (not that i would choose engine room protection on a BB, it never gets damaged anyway). What do you guys think of priority target and incoming fire alert ? Incoming fire alert allows you to turn right away after someone fires at you. Priority target alerts you earlier than fire alert. On the other hand, is that even useful ? If you dodge before they fire, they will adjust their aim to it anyway. (it might actually help your enemy as they see you start your turn and thus can also anticipate your continued Ruther shift in the seconds after they shoot). Also, it may give a lot of false positives from people who are just mousing over you while they havent decided their target yet. In the skills video, he sais fire prevention is super critical because it reduces the max number of fires from 4 to 3. Isn't that super useless ? 3 is usually the number where i pop my repair party, (2 if i don't expect more damage coming in soon) I don't think i have ever gotten 4 fires on my ship. Do you agree with his focus on concealment expert for BB's ? It seems rare to me that i ever have a chance to go unseen with a BB and it seems unlikely to me that 10% concealment is going to make a big difference to that. I don't see expert loader being advised a lot by others. How do reload times compare anyway ? I did notice force switching shells takes longer than normal reload times. Thats why i never actually do it because the broad side opportunity will be long gone when the shells are switched. What is the standard time it takes to switch shells and how does it relate to your reload time ?
  13. Alchemist79

    this might be a windows question

    oh yes thanks, i should have figured that out myself. Principally never use windowed in games cuz i dont want to accidentally click outside the borders. In this game you cant anyway :)
  14. Having dual screens, is there some setting allowing me to alt tab and click something on the other screen without warships minimizing ?
  15. I just notice commanders have different tabs for the different ship types and for the ships he's not on, all the skill points are stated as undistributed. Does that mean i can assign the skills on my commanders while i'm leveling however my noob eyes seem fit and then when i reach end game switch for example my BB and DD commanders and have them both clean to learn different skills without paying for the reset ?